That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Day to all, from my Skycastle in Germany. A good friend emailed this list of ten ways to raise your good feeling vibration, oddly I found that I had written a blog very similar to this, but it never hurts to review.

10 Steps To Raising Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is the only effective way to get to the life you
truly want to live. While you are emitting a low vibration or frequency your
life will never really be in harmony and you will constantly live with an
inner feeling of discontent. It is this life of discontent that you put up
with and accept that keeps you in a state of low vibration. When you find
the courage to do something about your low quality of life and choose to make
things better you are on the right track to raising your vibration.
Raising your vibration comes down to many factors and listed below are 10 key
steps that will definitely help towards raising your vibration immediately.
1. Be mindful of your thoughts, when raising your vibration. It is
imperative to keep a close eye on the habitual thoughts that enter your head. It
can be difficult at first to be aware of the many thoughts that constantly
bombard your mind all day long but by beginning to notice unwelcome or
negative thoughts you can start to replace them with a positive thought you
already have preprogrammed in your mind, this works wonders towards raising
your vibration.. When I say preprogrammed I mean you have a positive thought
in your mind, a thought that you know makes you happy, that you substitute
in place of any negative thought that comes into your mind. The key to this
thought substitution is to spend as much time thinking positive thoughts
and less time thinking negative thoughts. By spending more mental time in the
positive, this will help raise your vibration.

2. Only talk about what you want, not what you do not want when looking to
raise your vibration. If you are looking for a new relationship, don¢t say
things like, I can never find the right person for me. If you talk like
this, this is exactly what you will get and you will make your quest towards
raising your vibration that much harder. You get what you say and think.
Even if you haven¢t been too successful in finding the right person
previously, it does not matter. Change your words and you will change your life and what you get in your life. Instead say something like, I intend to find the
perfect person for me. Have a confident expectancy that at any time you
could meet this person and you will exponentially increase your chances of
finding them. The same thing goes for money, do not talk about not having
enough money, either do not talk about it at all or only talk positively about
having money and as what you want comes to you, this will help with
raising your vibration as you feel better about yourself.

3. Stay away from negative or pessimistic people. These types of people
are running a very low vibration and their low vibration can have a negative
impact on your vibration level. Instead of raising your vibration you will
lower it and this will bring about more events residing on a low vibration,
like problems, stress and worry.

4. Spend some time not thinking. Yes that is right, _stop thinking_
( so much. To do this I like to take a walk through the bush or away from the city and the
noise. Go to a place in the country if you can and take a long walk,
concentrating on your surroundings, keeping your mind off your usual thoughts. This is a great way to clear your head and also help in raising your vibration. If
you cannot get away, try listening to some soothing music and avoid
thinking by concentrating on the sounds.

5. Join groups of like minded people. Spend time with people interested in
the same things you like and learn at the same time. Before I started
writing for my website I took a 3 months community college course in Writing.
Not only did I improve my writing I also got to spend time with other people
who shared a similar interest with me. I always walked away from each
class feeling positive about being a writer and this had a positive effect on
my vibration as it made me feel good about myself.. Being around like minded
and positive people seriously helps towards raising your vibration and the
vibration of those around you.

6. Give away something you can afford each week. Give away your time, some
money to a charity you believe in or give away something you don¢t use
anymore but may be useful to someone else. What you give is what you get in
life, so by giving you will receive in one way or another. Help others and
you will be helped. You have a profound effect on raising your vibration when
you help others as it makes you feel good from the inside.
7. Be aware of your actions. Everything you do comes back to you in some
way so always be wary of how you treat others and how you act in all
situations. How you treat others is how you will be treated, by doing the right
thing by everyone you come into contact with will help towards raising your
vibration as others continue to do the right thing by you.. Treating
everyone well will have a positive effect on _attracting people_
( and opportunities into your life.

8. Avoid the television, radio and media in general. It is especially
important to avoid all news programs as they do much more harm to your
vibration level than they do good. By watching TV you end up taking in so much
negative energy it becomes confusing to your subconscious mind and some of that negative imagery and energy gets absorbed by your subconscious and
elevates a feeling of fear from within. Most of the media works by fear mongering, they want to shock you into a state of fear so you keep on watching and
the more you watch the more addicted you become. This has a disastrous impact on your vibration level and will never have a positive effect on raising
your vibration.

9. Stay optimistic at all times if your goal is to raise your vibration.
This can be difficult to do especially when you are in a crisis but when
you are in a crisis situation, this is when it is most important to stay
positive. By remaining positive you keep your vibration high and when you are
vibrating at a higher rate your problems will dissipate so much quicker or
you may find it was not really a problem at all. Positive things and events
are attracted to positive people. Surrounding yourself with positive people
is a great way to remain in a positive state of mind.

10. Stay in touch with your feelings. This is the most important factor in
keeping your vibration level high. Your feelings are the cosmic glue in
regards to your entire life. When you are feeling good about yourself only
other things residing on the same good frequency will be attracted into your
life. Your level of vibration runs parallel with your feelings, meaning you
are in control of your life and the events that come into your life at any
given moment. If there was one most important point in relation to raising
your vibration it would be to stay on top of your feelings and do not
allow yourself to feel negative or pessimistic. The better you feel about
yourself and your life the higher you will raise your vibration.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Great Affirmation Video

I will be out of pocket for sometime as I am going to the States welcome my newest grandchild. I will still be on the radio on June 8th and I will attempt a few articles for my blog while I'm away.
Meanwhile, if you ever wondered how to affirm and appreciate your life, check out this video

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Looked Good when I Left the House!

Have you ever prepared yourself to go somewhere, styled your hair just right, put on your favorite best looking outfit, applied your make-up perfectly, adorned yourself with jewels and walked out of the house feeling like you really really looked good, that you were on top of the world and you were really hot, but then....; you stepped out into the public eye and instantly you felt as if you had done nothing with your appearance and you now look like crap!

What happened? You looked great when you left the house but then you noticed someone that you believed looked better. You began to judge yourself as ugly, fat, old, well basically unattractive. And this occurs even more rapidly when your significant other shoots a pleasurable glance at someone else you believe is more attractive than you. What's with him/her, you really spent time making yourself look great and he/she is checking someone else out. You become certain that he/she is measuring you against or comparing you with this more attractive person. You may be certain that the real issue is your significant other is looking for someone better looking than you and you may be entertaining thoughts that he/she is on the way out.

