That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Friday, April 30, 2010

An Erection for Life, an Erection for Me!

Good day to all from my Skycastle, my erection, where I feel this morning my bodies elated response to the love I have for myself and life.

Awww, it seems there is little else in this world that brings such a high to your body as an erection; especially when it’s an erection in response to you.

I know you are wondering, maybe with a little giggle, where I’m going with this. In meditation at 5:30 this morning I realized that the only thing we really need do is love self. The fulfillment and love of self is the only thing that is important. When you do only that which brings self joy, gives you pleasure, then you will love self.

Discard the idea that there is such thing as good or bad, right or wrong. We are so convinced that there are things we must do that, even though we do not want to do them, that are the right or good things to do. Doing something that is good for you on the other hand is certainly best. A highly detrimental belief is that there are things in this world we must do, whether we like it or not, because that’s just the way life is. We have convinced ourselves that life is hard and the sooner you get that, the sooner you will be better off.

The focus in my meditation this morning was on self-fulfillment and love of self. I visualized myself in my preferred life condition and in the perfect, strong youthful and joyful body. I let my body dissolve into the energy of the light of the universe and became one with it. I allowed myself to become nothing but pure positive Source energy and saw the eternalness, the un-limitedness of the universe and of myself. And I felt pure love for myself. And oh what an erection I had for life and myself. I had several full body and spirit orgasms from connecting to the unlimited energy of the universe of Source.

Erection: The firm and enlarged condition of a body organ or part when the erectile tissue surrounding it becomes filled with blood, especially such a condition of the penis or clitoris. An erection is the process of filling with blood.

The spiritual ecstasy of my meditation this morning sparked such joy and self love that it felt as if I had a beautiful, enlarged erection for life and for myself. My body, filled with life giving blood, was the erection.

So many things came to me this morning. I suddenly had this complete understanding, respect and honor for the penis. What a beautiful member responding to stimulating energy, to another human beings energy and beauty, and to life itself. Like a divining rod that responds to the energy of metal, the penis or clitoris responds to the pure positive Source energy of another physical being.

I realized the extreme importance of always and forever only doing what brings me joy, in that I love myself and emanate such pure love for all life that my life experience can’t help to be of pure ecstasy and joy.

In meditation I saw myself, my body, as one huge blood filled member responding to the energy of my, self love and source love. I was a penis or clitoris. What a joyful giggle that burst from me as I came out of meditation feeling such immense self and life love. This is remembering who you really are, pure positive love Source energy in a physical form.

In this realization, this morning, I knew that I never needed anyone to make me happy. I never need anyone else to tell me how grand, beautiful and divine I am. I know now that everything I need is within me. I can experience full and satisfying love without the use of others. I go on forever. I am energy, never dying, only changing form, eternally playing in the universe and soaring wherever brings me joy. I may choose to play with others, to enjoy their love and energy that will only bring me more joy, but I need not ever require them to bring me joy or happiness.

I need not seek another’s erection, or energy, to feel ecstasy, joy or worthiness for I am the erection

The power of self love is astounding. The stimulation, wrought from self love, creates a sensitivity in your body that responds to all of life with utter joy. Within self love everything you see, hear, taste, smell and touch moves through your body, in a wave that trembles your body with pure joyful ecstasy that in turn fills you with more love; more love for self, more love for Source, more love for life, more love for everything and everyone seen and not seen.

With this morning’s increased self love everything is brighter; the trees are greener, the sky bluer, the flowers more brilliant and the air more pure. Everything seems intensely surreal.

Surreal: having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic

The experience of feeling that everything is surreal must be that you are realizing that what we think of as real is actually the dream. What is so called surreal is actually the reality we have become blind to seeing.

