That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Fabulous New Book by Peter Calhoun

Today I'd like to pass along a message about Peter Calhoun, author of the new book Life Without Limits:

Peter is said to be one of the very few non-indigenous persons in the West who has experienced a full awakening of the Siddhis -- a Vedic term for the paranormal spiritual powers inherent in all people. For more than three decades he has repeatedly demonstrated these powers before numerous groups and individuals, many of which are described in his new book.

“Do you believe in walk-ins? Do you think that a man can turn the winds, direct the lightning, or ignite a sacred fire with only his mind? Most people – such as myself – might be just a little skeptical, to say the least, about someone who made claims such as these. Enter Peter Calhoun. I have known Peter for six years and have carefully interviewed him on more than one occasion. Peter is exactly what he claims to be – a shaman whose soul is on fire with a passion to awaken all who will listen. In his wonderful new book, Life Without Limits, Peter tells of his awakening and lights the way for all to follow. If you are really interested in awakening your ‘soul powers,’ there is no better mentor than Peter and no better place to begin than with Life Without Limits!” -Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA, New York Times best-selling author of Choices and Illusions.

Learn more at:

Life Without Limits is a blazing testimonial of hope and promise in which Peter Calhoun and his wife Astrid have forged a path toward our Ascension. That path is through our return to the Earth by entering into a joyous and ecstatic union with all Life. Peter not only describes how this can be achieved, but he and his twin flame, Astrid Ganz, have demonstrated in a most extraordinary way what he speaks of as "The New Edenic Consciousness".

New York Times best-selling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, Christiane Northrup, M.D., has written: “Life Without Limits is thrilling – literally thrilling. Read it and let your heart and your life soar.”

And from one of the environmental engineer/scientists mentioned in Life Without Limits, comes this phrase: “Your book is incredible – so heart-felt. It is truly a gift to humanity.”

Peter says, "In 1970 while still a priest in the Episcopal Church, I was shown a vision of what was possible for our species at this juncture in our evolution. That vision turned my world upside down. It was a vision of a New Earth and a New Humanity no longer bound by the limiting and false beliefs of the times. I set forth to live out that incredible vision that sometimes seemed more like an impossible dream. For three decades I awakened and demonstrated powers that are usually believed to be the exclusive domain of some the Eastern Masters. I did this, always insisting that such powers are in all of us. In fact, they are our birthright."

To celebrate the publication of their new book, Peter and Astrid have arranged for myself and many other authors, speakers and transformational leaders to provide valuable gifts to all of you who resonate with this message and feel called to connect with Peter and read his new book.

Fr*ee Shamanic Healing Session / Intuitive Reading!

Peter himself is going to be giving away personal intuitive readings and/or shamanic healing sessions to 5 lucky people who buy a copy of Life Without Limits and sign up on his book launch giveaway page:

Enter the contest and learn more about how to live a Life Without Limits:

Peter's intuitive readings are very much in demand (and a $150 value), and I'm so happy I'm able pass this opportunity on to you. I know that many of you will resonate with the message of Life Without Limits, and the bonuses and prizes being offered are truly exciting.

In his new book, Peter reveals his stories of:

His 1970 Vision of the Earth as a "Prison without Walls"
Knowing the Truth that Can Set You Free
Discovering the False Belief System That Has Kept Us Earthbound
Methods for Detecting and Neutralizing Our Own Limiting Beliefs
The Things We Do That Prevent Us from Thriving
The Author's Experience of Awakening the Siddhis
How To Break Through the "Web of Deception"
Fourteen Keys that Can Lead to Your Freedom
How to Forge the Immortal Ascension Body
As Peter says, each revolutionary new idea historically has always followed the pattern of initial ridicule, anger, and finally acceptance. The truth that we are beings without limitations will follow that sequence.

Life Without Limits will change the way you perceive yourself and your world. It will awaken you to the infinity that is you.

Learn more, claim your bonuses, and enter the drawing for the shamanic sessions here:

Enter the contest and learn more about how to live a Life Without Limits:

Peter is also going to be doing a live teleseminar on October 18th in which he will answer your questions about living a Life Without Limits. He'll reveal more of his story live on the phone, and share further insight into how you can break free from "the prision without walls".
Find out more about the teleseminar here:

But don't wait long as the teleseminar is coming up in a few short weeks, and the prizes will also only be available to those who sign up soon!