Even worse you scan the people and begin calculating who is more or less attractive than you. You notice someone you are sure is more attractive than you and you watch who looks their way and even worse you watch your significant other to see if he/she is lusting after this person. And then you become certain that other's opinions of you are highly negative. You are certain that they are thinking that you are unattractive.

Is the problem that you are just an unattractive person and you need to do something about it? Is the problem that your significant other is looking for someone else more attractive and you are painfully aware of this?

Neither of these things are the problem. The problem is your self-esteem, you self-view and your self-judgment. You were fine when the only opinion that mattered, at home alone, was yours. But as soon as you entered the public eye you began to judge yourself and compare yourself with others. You then aloud, what you believed others were thinking about you, to infiltrate your thoughts and then tore yourself down. And you don't even know if they had an opinion in the first place.

How you view yourself, without the opinion of others, is very important. You think that others opinions of you, matter when they don't. Why should any ones opinion, but your own, matter? We believe societies ideas, beliefs and opinions of what is attractive and then begin comparing ourselves with this ideal.

I was surfing the Internet the other day and noticed that there were good many articles, along with photos, online about a Pierce Brosnan's wife, Keely Shaye-Smith. The critical focus; Keely's weight. I was annoyed at this focus and thought about how often this occurs, how often that people are focused on what they believe are flaws and what they believe is unattractive. It was stated that she is fighting the battle of the bulge; really, how do they know. How do they know that she even worries about it or is fighting against her weight. And if she decided her weight was a personal issue, she may manifest being thin.

Never mind that Keely has a great talent for working with people and causes, never mind that she is happily married to a gorgeous hunk, never mind that she is a great mother, has a beautiful delightful smile and spirit. She has obviously manifested an amazing life. Considering her interviews, opinions and views it is apparent that Keely has great self-esteem, is happy and centered. I was impressed that she sported a bikini, in public, with dignity.

When people read these postings about Keely and others, it only perpetuates the fear of being judged and compared. This kind of media just assures us that other peoples opinions matter. Furthermore there is more important things to focus on other than what we believe others are struggling with. And I reiterate, limit your viewing of media or you will find many negative thoughts launched.

Self-esteem comes from never entertaining another opinions and holding our opinion, of our self, as nothing less than divine. It comes from thinking or believing that we are nothing less than a beautiful
powerful, creative energy in physical form. It comes from knowing, without a doubt, that no ones opinion matters, about us, more than our own. Someones opinion of what kind of food tastes good, which is usually unimportant to you, is no different than someones opinion about how you look or who you are. It's just an opinion!

We never feel bad about ourselves because someone else is thinking negative things about us. We feel bad about ourselves because our opinion of our self is negative, because we are judging ourselves and comparing ourselves with others. And if we continue down this path we manifest ourselves in the view we have in our minds and we manifest thing like our significant other stepping out.

What we think on or believe is manifested.
It's time to realize that who we are was manifested out of how we think. So now it's time focus on how amazing, powerful, beautiful, and divine we are. A good place to start; think about what you would tell a child about themselves then tell yourself the same thing. Find a role model that exudes self-confidence, regardless of the public opinion on them, and focus on this. Write your list of things you appreciate about yourself, after all you write the negative list, in your head, of what you loath about yourself. And usually what you loath about yourself is something you believed someone else believed about you.

Stop comparing yourself with someone else you think is better. Compare yourself with yourself. Realize there is no one better than you only different and different is good. If there is something about someone else you admire and wish to be your experience then focus on the desired experience and manifest this. Pick and choose, from people you admire, the parts of their lives that you admire and desire to be your experience. There is a banquet of unlimited experiences that you can manifest as yours.

And when you leave the house looking and feeling good hold this feeling, regardless of the conditions and opinions around you, throughout your public experience.

Look at your reflection in a window and say, "Damn I look Good!"

Be Well
Love Michelle

Friday, May 21, 2010

You Knew, as children, You were Demi-Gods

Before you grew up, before they started telling you that you need to stop pretending and dreaming and that your dreaming is not reality you were a powerful manifesters. When you were young, before you started school, you lived in your imagination, pretended, and dreamed. You were great things in your imagination; a bird soaring over mountains and dipping down through waterfalls, a caped crusader preforming great feats, an astronaut exploring the universe, a sailor sailing to unknown islands full of wonder, and you were who you really are; a Demi-God who conjured up, in your mind, visualized, a world of wonder and possibilities. It's not a wonder that children frustrate adults, who have terminated their child like imagination, because instead of listening to their words of insistence to accept the cold hard "reality" of responsibility the children are busy in their minds visualizing their desired life experience. If children were left to their natural understanding of manifesting and of visualizing, where they do not believe in limitation, they would grow up to manifest an unlimited life experience. They would not accept the limited mass social belief that life is hard work, that reality is static, and they can only have so much.

As a child I was always dreaming. I was in my mind visualizing and creating amazing things. I played in the universe with my ideas ever expanding my sights and believing in the infinite possibilities. And I was constantly told to get my head out of the clouds, pay attention and stop dreaming. I was told that being an artist wasn't a real job and that I should buckle down in school, pay attention and earn credentials that would surely bring me a life of mediocrity, but assured security.

Many adults have had their imaginations squashed and therefore, having yet to learn that their imagination is vital and the key to manifesting their desired life experience, continue to squash the children's imaginations.

Our work, as adults who have had our imagination squelched, is to rekindle our dream life our imaginations. It times to go back and remember our dream life, remember how we believed in the infinite possibilities and pretend again. Pretend our desired life experience is already real until it becomes real. It is time to get lost, like we did as children, in our imagination.

Remember, before you were made to believe in self shame and limitation, when you didn't believe in a static reality, remember the richness of a magical journey in your mind where you soared without limits. Remember when you were able to see, visualize, in your mind yourself as who you really were.

I remembered being puzzled when adults would tell me what I was imagining wasn't real. I would be so deep in my dream and the adults would snap me out of it and tell me to accept reality. They would tell me that this they are presenting was reality and I should accept it. I remember standing there, still a little bit in my dream, and look at them thinking they were what wasn't real.

We have become so convinced that our reality is static and that there is nothing we can do to change it. However, what we don't realize is that the reality we are living was manifested or created out of our thoughts our beliefs of the past. Therefore we are able to manifest a more desired reality.

