That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maintaining High Vibration

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany. I am happy to be back from my trip to the U.S. where I enjoyed my time with my children and my grandchildren. What a delight it was to see my son's joyous tears over the birth of his first child.
I was pleased during my visit that, unlike in the past, I was able to maintain a high vibration while being in the presence, of some peoples lower vibration.

This has been my struggle in the past. I have always, in the past, offered my energy to others, who were vibrating at a low level, bringing them up to a higher vibration. My husband calls me their cheerleader. It is draining and I was in conflict because I felt that if I didn't offer them a boost up that I would be unable to be in the presence of many of my family members. The problem with this is that they would begin to vibrate at a higher level and my vibration, from pure exhaustion, would lower.

I struggled with feeling anxiety and dread, every time, just before I left to visit family members who I knew were vibrating at a lower level. I didn't really want to make the long trip to visit them because it was so much work and not a lot of fun for me.

However, after practicing keeping my vibration at a high level, for so long now and realizing, finally, that it is not my job to make other's happy nor was I able to make them happy; at least for any great length of time I was able to maintain a high vibration. I noticed while I was in the presence of people vibrating at a low level, that I no longer felt compelled to fix them in anyway. I noticed that it no longer mattered to me where they were vibrating and I knew that it was up to them to raise their own vibration. I also knew, now, that they have the right to manifest what ever they choose, and it's none of my concern. I also noticed that because I was vibrating at a high level that only those who were also vibrating at a high level were drawn to me; Law of Attraction in Action.

Focusing on raising your vibration level is of the utmost importance. Spending as much time as possible focusing only on what you want is the key. The more you focus on what you want and the longer you spend time doing this the stronger your ability to do so becomes.

It took me a year, being away from the States, American T.V. and low vibration people, to come to this point where I am able to maintain a high vibration no matter what. I spent much time re-focusing my thoughts, constantly, before I came to a point that it mattered not what was going on around me or who was around me.

In the past, specifically around my family, I allowed myself to be sucked into their low vibration. I used to be sure that it was their fault that I was unhappy. It had seemed like that every time I just got up and running, well ,on some project, life direction or goal, that one of them would turn up ill, in crisis or need and these events would seize my intended direction; and I was resentful. I accused them, privately, of being focused on ruining my life. I was sure that they were aware of my intentions, or that I was happy, and they were out to destroy my happiness. After all, I had proof, because they would turn up in crisis every time I was on a roll. It was easy to site this. I had the real stories to prove it and no one, except my husband, refuted my sitings. My husband continually said, "Why do you let them effect you like this?" I would just repeat my findings. Being the strong personality that I am, he would just comfort me the best way he knew.

However, after studying the Law of Attraction for several years I finally realized that what was occurring outside of me was due to what was occurring inside me. It was a matter of two things; one, keeping my vibration high no matter what and two, I had to stop focusing on my families behavior. In focusing on my families behavior, what i was sure they were going to do, they certainly did. I expected the same old behavior and received the same behavior. I had to realize that my thoughts were the problem not them. How I felt about their behavior, what I expected they would do and blaming them was the problem.

How you think, feel and see a situation or people creates or manifests your reality. I had to change how I thought, thus changing how I felt and saw the situation or people. I decided to focus on what I wanted and did. I focused on how much I appreciated my life, with my husband, in Europe. I focused on my newly founded work. I focused on my writing, art and designing. I focused on what I wanted in my life.

Eventually, without the other people changing their behavior, I was no longer effected by anything anyone else did or didn't do. It's not a matter of changing anyone else's behavior, it's a matter of changing how I think. No ones life or behavior ever need seep into my experience. It is their experience. I focus on my experience and what I want as my experience.

It seems like more of a struggle, to focus on your own life, when it comes to family. I had to let go of my guilt, of feeling like it was my responsibility to make my family happy. For a long time I received slack from distant relatives for having abandon my family, in need, and caring more about myself. However, in caring more about myself I changed how I thought and felt, raised my vibration and teach by example.

If everyone focused on their own lives, raising their vibration, and became happy then no one would ever be in crisis. No one would need anyone else to make them feel good. I have discarded my guilt because I discarded the idea that I was responsible for anyone else's happiness. No one else is responsible for your life experience. No one else is responsible for making you feel good, happy or feel love for yourself.

Someones behavior or what they think about you need affect how you feel about yourself or your life.

I feel such joy now that I know that all I have to do is focus on what I want. I feel joy because I keep my focus on joy and thus my vibration is of joy. I am able to inspire others to do the same by being able to maintain my high vibration and receive all that I desire.

I am so pleased that, on my trip to see my family, that I was able to maintain my high vibration. It has shown my my great progress and I appreciate this experience. What is occurring inside of you creates what is occurring outside of you.

I know now that no matter what is occurring in my world that I can remain in a high vibration, remain happy and I alway's have the power to manifest the life experience I prefer.