I recall a moment, ten years back, in my life that I experienced a feeling of what is called surreal. My daughter, at 19 and in the Navy, was wounded almost killed when the ship she was serving on, the USS Cole, was bombed by terrorist in the port of Yemen. I spent several days without word as to whether she was alive. Once I found that she was alive we went through the morning at a memorial for the lost shipmates and she returned home with me for a month of leave to recuperate from her physical, spiritual and emotional wounds. I remember, after she was safe and sleeping in our home, relaxing and sitting on the patio with several close women friends, having coffee. I looked around the yard, at the trees at the sky and at the women in total awe. Seeing the astounding look on my face they asked me what was going on. I was filled with such love and gratitude for the safety of my child. I was filled with such appreciation and love for everything around me and everything and everybody appeared surreal. It wasn’t feeling surreal, or like an unreal dream, it was feeling and seeing the reality of life. I felt like I had never seen those trees, the sky or these women before that moment. Really, I hadn’t. What we think is real is not and what we think of as not real is real when we really see.

When you love yourself and life the surreal-ness is the reality. I see myself and the world differently this morning. I see and feel the divinity of myself and the life all around me. I feel the part I am playing; a part of the whole energy of Source, living temporarily in this physical form, beautiful, divine, powerful, loving, and joyful erecting in response to all that is Source.

Become an a big beautiful divine loving joyful, blood and energy filled, erection responding to the teaming life all around and the love for self.

Allow yourself to love self! Do only that which brings you joy.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Check out, one of the followers here, Delana’s blog for yesterday, April 29th, it’s a good one for embracing what makes you happy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Incompatible Beliefs Hinders you from Becoming Successful

Good day from my Skycastle in Germany where I enjoy the freedom for choice and the beautiful day reminds me of this.

Some time back I discovered a long standing issue of mine that I have struggled with for years; I have used other people’s behavior to validate my reason’s or excuses for why I am unable to be do or have what I desire. During this time, in turn I did not become, do or receive what I wanted. Because I believed that it was their behavior that hindered me, and since they continued the behavior, and I continued site their behavior, I was able to validate my failure. It was easy to testify the reason for my failure because the statistics proved my theory. But it only proved my theory because I believed that their behavior was the reason for my failure.

Case in point 1: My mother’s lifetime manifestations of illness, poverty and being a victim. It seemed, to me, that every time I got on a passionate roll in something I desired to do or be my mother would turn up in the hospital either from illness, a suicide attempt or a mental breakdown. Often she found herself, without money or employment, with nowhere to live having used up the willingness of people to help. In all of these manifested conditions she repeatedly stated her needy pathetic position hoping someone would feel guilty enough to rescue her. As her offspring I often felt guilty, after all she’s my mother.

So every time I wanted to do or be something my mother’s behavior reared its ugly head and my goals fell to the wayside. In turn I avoided any new project/goal because I believed if I started anything then my mother’s behavior would just end up destroying it anyway, so why bother. But like all creative people I could not put a lid on my ideas, desires to create and would start a project, all the while fearing that I would get “that call” of guilt, and I did, every time. Thus proving my statistic that I could not have the life I wanted because of my mother’s behavior. In this repeated scenario, because I believed it would happen, it continued to happen and I was able to validate my reasons for failure, testify that I could not have a happy life and was convinced that joy could not be experienced under some conditions.

There were incompatible beliefs. On one hand I believed I could do be and have everything I wanted and on the other hand I believed that my mother’s behavior had the power to put a halt to these manifestations. I was using her behavior as my excuse not to allow myself to soar. I was justifying my limitations.

Case in point 2: I always became fat, after four years of marriage, because my husband stopped having sex with me. This is almost the same scenario as the first. Yes I’ve been married several times and this came about because I would get to a point of proving that the present condition of the marriage, overweight and sexless, was his fault. After seeing that every time, at about the four year mark, the sex would stop and I would become overweight I deducted, after collecting the data, that indeed this would happen every time. I documented the statistics; marriage at the four year mark =no sex=fat woman. Because I believed this, now that I had the statistic, it occurred every time.

Again there were incompatible beliefs. On one hand I believed that it marriage could be different, after all I kept trying, and on the other hand I believed that eventually sex would be withdrawn and I would get fat. Of course this is quite a vicious cycle because the husband could validate, because I was fat, why he didn’t want to have sex.

I again was justifying my limitations and siting with what I believed was solid evidence that husbands stop having sex with you at a certain point and in turn you get fat. It was my excuse, again, not to soar.

Over and over I was testifying for my limitations. The incompatible beliefs through me out of alignment and thus I became limited. I believed in limitation.