I remember, before I ever left the country eight years ago, having such a limited view of the possibilities. I never realized how infinite this world was or how infinite the possibilities were. I remember saying over and over that I wanted to go far away from the uncomfortable reality, of my family. I never said exactly how, I never even thought of the possibilities of just how I could manage this but I kept wishing to be far away. And low and behold a situation, without me every having to come up with the money, presented itself and I found myself traveling the world, far away from the old reality, and exploring the infinite world of possibilities.

Now, I know that the world is my oyster and I can manifest the desired reality I prefer. All I have to say, all you have to say is, "I want, I want, I want............" and never follow it by, "but...." A butt is just a fire that was squelched out.

Draw up and dream the desired reality you wish and say, "I want..........." over and over and then say, "Everything I want is on it's way"

Be Well
Love Michelle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Becoming Addicted to New Thought

Becoming addicted to anything happens when you continually partake of the thing repeatedly and over time you become addicted to that thing. We become addicted to negative thinking, drama, struggle, sorrow, anger, and suspicion for many reasons but mostly because it simply makes us feel.We may have felt like we have lost touch with our feelings. We can become numb and after a number of years of feeling this way we seek something that will make us feel something, anything. Like the child who behaves badly, doesn't care what kind of attention that is received, simply for attention. We know that those habitual negative thoughts make us feel. They get our adrenaline pumping and we feel better for having felt something. These thoughts often bring up anger which is a powerful emotion that can propel us into changing something in our lives.

Anger is actually better than any of the other so called negative emotions for it is an emotion that is above depression. Depression is debilitating but anger has power behind it.Unfortunately what people often do is repeat a loop back down to depression and back to anger because they are not comfortable with anger or someone else isn't. But anger is very important as a catalyst to move up to an emotion that will bring us closer to experiencing a good feeling emotion. At this point it’s important to exploit your anger. Do not allow what others think or your discomfort to pull you back to depression.

Stay angry for a while and then entertain better feeling thoughts.We become addicted to anger because it brings a powerful emotion and we feel better. Because before anger there was depression where you feel nothing, you just feel numb. But staying in anger does not bring us the good or positive emotion we so desperately seek. And eventually our thoughts return to anger out of addiction to them. Then we just don't realize we are thinking negatively, all we know is that we are feeling. This definitely is a focus in fear.

The good news is that can become addicted to new ways of thinking. It is a matter of continually talking about new thoughts such as love, joy, peace, unlimited opportunities. Think about the better feeling thoughts. Everything we feel started with a thought. Sometimes we think that our emotions bring the thoughts first. But really our thoughts started the emotions and then as the emotions get stronger they bring more thought.So, start with your thoughts. Write down everything good that has ever happened to you. Write down everything good that you desire. Write down what you appreciate.

Work your way up the feelings chart above. Locate what you are feeling/thinking and entertain thoughts on the emotion just above where you are and dwell there for a while and then up to the next feeling and on. Work your way up to feeling and thinking more positive and stick with it, eventually you will become addicted to the new thoughts.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nothing Changes until Something Changes

Good day from my Skycastle in Germany where the sun finally decided to grace us with it's warmth and I am surely relieved. I have been very busy lately and unable to focus on usvisualeyes articles and I hope that you are doing well non-the-less.

It's amazing what occurs when you really focus on something you want. I wanted the joyful work and success within the Law of Attraction. I wanted to teach, guide and inspire other's to their greatness; I want to inspire others to the exhilaration of knowing that they can manifest the life experience they prefer. I have focused on this desire for many months and it is apparent that all
my focus is com-busting into matter. I have manifested my desire. Surely its just the beginning and there is much much more to come! However, the exhilaration of watching my focused attention, my thoughts, manifest into reality is no less than a testament to the process of the Law of Attraction.

Focused thought is how you manifest your desires. It is said that nothing changes until something changes. Often this is seen as a call to physical action and this is where people get hung up. This is actually a call for different thinking. Nothing changes until you change how you think. Changing how you think isn't as difficult as you might believe. Just deciding that it's easy is enough to begin the process. Say, "Its easy to change" Most people believe that change is difficult and therefore nothing changes. We have even heard people say, "No one really changes" These beliefs are the first thing to change. Say, "I am able to change"

Once you realize that you are able to change the next step is simply focusing on what you desire.
Oh, that word; simple. It is a matter of every time you find yourself indulging in wandering thoughts, entertaining tragic scenario thoughts, or thoughts of defeat or being overwhelmed; turn. Turn to the thoughts of what you desire. Choose one thought, one desire and focus on this. It's an easier process or training when you start with one desire instead of looking at the desire for the whole life experience. Because focusing on many things, at once, that you desire leaves to much room for wandering into a plethora of thoughts.

Choose one focus and it will be easier to return to that one thing you desire as your preferred experience. This is the training the way you begin to change how you think. Start small with something you want to change. Make a list of affirmative thoughts you can turn to when you wander away from the thoughts of your desire. The solution every time is to focus on what you want.

Most people go through their life desiring change, wanting so desperately for things to change without ever realizing that they must change how they think before anything changes. They whine, complain, pray in desperation for a better life pleading with God to make them happy, and they wait and they wait and they wait for something to change.

What are you waiting for? Somebody to knock at your door and say, "Here ya go, here's the life you desire" Are you waiting for authorization, approval, acceptance or the moment you might feel motivated. Motivation only comes when you feel inspired. You become inspired when you tease your mind with all the thrilling possibilities of an unlimited life experience. Inspiration comes when you have focused on your desired experience consistently causing your mind to expand with ideas!

Stepping out of your habit or routine thinking and introducing new and expanded ideas will stimulate your mind into an inspiration. Say you want to manifest a new work, job or career but have never really thought of what you might like to do. Start playing, in your mind, with different kinds of work. Choose something and roll it around in your mind and notice how it feels. Keep doing this with various career ideas until you hit upon something that excites your senses dramatically. Then start exploring the elements of that career. Do some research on that career and start focusing on those elements, seeing yourself preforming the functions within that career. And every time your thoughts are wandering bring yourself back to the thoughts of the career. When you feel the inspiration you will become motivated.

There is no sense nor does it work, to try to be motivated. Motivation does not occur, no matter what you do, if you are not inspired.