Be Well
Love Michelle


  1. Michelle, this article couldn't have arrived on a better day. Thank you. And great radio show last night, by the way.

  2. Delana, I'm happy to hear of the great timing of the article. Your welcome and thank you

  3. good read :)

    felt the law of non-resistance.

  4. Jag, Thank you! I'm glad you found the article beneficial.

  5. Seek and you will find. I found your story moved my spirit. My family members are the type to verbally and physically hurt others or themselves to gain attention. This had been such from young, even through my years in foster, my sister tried to kill me because she felt everyone paid only me any mind. We were separated.

    Growing up, I'd hear there was a problem and I'd go running to her or any one of my other siblings---only to be attacked mySelf. Drained all kinds of ways, I'm now tired of running to them. My mothers in a nursing home(she IS about 99% healed but refuses to consider aftercare, I offered her to stay in my home, she changes the subject). I've been unable to get to her since early Nov. due to dealing with the hurricane sandy.

    There are FIVE of us, and the others can care less seeing her as we all grew up in foster care and they don't like her. My mother doesn't comprehend that I'm a single mother of four---of course because she's never raised a child. I received a call from the home that they found my mother on the bathroom floor. I could not go into the E.R. with my youngest child of 3 yrs. I felt inside me, not to fight to get in. I did receive update calls.

    Being in a much higher vibration these days, having worked much much on myself spiritually this year, I immediately felt that my mother had hurt herself on purpose. I couldn't shake the feeling, even though I wanted to believe she's just too old to be doing such a thing. I didn't run this time. I can't. I don't have the energy to deal with her pitiful state. Not to ignore that SOMETHING always comes up when I'm thinking to go visit her; whether it's a childcare issue or timing.

    I believe I'm being allowed to grow pass their harmful obsessive compulsive behaviors, by not communicating with them. When get higher in vibrations, we come away from worldly beings and lowly vibrations of others, family or not. My sister decided that because I stayed with her(her foster mom made her call me and my two youngest back to her home after she kicked us out the day after the hurricane, because her boyfriend decided he wouldn't visit her again until we left back to home) that I should've paid her bills and rent...we were there two and a half weeks! I bought groceries, took her clothing shopping, did her hair, gave her spending cash, bought her an early Christmas present...and then she hit me about some bills! I refused. She cursed and stomped around me and my kids, then went to the social sites and slandered me with lies upon lies. Then kicked my family out on the curb.

    People we know in common haven't looked at me as an upstanding person since. I donot indulge in gossip, so I said very little about other than I was aware. As a writer with my own blogs...her behavior hurt my audience numbers.

    My family causes great anxiety in my heart and mind. Im unable to be my true self around them, they don't want love, they want things. I have no things to give. Sometimes they pretend to be nice in front of people but they mock me at the same time. I don't tell them my business because they lie so much about the simplest things. My children refuse to be in any of their presence, as they too are sensitives/empathic.

    I'm so very happy that you overcame your family issue. I feel that my own is broken, and has been long before I started running to the rescue. I can only find solace in the fact that I was raised in foster care for a reason. God has always taken care of me growing up, and still is. I feel ok continuing my journey with my children and guided by the lord. Thank you for listening. God bless you.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    I am pleased that my article was of benefit to you. You are on your own path and are doing fine.
    Consider, that taking care of mother isn't part of "Your Path" And practice the Law of Allowing. Which means, allow other's to create what they choose. You and your children are your concern!
    Love and light to you and your family!

  7. Hello - I can relate to the posting from Anonymous and have struggled with this concept. After 15 years of trying everything from just putting up with my inlaws, to loving them for who they are, to smiling and sending them as much love as I could in light of what they think of me and being around their rude behaviour, this year I finally said 'no' and chose not to participate in Christmas dinner with them. My sister was furious! And accused me of being selfish and not loving unconditionally. Instead I said this was a time to be around loved ones so I chose to invite the friends I love to my home for an open house and it was wonderful! And I was so fulfilled and happy.

    But I still struggle with this concept and feel guilty. I know I create my life and even though I have said numerous prayers for them and 'love' them, I really don't want to spend my time around them - especially when I choose that time. If they show up, they just show up and I get that and deal with it accordingly - we usually don't spend any time speaking anyway. I also don't feel like I want to pretend to enjoy their company when I haven't and it's not like I haven't tried over the years.

    So please explain how we can love - and I do love them as I understand we are One and therefore part of each other. And where I have the right to choose to manifest my reality with positive people I love and create that vibration. I can love people - does that mean I share meals with them too and put on a smile at the dinner table to appease my family?

    Much love,

  8. Wow!! what an amazing story!!!
    I can see myself in your experience!! and by reading you , you bring me some peace because you make me feel
    And know i will work on me and use your experience as my goal .
    Iam exited about it !!
    I have something to share with you too , ,
    that help me and change my life !!
    Thank you so much and keep share your story
    One LOVE!!