What is interesting about this last case in point is that in my marriage now, at the four year mark I had anticipated somewhat the same occurrence. Well at the four year mark the sex was not withdrawn but I did gain a little weight; nothing like in the past. What is more interesting is that because I now do not believe so much in limitations and In my struggle to change my beliefs I have gone up and down slightly with my weight. It is a testament to believing for a while that I am unlimited and then defaulting back to believing in limitation; and my weight follows my thoughts up and down up and down. This is good news because this is showing me that what I think manifests and I am not limited.

No other persons experience ever need find its way into your experience. The only limitation that ever exists is the limitation you put on yourself. My weight is going down with every positive thought that I am unlimited. I have put my data, my justifications and my statistics away.

We often use the conditions of people and place as our excuse to why we are not happy; exchanging mates, friends, jobs or the city we live hoping that getting rid of what we believe makes us unhappy will change our life. However, we continue to take our beliefs of failure about the outside conditions with us, so nothing changes.

I can be do and have everything I desire, have the life experience I want, regardless of anybody’s behavior. I can be happy regardless of any condition and in turn the conditions change because I do not believe those conditions will affect me. My mother still struggles with being a victim (however she is a little better) and the husbands of the past still play out the same scenario in their marriages.

And I am still married (well past the four year mark) having a lot of great sex, I’m getting thinner by the thought and I am happy and hugely unlimited.

So if you are using other people’s opinions or behavior as an excuse to why you are not living the life experience you prefer you will never have the joyful life experience you prefer. No one is ever responsible for your unhappiness.

You are unlimited and there is nothing you can’t do be or have. What you believe is the key. Believe that you are unlimited, think without limits.

The Universe is the limit! How exciting to know that you can manifest everything you ever wanted to do, be and have.

And yes, people do change. I did.

Focus on what you want, stay out of other’s business and return return and return again to your powerful ability to manifest an unlimited joyful life experience.

The answer to every question is; focus on what you want.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All you Need is Love

Good day from my Skycastle in Germany where I am feeling the love; love for myself, everything and everybody. The light emanating through the window is clean, pure and life giving and I feel good.

Feeling good is the goal. Feeling good manifests all that we desire; good feelings steep within our spirit and bring out all the flavors of life. All of us desire to feel good all of the time. We spend so much time avoiding pain and discomfort and this is counterproductive. Avoiding pain is a focus on the pain that we are sure will come and we then measure our options that may help us dodge the pain. We seek comfort by seeking people, places and things that we are sure will be the antidote to our pain. This is a focus in fear.

Alternatively and often we note things to fret and agonize over. We create the disasters from this fretting and agonizing and then we run around trying to find ways to avoid the pain from the mess we manifested. All the while feeling bewildered as to why we are living such a painful life.

Some of our thoughts provide us with what we desire and some do not. We have a lot of indifferent thoughts; meaning some thoughts just pass through us eliciting little emotion which in turn manifests nothing of great significance accept it may be the beginning of a plethora or frenzy of like thoughts. Over time, continually entertained, these thoughts build to the point of manifesting something either wanted or unwanted depending on the frequency of the thought.

All thoughts have their own frequency and like frequencies are drawn together which build into a manifestation. We all have a governing thought; I am good, I am bad, life sucks, life is grand, I am abundant, I am poor. In essence your governing thought is coming from either fear or love. Since there is only fear and love and all other feeling stem from one or the other then it is easy to identify, at least broadly, what your governing thought is. Certainly most of us have thoughts in both fear and love however we all fall more to one or the other most often.

Thoughts instill emotions within us and thought plus emotion equals manifestation.

For the purpose of this articles intention we will, and should always, focus on the emotions within love. The following is but a few emotions that stem from love.

Love: Joy, abundance, appreciation, pleasure, amusement, animation, anticipation, bliss, charm, cheer, comfort, connected, delectation, delight, ecstasy, elation, exultation, exulting, excitement favorable, festivity, flavor, free, frolic, fruition, gaiety, gem, gladness, glee, good humor, gratification, hilarity, humor, indulgence, jubilance, juicy, lightness, liveliness, luxury, merriment, mirth, pride, pride and joy, positive, precious, purity, rapture, ravishment, refreshment, regalement, rejoicing, revelry, rich, satisfaction, treasure, treat, tremble, wonder, valuable, wellness.