Change does and can occur. You must stop waiting to feel motivated and inspire yourself.
Change what you think about by turning to thoughts on what you desire. The solution to everything is to focus on what you want. When you find yourself racing from thought to thought seeking the relief to your problems, seeking the solution, seeking the fix turn to the thoughts of what you desire.
Start with one desire and return return return to those thoughts around that desire. If you find yourself saying, "Oh God what am I going to do about.................." the answer is focus on what you want every single time. It is pointless, unproductive and self defeating to continue to analyze your issue, turning it over and over in your mind looking for the answer and direction you should go to solve your issue.

The answer to every single question is, "Focus on what you want or desire"

Be Well
Love Michelle

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unwanted job, relationship or living situation

Good day to all from my Skycastle, in the clouds, in Germany. I trust that you are doing well and manifesting your preferred life experience. Today we are going to focus on manifesting a desired experience.

We can feel as though we are trapped in a job, relationship, or living situation. We struggle with thoughts of not wanting the experience, lamenting over our situation and siting the job/boss/ colleagues, the partner or the living situation for feeling trapped. We give others the power over our experience convinced that we have no other alternative. If you are focused on getting more of what you do not want you will get more or manifest more of what you do not want.

We seek out the things wrong with the person, job or living situation; make our chalk board marks against them all, in order to make our case to prove that the person, job or living situation is bad, wrong or unacceptable.

We build cases against the unwanted experience in order to validate why we must leave the experience and why we want something different. This is to prove that we are right in wanting to leave the unwanted experience so that we don’t have to take the responsibility for the dissolving of the situation; often manifesting being fired, left or kicked out of our living situation. When really, the fact is, that your desire not to be in the situation is all that is important and is enough reason for leaving. We look for reasons, in the person, job or situation, which are unacceptable to validate our desire to leave because we don’t believe that just our desire not to be there is acceptable. However, it’s not only acceptable it is the only thing that is important.

I was in a relationship once where I came to a point of realizing that I wasn’t experiencing the committed, loving and affectionate partnership I desired. First I tried to make my partner, by criticizing and manipulating, become what I desired. Then, meeting with his resistance, I began to make note of his lack, make my chalk board marks against him to build my case and validate my reasons for my eventual departure. I had believed that my desire for a more preferred relationship experience was not a good enough reason to leave. I didn’t believe I had the right to leave just because I desired to. I felt I had to build my case to validate leaving, so no one would blame me for not trying. They would blame him; I would be validated and released from all responsibility. When in fact, had I just manifested the preferred relationship experience in the first place none of this would be in play. Equally, had I visualize my relationship the way I preferred it to be, he may have just lined up with my desire and all would have fallen into place. I built my case, validated my departure and moved onto a few more like relationship before I realized what I was doing and finally manifested the desired relationship.

In our focus on what is unwanted in a job, relationship or living situation we are manifesting more of the unwanted. We think that calling attention to what is unwanted will either insure that it helps us in our case against the unwanted situation or that it will propel change. We point at the boss and say, “See how badly the boss treats the employees” We point at the partner and say, “See how badly my partner behaves towards me” We point at the living situation and say, “See how bad this living condition is” We do this because we think that calling attention to the unwanted will be what encourages it to change and to build our case against them to validate our desire for better or wanted experience.

Certainly, a better way to go about it all is to first intend to feel good no matter what is going on and second focus on that which you want. Find things or thoughts, every day, that make you feel good. Focus on what you want. If you are working a job that you don’t like, is unacceptable in its ethics, functions and income then visualize the situation the way you desire. Visualize the employer treating you well, valuing you and behaving ethically in all areas including compensating you well for your worth and skills to the company. Visualize yourself as an asset to the company, the employer pleased with you, your colleagues and you working well together and receiving compensation accordingly. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is the job you will remain in or not the desired employment situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted employment experience the wanted employment experience will be drawn to you. If the present job cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired employment.

If you are in a relationship that you are unhappy with, is lacking commitment, love and affection then visualize the relationship as loving, committed, affectionate and strong. Visualize the relationship the way you desire it to be; see you and your partner behaving, towards each other, in a way that is romantic, loving, affectionate, committed playful and sexually satisfying. See your partner valuing you the way you desire, see your partner cherishing and adoring you the way you desire. See yourself experiencing the relationship that you desire. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is relationship will remain or not the desired relationship situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted relationship experience the wanted relationship experience will be drawn to you. If the present partner cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired partner.

If you are in an unacceptable living situation, whether it be along with others or in quarters where you are unhappy then visualize the living situation the way you desire it to be. See yourself living happily, comfortably, cohesively and abundantly. Visualize your living situation they way you prefer. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is living situation will remain or not the desired living situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted living experience the wanted living experience will be drawn to you. If the present living situation cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired living situation. .

Working too arduously to achieve wanted experience and taking life to seriously do not let in the natural resources that are there for you. We feel trapped because we believe in limitation. We believe that there is no other job, partner or living situation available out there for us. We think that if we give up what we have, as unacceptable as it might be, that we will suffer and be without. The opportunities for employment, partners and living situations are unlimited. There are billions and billions and billions of jobs/opportunities/options, possible partners and living situations.

The best way to go about it all is to first intend to feel good no matter what is going on; feeling good needs to be the primary goal. Find ways to feel a little better every day. Look for the wanted or positive aspects in your work relationship or living situation rather than looking for what is unwanted. It is most important to feel good and to feel good you must look for something that feels good. When you feel good all the wanted or desirable experience will be drawn to you.

The undesirable situation that you are living is causing you to know what you don’t want and sparking ideas of what you would prefer and a knowing of what you want. Take that preference, build it, visualize it until it is attracted to you and you have manifested the desired experience. Disallow thinking of tragic scenarios, of lack, of struggle and suffering. Thinking on lack, struggle and suffering is a focus that manifests more of the same and is born of fear and limited beliefs.

Think on abundance, freedom, pleasure and the infinite possibilities.

There is no need to validate what you desire. The fact that you desire it is enough. Sometimes, because we don’t have the courage to leave the unwanted situation the unwanted situation leaves us. You may want so badly to be released from the situation that you will be terminated, left or kicked out. Which is certainly one way to propel yourself out of unwanted experience. However, you will feel much more powerful and in control of your life experience if you make the choice of what you desire and manifest that. You are not trapped for being trapped means you have no choice and this is not so. There are unlimited choices in our world; draw them to you, attract them.