To change your governing thought to love you must intentionally choose thoughts that are of love. First you must intentionally choose what you will observe because what you observe sets off thought. Make a choice to observe only things, people and places that please you. I know that many think that they should at least pay attention to the suffering in the world. Often people think that being happy while others are not is selfish and they feel uncomfortable or guilty. Stop it, just stop it because joining the misery, giving it your attention not only adds to the suffering and misery growing it bigger, it sets off thoughts within you that grow misery within you manifesting miserable experience. And you cannot possible inspire and spread love if you are suffering along with those who need an example of living a joyful life. Furthermore you are only responsible for your own condition. Just like in a family; if mama’s not happy no one is. You can only give what you have.

It’s not as hard as you think to observe what pleases you. I’ve said it before you can focus on the miserable conditions around, which often is done, or you can focus on the joyful conditions around you.

Talk to joyful happy people, watch only joyful, humorous, loving, positive, videos or shows and if there are none to view pick up a joyful book. Notice the beauty all around you. Listen and notice music that makes your spirit fly, Note the wonders within your own life, there are some. Appreciate what you have, know and are; your talents, your skills, your favorite clothing, your computer and the access it gives you to all kinds of other things to appreciate, enjoy and learn.

Go into a frenzy of love; I love my talent, I love my ability to see the beauty around me, I adore myself, I adore you, I love that I am always eager, I love the flavors of food, I love my garden, I love how free I am, I love my body, I love that Source is always within me and guides me, I love the balance in which the world functions, I love how different people are and the variety of experiences they offer, I love my comfy chair, I love my eagerness for new experience and adventure,

I appreciate those around me who offer me the opportunity to learn something new. I love the fervor within me for life, I love the colors of paint and flowers, I love my camera, I love how I may always see the wonder in everything I observe, I love freedom of having choices, I love Monday’s for its opportunity of a brand new start, I love music and how it may carry me on a delightful journey of joy, And I love that I am pure superlative energy in physical form, where Source moves within me for me and I can manifest everything I desire. Practice the frenzy of love often and eventually it will become your governing thought.

Tell a fresh story of your life, a greener story. Stop telling the worn out negative story of the past, it serves you not. Tell a greener new story, a lush, flavorful, joyful, blooming, growing, expanding, abundant, loving, fresh, free, appreciative, positive, adventurous, powerful, and successful. Tell your novel experience. I consistently…

Seek out things to love and enjoy. Never do anything unless it’s joyful. If it’s not joyful then wait until it is. In cases of dealing with present negative manifestations, quickly and efficiently attend to them, as well as you are presently able and then just as quickly move onto to something joyful, focus on love thought and emotions. Feeling good is the goal. When you feel good, having focused on joyful things, then all your manifestations will be of wanted and joyful things.

Choose love as your governing thought. Adore yourself, your worthiness and you divinity. There is nothing you cannot do be or have.

You are beautiful gorgeous loving powerful Source energy in physical form, so soar on the wings of love and manifest wonders.

All you need is love.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Monday, April 26, 2010

Your Emotional Guidance System

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany. The day is grand and I am excited to be back to our journey through manifesting after a lovely holiday in Croatia. I love exploring new countries. We met many people from various cultures and background and had a very interesting time.

Today we are going to explore our innate guidance. We look outside of ourselves for the guidance to what we should do, where we should go and who and what we should be. We think other’s and our mind are the tools that guide; when in fact we have an innate guidance within us that will tell us our best direction every single time. Considering others ideas on how we should live only clutter’s our minds with irrelevant data. Their data is not our own. Our minds are often busy calculating and evaluating data from others; weighing and picking through a plethora of opinions that have no relevance to our lives.