Focus on feeling good and what you want. Focus on thoughts that make you feel good. Note things in your work environment, relationship and living situation that you appreciate. In this you will emanate energy of wanted things that make you feel good and thus draw or attract more of wanted experience. Remember like attracts like. If you are thinking about wanted experience that is what is attracted and more of wanted experience is manifested. It is not possible to draw what you desire by thinking on or focusing on the undesirable; these energies do not match and are not aligned with each other. Thinking about what you do not want will only bring more of what you do not want.

First focus on feeling good and then focus on what you want; then what makes you feel good and what you want will be drawn to you. And as this occurs consistently the energy of feeling good and the focus on the desired will collect, building into a spiraling frenzy, until it is manifested into desired experience.

Your thoughts and beliefs are what manifest the life experience you are living. So pay attention to what you are thinking and believing. If what you are thinking or believing is of limited ideas then your life experience will be limited.

Think and believe without limits. The possibilities of joyful and abundant employment, relationship and living experience are infinite and unlimited.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Monday, May 10, 2010

How you Came to Your Beliefs and How to Change Them

Everything we think or believe was told to us and then we told ourselves repeatedly; strengthening many untruths about who we are until we manifested those untruths. Who told you who you were, what you should do, be and have? Why do you believe their words?

Our beliefs came from social mores and ideals, from parents or family members, from religion and media and we absorbed these beliefs and ideals as our own truths. These subversive beliefs or ideals seeped into our minds in a quite covert and insidious way; through our youthful trust. When we were very young we believed and trusted that those of supposed wisdom, elders, parents, guardians, and clergy had a complete and deep understanding of life and that they, along with this understanding, would impart their wisdom with a our complete well-being in mind. We believed that those who came before us, the elders, knew who we were, should be, do and have and we trusted them to fill us in using their life wisdom. We took their beliefs as our own, never realizing that no one’s truth is anyone else’s.

First of all it came to my attention, early on in my life, that these supposed elder wise ones really didn’t know enough to even run their own lives in unlimited joy and abundance let alone my life. I realized that they did the best they could with what they knew. They too were imparted with their elder’s understanding of life and believed it all to be truth and so passed it on, whole heartedly believing, to me. It was not the betrayal I once believed it to be where they, with the malice of forethought or apathy, passed on bogus information to me causing my life to be defective.

It was however, insidious in the sense that we, as children, were completely unaware that we were being taught untruths, using fairy tales, stories, and limited or edited information. There is a great example of this type of teaching in the children’s book, “Rainbow Fish, the most beautiful fish in the world”

From Wikipedia

The story tells of a fish with shiny, multi-colored scales named Rainbow Fish. He is always fond of his scales. But one day, a small fish asks him if he could have one. Rainbow Fish refuses in a very rude way. The other fish are really upset about his behavior and don't want any more to play with him. (my note: I’ve read the book, Rainbow fish does not refuse in a very rude way, it is perceived as rude because the words are trying to tell us that we should always do what will make others happy, mostly in order that they like us or that we’ll have friends)

Feeling upset, his only friend left, the starfish, tells him to go visit the mysterious octopus for advice. Rainbow Fish finds the octopus and asks what he should do. The octopus tells him that he should share the beauty of his scales with his friends. (my note: octopus actually tells Rainbow fish to give all of his scales away or he will have no friends)

When he encounters the small fish a second time, the Rainbow Fish gives him one of his precious scales and, seeing the joy of this little fish, feels immediately much better. Very soon Rainbow Fish is surrounded by other fish requesting scales and he gives to each of them one of his shiny scales. (my note: he actually gives all of his scales away, but one, therefore is without his beautiful scales and now everybody likes him and feels better about their lack, because he is no longer beautiful (rich) as they are.

The author about his book: "Rainbow Fish has no political message. The story shows us the joy of sharing. We all enjoy making presents for Christmas or birthdays and we are feeling good doing so. I want to show to our children the positive aspect of sharing: To share does not only mean to give away something (what is quite hard for a child), but above all to make happy someone else - and itself. (my note: this is what I’m talking about. The author, being taught untruths in life, but believing them, believes wholeheartedly that what is being taught in the book is politically benign and that all that is being said is that it’s good to share. However, the actual message is that if you don’t give away everything you have then you will have no friends and you will be lonely.

Critics of the book believe that its main purpose is to promote the idea of socialism and income redistribution to small children, and to demonize the idea of individualism and personal property.[1] It could be seen as promoting Communism.

The critics' claim[citation needed] is that the story does not promote healthy sharing, but rather advances the idea of a socialist society where wealth is redistributed to the point where everyone has the same amount of wealth, and individualism and capitalism are wrong and should be shunned. These ideas, they argue, are in contrast with traditional American values, and are seen by some as a way to undermine them.[citation needed]

Right-wing pundit Neal Boortz argues that the book is "insidious", because it "aims at human beings who are still at their most impressionable age.." and "too many American parents have no idea just what kind of message they're imparting..." because parents and teachers see the book as story with a "sharing and vanity moral" instead of the straightforward text of the material.

I read this book several times to a child, whose parents provided the book, before I suddenly became aware of its message and the insidious way it was teaching. Before you have judgment on my take of this book it should be read in full and understood that I am not anti-sharing. The method of teaching this book uses is the same method that was used on most of us growing up. We were made to feel guilty, bad and wrong for our individualism or personal desires; when our personal desires came from who we really are; our individualism. Thus we were chastised for being who we really were, encouraging us to deny and ignore our inner voice until we forgot who we really were and became what “they” desired us to be.

In Rainbow fish, he is encouraged to give all that he has away to those who do not have, whom believe that they cannot manifest what they desire; thus creating a situation (that is actually prevalent in our society) a handful of people who manifest greatly but are shamed into distributing what they have created, to others, making sure even those who do not manifest anything of great significance receive.

What this does in our society is first shame those who have manifested greatly, which is why many people have such an inner struggle over desiring more abundance. We have this idea that it is evil to be rich or abundant. The poor do not become poorer because the rich are getting richer. This is a belief that there is a limited supply of riches and therefore if a handful of people have then this causes others to be without. People are poor because it is what they have manifested, period. And the rich are demonized for manifesting great abundance. I shall write a book, to be read by adults and children, which have animal characters who know how to manifest greatly and teach others how to do the same, elevating them to their greatness creating a world scenario where everyone, because all have learned of their divine ability to manifest, lives the life experience they prefer and no longer feel the need to blame anyone person or institution for a unwanted poor life experience.

We have lost our voice, who we really were and spent decades trying to ignore who we really were, being who others thought we should be and within the conflict of trying to be something other than who we really were we degraded ourselves for not measuring up to the original design set down long ago; thus calling ourselves a failure.

We were talked into who we are.

It is time to talk yourself back to who you really are. It is time for recording over those old tapes, new messages, the messages of who we really are. Those old tapes play over and over reinforcing the untruths of our youth. Those old tapes are of someone else’s truths. If you have no individualism how can you know what “you” desire in turn how can you manifest the life experience you prefer.

One way is to inundate or indoctrinate yourself with readings and media that suggest a truth that matches, more closely, your truth; such as articles like this, videos (additionally a personal uvisualeyes video), recordings and teachings on the Law of Attraction. I spent a couple of years doing this. I did not give my attention to anything else other that the concept of the Law of Attraction. I actually spent eight months, six or seven hours a day watching and listening to the Law of Attraction teachings.

Another way you can begin to change the beliefs of your old tapes is to start questioning, when you are reading or watching media, the beliefs or ideas presented. Then begin to say to yourself, that’s not true, actually my truth is….thus defusing old beliefs. This actually, for me, happened naturally because I had indoctrinated myself with the Law of Attraction readings and media so heavily for so long.

One of the most profound messages I received in my studies was the statement, “You are NOT responsible for the life experience or manifestations of another:” This hit me like a ton of bricks considering I had spent my entire life, up to that point, believing that my mother’s life experience or manifestations was my responsibility; ever working diligently to change it for her, being and doing what I thought I should in order for her to be happy. Glad that’s over.

Additionally you can record over the old tapes by telling a new story; a new story of your life, beliefs and truths. Decide on what you desire, with new beliefs and write a new story of the life experience you prefer. Tell the story of who you really are.

Revise what beauty is, revise what strength is, revise what spirituality is, revise what abundance is, and revise your truth.

Return return return to who you really are; a great and powerful manifestor; divine source energy in physical form creating and manifesting amazing life experience.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Evolution of Human Response and Practice

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where I prepare excitedly for the next step in my joyful journey as an inspirational/motivational speaker and teacher.

Todays article is about our development as humans from survival of the fittest to survival of the wisest---Deepak Chopra

This article is my take on this concept.

In the beginning of our human development we were focused in survival because we were not the most predatory creatures on earth. We needed to protect ourselves, either by fight or flight, in order to survive. It was a necessary response for survival. We acted, automatically and immediately, to a stimulus that was presented, without much thought. We responded with a fight or flight reaction and it was all about survival of the fittest. And now, with no predator after us, we still respond with the fight or flight, we are acting automatically and immediately with a defensive stance, being indifferent or overly nice, by passing that place between the catalyst and reaction. That place is calm insightful response. That place where we use our intuition, wisdom and observation. This is the place where we need to stop and just observe, without criticism, and without worrying of others opinions. Deepak Chopra calls it The Restful Awareness Response. We are on the cusp of Survival of the Wisest.

Evolution: A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. The process of developing, gradual development, change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species and the historical development of a related group of organisms; phylogeny.

We have gotten stuck in our early human development of fight or flight. Still feeling, on a genetic level that there is a predator awaiting us, fearful we remain in a state of constant alert of the dangers; therefore we engage in thoughts of our defense. These defense thoughts range from reviewing the exact words that you will wield if so-and-so says this or says that to what you will do if they do this or that. We entertain dreadful scenarios and how best to respond to protect ourselves from an onslaught of dreadful perpetrators, of course all the while not understanding that it was our own thoughts that manifested the attack; and most often the attack only took place in our minds. Non-the-less we have, in this state of defense, sparked the beginning of an unwanted manifestation. But because we did not understand our own power of manifesting, we site our anticipated scenarios as proof; we say, “See, I knew this would happen”

Still being caught up in survival, I believe, is the reason we have this tendency to listen more often or make a deity of the male energy. We call God a father, a man, in need of feeling secure, protected, and defended. We listen more seriously to the male speaker, guide or profit. Because Source or the Universe knows that we will listen or take more seriously, for learning, the male energy, the ascended male entity is sent. It matters not that most often the male entity is coming through a female, it is non-the-less male. This is because we are focused in survival and feel the need for the protective strength of the male energy. We must, for our evolvement, to come out of fear of survival, the need for brute force, protection and the need for defense, listen more often to the female energy of intuition, wisdom and grace.

"Both male and female qualities exist in the body. The male qualities are arrogance, strength, egoism, and fanaticism while the qualities of humility, reverence, devotion to God, beauty, and grace are the qualities of womanliness, the beautiful qualities. They male’s arrogant qualities want to control the beautiful female qualities and get on top of them--- By Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

I am not degrading the male counterpart for we need the balance and I am utterly stimulated by the powerful energy of the male.

I am speaking of how we tend to listen to that which is primarily a male direction, survival of the fittest, turning to physical strength for control rather than listening to a female direction because we embrace survival of the wisest, of getting on top of our thoughts to manifest that which we desire; and instead of controlling our manifestations of fear we must manifest the desired which has no need for control.

Although we have evolved as an organism we still are caught up in survival of the fittest. But we are on the cusp, what Deepak Chopra states, of survival of the wisest.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”---Charles Darwin

The change is upon us, the change from survival of the fittest to the survival of the wisest.

There is a difference between being intelligent and being wise.

Intelligent: –adjective, having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend, as persons or animals:

Wise: –adjective, having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion.

The difference between having intelligence and being wise is the difference between possessing knowledge of the collegiate documentations of our world and possessing wisdom or deep understanding of our innate ability, being Source energy in physical form, to manifest what we desire with our thoughts rather than with physical force.

How can we manifest anything we desire if we are caught up in fight or flight, neither is a foundation of manifesting anything other than conflict? Being caught up in fight or flight, or survival, keeps you focused in survival. A focus in survival shall never be a foundation for manifesting a life experience we prefer because we shall be caught in a cycle of stimulus and reaction, stimulus and reaction focusing on that which we actually do not want.

Evolving is what manifesting is all about; moving past knee jerk reaction, in fear of survival, into that place of a calm insightful response.