The innate inner guidance I am talking about is our emotions. There has always been this question, when considering whether to participate or continue to participate in a relationship, should I listen to my heart or my mind? You should always listen to your heart. Now the confusion that occurs when deciding to listen to your heart, especially where love is concerned, is that we are not listening to way we feel, putting aside the fact that you love said person, when you are involved in the relationship. The angst that many experience, when deciding whether to go forward into a relationship or call an end to a relationship, is not because you love this person so you are in conflict it is because you fear something in the absence of this relationship. You may fear being alone and the painful withdrawal, unreasonably believing that love will not present itself again or that you will cause said person pain. Instead of listening to how we feel within a relationship, we go outside our emotions either to our brain or to others collecting the data for our case. If you are very convinced that you love said person therefore deducting that you should be with the person you will collect data to prove you should be in the relationship. If you do not feel strong in your commitment within the relationship you seek, outside of your emotions, support in the direction you should go.

Our emotions tell us every single time whether we should follow through with something or not. Your emotions are your guide. It is important to pay attention to your emotions. When we are aligned with who we really are, when we are aligned with our Source we feel good. We feel good because we are in agreement with how Source feels about us and who we really are. When we feel bad it is because we are feeling, about ourselves, something that Source knows is not true.

When you feel bad it is an indication, every time, that you are thinking something that is untrue about yourself. In addition when your thoughts are of an unwanted thing then you will feel bad and that is your emotional indication that what you are thinking about is not what you want to manifest or who you are.

Forget about what is right or wrong, there is no such thing. The only questions you ever have to ask yourself when considering a direction is, “Does this decision grow me in the way I want? What decision will evolve me ever closer to the person I want to be? What decision will bring me joy?” Pay attention to how you feel when you consider each option. When you practice this method then your decision will always be what is called “right”

Considering others opinions will confuse you every time because their opinion is based on their lives and experience not yours. Others insist on their desires, either passively or aggressively, with their agenda. Others agenda’s for your life is their desire for you to make them feel good, to please them; and that is not your job. Nor could you possibly please everyone with an opinion.

Listening to others opinions pulls you out of alignment with yourself/Source. And when you are out of alignment you will manifest, every single time, that which you do not want.

I spent many many years doing and being what others wished me to be and do. I listened to what religion said was right and good. I listened to who I considered to be wiser than I. I listened to what the family believed I should do and tried, within all of these opinions, to be good and right; and never felt joy. Most of the time I just felt guilty for desiring something different than the masses. Sure I felt accepted, as I ran around in circles attempting to please everyone, but I never felt joy.

When I was persecuted for not giving up my life to take care of a family member, who had manifested illness their whole life in which my childhood was devoured, I felt guilt. The guilt was eating away at me each time I pulled away, argued my case in my head, and returned to caring for that family member because I allowed the guilt to guide me. It was their guilt not mine. My emotional guidance told me I was only responsible for manifesting my own joyful life but then in listening to others opinions I fell out of alignment and felt bad.

Guilt, fear, depression, anger and sadness are all emotional indications that what I am thinking or believing does not match what Source knows to be true.

When you are degrading, hating or judging yourself you are in conflict with what Source knows to be true and therefore you feel bad.

Pay attention to what your emotions are telling you. If you feel bad it is because you are thinking something untrue or unwanted. Recall, when you were a child, how you felt when someone scolded you telling you that you were wrong or bad; every time you were not bad or wrong you were only you. But receiving this information made you feel bad and wrong. The only reason you felt like a bad person was because you knew that it was not true. Because what you were hearing was in conflict with who you really are.

It is time to focus in on what makes you feel good, what brings you joy. If you think/believe only of what you want or what is joyful to you then you will manifest these things. What others think is absolutely not important.

Joy is the only worthy goal. Because within doing, being and having joyful things you are in alignment. And being in alignment is pure ecstasy. Being in alignment with Source and who you really are is what you want.

The answer to every question is, think only about what you want. Find a good feeling thought and hold it in your mind, feel it and then add another good feeling thought, feel it. As you do this more good feeling thoughts will naturally join and expand the good feeling.

Remember, if you are feeling bad then you are thinking or believing something unwanted and untrue.

Remember; who you really are, others opinion matter not, and the answer every single time is, focus on what you want; Return, return, return to the good feeling thought, return to thinking about that which you want to manifest. Let your emotions be your guide and the more you practice this the quicker you will return to feeling good and focusing on what you want to be your life experience; not others life experience.

Return to who you really are and good feelings will return to you.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Global Warming, Crisis Management and Manifesting

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where I am enjoying the warm sun, breeze and the song of the birds from my little room at the top of my Castle.