How do you do this; by noticing the stimulus without criticism of the event/person, worrying not of other opinions and observe. This is the turning point from the knee jerk, early evolution, of engaging in the conflict to the calm insightful response; even knowing that a response is rarely even necessary.

It is the time to just observe and be curious of the event/incitement. Make a choice to just be curious, make your wise assessment from your intuition and move away from the incitement. When you engage in the incitement you fall back into fight or flight, into survival, and by pass your evolution of survival of the wisest.

From an intelligent stand point we think that we need to stop thinking or doing the unwanted thing, however for humans, this is a difficult processes. It is wiser, easier and more beneficial to replace the unwanted thought or action with the wanted thought or action.

Wisdom is ignoring fearful ideals and entertaining loving ideals. There is no need for courage within a life that focuses only on what is desired. Courage is only needed in making that step away from the unnecessary common belief of survival of the fittest to the needed less common belief of survival of the wisest.

We are on the cusp from believing we need physical brute strength to survive, using tools and weapons, to evolving into beings that understand that we create all matter from thought.

It is time to practice calm insightful response, furthermore practice the insight of knowing that a response isn’t always needed. Let the tendency of fight or flight fall away and embrace a tendency to observe, without opinion, and turn to your calm insight ever knowing that you have the ability to create/manifest the life experience, in your environment, that you desire.

There are an infinite number of realities occurring here, at the same time, manifested by each individual. Some are of hell and some are of heaven. The good news is that if your reality is of hell you have the ability to manifest a reality of heaven on earth.

You are the creator, the manifester of your reality. Use your calm insight of this and respond to the unwanted with thoughts of the wanted. Listen and observe the female energy of reverence and devotion to, who you really are, Source energy in physical form, wielding great power to manifest the life experience so desired.

The answer to every question is, “Focus on that which you desire”

Be Well

Love Michelle

Excerpted from my upcoming book, “The Answer to Every Question”

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Placebo’s, Practice and Praise

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where winter, apparently with unfinished business, has reappeared. I woke this morning thinking I had somehow missed the summer and it was already winter again. Yikes, don’t want to do that!

Recently, I have been pondering the concepts of belief and thought how a belief is like a placebo. If you believe that something will affect your body, your life then it shall. Like the placebo.

Placebo: a substance having no pharmacological effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who supposes it to be a medicine; something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another.

We take a pill that we believe, because an authority/Dr. told us, will heal our afflictions. It matters not whether the pill was a placebo, a sugar tablet or an actual drug. If we believe the pill to be the drug we were told then the pill will heal us.

Everything is about belief, everything. Each belief you hold manifests into an experience in your life. Each statement you make whether positive or negative, to yourself expands; like a balloon as the energy of air is being blown into it, expands and when no more energy is needed for its full capacity, it burst into a great manifestation of noise. The energy of your thoughts, built one upon another, expanding and attracting like energies from the universe until no more energy is needed for its fulfillment burst into a great manifestation of matter, of experiences, of reality.

When you focus on thoughts of what you want the request of what you want, with its unique energy, it has been laid upon the Universes table as your order. The Universe picks up the vibration of that thought energy and begins to go to work on it, matching like energies to it. The more like thoughts you have the bigger the energy becomes and the Universe adds unto it again until the energy can’t help but to erupt into your manifestation.

Unfortunately what often happens is that the thinker, allowing their focus to wander and entertain fears, rescinds the request of the desire before it ever gets to build. The thinker begins to have thoughts or entertains beliefs such as, “But I can’t afford that” “That was a stupid idea” and “I’m not worthy of that” Thusly telling the Universe never mind and that the request has be taken off the table.

Another thing that takes place, that seizes the building of energies, is the practice of going from one desire, not focusing for any great length of time, to another and another and another; each time laying their request on the table, then snatching it back, lightly teasing the Universe, and then laying another on the table.

As well, the thinker, not realizing they are doing this and seeing nothing manifest, sites this as proof that The Phenomenon of Attraction does not work.

Just like the parent who implements a new way to respond to the unwanted behavior of a child, tries it for a short time with no result, then goes onto another new way to respond and repeats this over and over; thus deciding that nothing they have tried works so it must be futile and they give up; never realizing that their continuous negative, familiar and practiced response got results, although unwanted results. The fact is that the parent focuses diligently on the unwanted behavior of the child manifesting more of unwanted behavior; what if they put that kind of diligent focus on the wanted behavior of a child?

The answer every single time, too every question, is focus on that which you desire.

When I was raising my three children I practiced no response what so ever to the unwanted behavior of my children; I mean no response as in any facial expression, not looking at them and no emotional response. I just went about my business as usual. Oh yes, there were moments, when the child screaming at the top of their lungs, that it took everything I had to disallow myself an emotional response. But surely it wasn’t too long before they seized their tantrums. And because I diligently watched and listened for wanted behavior, calling great attention to the behavior, they would soon begin to dance and say, “Look at me mom, look at the good thing I’m doing” And oh what a delightful reaction I practiced, thus encouraging more of the wanted behavior. I practiced focus and thought on what I wanted. I talked to others, in the presence of my children, of wanted behavior of my children, that I recently witnessed; and my children beamed.

This is exactly what you can do for yourself. Let unwanted thoughts pass through, giving no emotion response to them, and focus on the positive good feeling thoughts, praising them and allowing yourself to have great emotional response to them.

Be your own witness, diligently watching and listening, to the things you appreciate about yourself, the positive thoughts that you have practiced, even if it was just a few minutes longer than usual, and the moments you told, out loud, your new story about how you desire your reality to be. Praise yourself for a desired behavior, thought or a realized manifestation.

You have manifested some wanted things and conditions; search them out, call them up and praise yourself for them.

Then stick your hand into the cookie jar and pull out another tasty idea or thought and focus on it, get emotional over it, sink your teeth into it and savor it. Roll it around in your mind adding more thoughts to it, of like kind, until it expands and explodes with great energy into matter, into your experience; then reach into the cookie jar for another.

It is why you are here; you are here to create and experience, create and experience, create and experience. What you create and experience is your choice. You have free will and a creative mind to manifest whatever you choose.

Choose thoughts of joy, love and abundance and you will experience joy, love and abundance.

What you believe manifest. Like the placebo effect, all you really have to do is believe and it will be.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Questions, Answers and Joyous Manifestations

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where I am finding all my manifestations for my Tremble materializing. I have suddenly become so joyously busy with my work and I am excited.

I want to invite you to listen in on my talk show.Yes,you heard that right, I have my own talk show. Get all the juicy details about it by clicking on the following link

Dear Michelle,

Congratulations on your website. You are a wonderful teacher and I am so lucky to have met you.

I have a question. I do believe that what you think is your reality. Could you go a little deeper into this concept? I put as much thought into my being successful and wealthy as a writer. This also includes having freedom, independence and being independently wealthy.

It is not happening and I am wondering if this is because I am not sure how to bring all these thoughts and feelings together. Especially because my reality is very much the opposite of what I want.

How do you visualize freedom and independence? How do you visualize hundreds of thousands of dollars in your checking account? How do you think these thoughts and feel them in your actions when you, in reality, don't have freedom and money? Such as something as simple as buying groceries or gas for your car? Thanks for any help you can give me as I am sure I am not the only person in this dilemma.

Dear JoAnna,

It does take practice to visualize a reality you prefer. When you are deep in the agony of an unwanted reality it seems utterly impossible to see beyond it and feel the joy of a wanted reality. It surely appears sometimes that your reality is set in stone and to believe in anything else irrational. Also I want to say that manifesting the reality you prefer does take some time, but there are things you can do to speed things up a little. In addition it’s very important that you do not allow yourself to want something in desperation. What I mean by this is that when you make your request avoid thinking things like please please, I need, where is it, why hasn’t it come, and what is wrong with me. These are needy desperate vibes and the universe is repelled because these thoughts do not match the vibration of your desires. Never say, “I need” only “I want”

First of all, every time a bill needs your attention; quickly, efficiently address it as well as possible. If you can only pay part, make that call and make arrangements. Then as soon as it’s done, quickly move into a focusing on what you want. In this situation focus on something that has nothing to do with the lack of something. Focus on something pleasant you like to do.

Anytime you know you have to address something unpleasant that has to do with you unwanted reality, do so quickly, efficiently and then move onto focusing on something that feels better.

Second, you have to go on a frenzy of appreciation, every time you feel yourself slipping into the tragic scenarios. List in your mind and or on paper everything you appreciate. Everything from the natural world to each little thing in your home that makes things easier is something you enjoy, or has a good feeling memory. List all the things about yourself and others that are wonderful like talents, skills, personality relationships.

Always say to yourself, “There is Always a Solution” and “I Always know what to do”

Say this, “Everything I want is on its way” Feel the joy of that statement.

Say it again, “Everything I want is on its way” Feel the Freedom of that experience.

Say it again, “Everything I want is on its way” Feel the excited expectation of that fact.

Write it out, “Everything I want is on its way” and post it all over your house.

Make yourself a vision board. Collect photos of things, places and activities you wish for the reality you prefer and attach them to a board. Keep the vision board where you can see it all the time.

Every time you feel bad, feel yourself slipping into the feeling of hopelessness, desperation or wandering through a tragic scenario feeling you don’t know what to do, the answer is, Focus on what you want.

Walk around pointing to things, even if it’s just in your mind, and saying, “I like that, I like that, I like that” Smile smile smile all the while. When you focus on what you want visualize how it looks, feel and sounds. At night I lay in bed and I visualize money stuffed in every closet, drawer and cranny in my home. There is so much money that I can’t close the drawers and doors and I smile and say, “Everything I want is on its ways”

Keep coming back to the articles here. Watch videos on youtube on manifesting. Read everything you can on manifesting and just know that Everything you want is on its way.

The intention is to accomplish the good feeling vibration of already having what you want. Everything is manifested first and mostly in thought before you ever see the result of your desire. Like a long flight, for most of the trip you are not where you desire to be, but you know that you are on your way (excited expectation) but at the end of the trip you are where you want to be.

Dear Michelle,

You are so gracious to take the time to give me the information that I need. Thank you so much.

I will treasure and USE all that you have given me.

I know I am at a turning point, one that I've reached many times before. I want to make sure this time I do not give up and return to the past.

Again thank you and I hope that many of your readers will use this information, too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where I am in the Joyous process of launching my website, Today I want to hear from you. After you review the following description of The Phenomenon of Attraction I invite you to ask me any question you would like and over the next few days I will address each question. You may ask several questions if you like.

I have renamed The Law of Attraction, The Phenomenon of Attraction for the energy of the definition of the word law is of limitation and control. The Phenomenon of Attraction is an inherent occurrence, within all humans, of manifesting in physical form that which is in mind. What you think about or believe is manifested into reality, be it wanted or unwanted. Unguided thought, or what I like to call idle thought, manifests an idol life. Whether you believe in The Phenomenon of Attraction or not you are manifesting continually, you cannot not manifest for your thoughts are forever in motion and creating your reality even when you are unaware of what you are thinking; which is called default manifesting.

You become what you think about. Like thoughts are attracted to one another, and a consistent thought, over time, manifest that which you think about. Like a magnet your thoughts attract other like thoughts and as they build into a fury of energy matter is created.

The phenomenon of Attraction is how you get the reality you experience. This is often a difficult pill to swallow, at first, because people want to point a finger or give authority over their life to something or someone else. It’s difficult for one to take responsibility for the unwanted experience of their life. However, eventually you will come to feel joy over this for you will know that you can manifest wanted, as you manifested unwanted, just as powerfully. There is no destiny set down by law or Source that you must live. There is no destiny of struggle or abundance where you are chosen, by Source to live one or the other.

The only difference between someone who experiences a life of abundance and someone who does not is the way they think and believe. What you believe is what you live. Reality is always moving and changing according to your thoughts. What you choose to observe or give your attention to sparks thought, and when continually entertained, over time and with great emotion, the thought grows into a manifestation.

The practice of visualizing with powerful emotion, the life experience you prefer, especially as if you are already experiencing the reality you desire, manifest the life you want.

Remember that “The answer to every question is; Focus on what you desire.” And, over time with practice, you will have the life experience you prefer. With this practice of continually, every time you find yourself wandering into tragic thoughts of an unwanted experience, bringing your focus back to that which you desire eventually your thoughts will remain on that which you want and your life experience will be of the joy and abundance you want.

Come on, I know you have questions. Hit me with your best shot!

Be Well

Love Michelle