We will be off to Croatia bright and early tomorrow morning. Some thought that it wouldn't happen as they temporarily cancelled our flight due to the great co-creation of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Thanks to our own intention of enjoying a holiday in Croatia we are ever moving closer to a little piece of paradise.

This experience brought to mind the mass fear, the co-creation in motion, which is occurring and has been for a while; Fear of Global Warming, due to increasing greenhouse gases resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation.

There is much scientific research, analyses, calculations, data collections, speculations, assumptions and well, Fear that has been used to send us into a panic that we, as a human race, are destroying our earth. There is fear that the making of products that have a shelf life, we purchase and eventually makes its way to landfills will be our demise.

A new book of environmental fear has just been published call, “The Story of Stuff” Like every report there is always a little bit of truth mixed in with untruth. This particular report, “truth” warns us that our greediness for stuff will be our demise. It speaks of a cycle that is many people truth; we work to exhaustion only to return to home in front of the TV to hear reports about how we suck and must have the new stuff, so we go shopping for the new stuff and must return to working to exhaustion only to continue the cycle over and over again. The author speaks of the reverence that we must possess for our stuff in order that we do not blindly and wildly purchase stuff just to make ourselves feel better after hearing, from the media, we suck. Although many get caught up in this vicious cycle is, true, it is not the foundation of the issue. The author also speaks of how what we are doing to our environment is causing our illness’ namely cancer and things like being overweight. And from my reputation you know that I am not an advocate for TV but not for the same reason as the author, Annie Leonard, sites. Because it is not our environment that causes our afflictions it is our thoughts or our beliefs. And ultimately the media does illicit more fear within our minds that grows into more fearful beliefs and thoughts until we manifest something similar to that we viewed.

Certainly the purchase of stuff to sooth our fears and build confidence is not an advantageous way to feel good. Manifesting, in joy, the things we want is a much loftier pursuit and not for any of the reasons we are seeing in media advertising. Surely, having powerfully manifest the stuff I want, shall give me a sense of reverence automatically.

Well the next thing that Leonard speaks of is our habit of disposal, having no reverence, of our stuff; the landfill namely. This is where manifesting things that are green comes into play. I am an advocate for making things in a better way. We have, in the past, not given thought to how we make stuff and now are beginning to produce products in a much greener way. However, most of our action towards green building and producing was launched out of fear and panic of Global Warming and disease; this is never the right way. Anything that is motivated by fear turns out like we really want.

Furthermore, we, these very tiny beings, in the grand perspective of the universe, on our huge earth that is in constant motion of the renewal of everything with its original prime directive, for sustaining life forever on this planet, could possibly destroy Earth. In earth’s committed directive to sustain life on this planet forever there will be shifts, adjustment’s or changes to insure its continuation. Earth was manifested and created this way.

No doubt we are mucking up the earth a bit and certainly not to our advantage; and we are in a state of fear over this. Anything that we fear will grow. What we think about attracts more of what we are thinking about. You attract to you what you think about and if you fear consequences they shall be your consequences. If you fear that the chemical plant close by will cause you cancer you may manifest experiencing cancer. It’s not the chemical plant that brings this reality it is the fear. If you cannot get over the fear, then move.

When making a decision about your environment ask yourself what you want your experience, around you, to be. Logically if you desire clean water, then don’t muck it up. If you desire clean air don’t muck it up. If you desire clean cities, streets or lawns don’t muck it up. I am speaking of motivation. Be aware of your motivation. Motivation comes from inspiration. If you are inspired to experience clean air, water and land then are motivated to manifesting that around you. If you are motivated by fear, you will in perpetual fear frantically search for, outside of you, the actions’ you are assured will clean your environment so that you do not die of cancer or global warming; ever perpetuating a never ending and frightening scenario of keeping up with an unwanted co-manifestation; it’s called crisis management; cleaning up unwanted manifestations with panicked action.

Instead of crisis management it’s time to manifest differently, manifest what we desire as our experience.

If you are not experiencing the reality you prefer then manifest the reality you desire; not out of fear but out of the desire to experience a joyful reality. Don’t join the fear, helping grow fearful manifestations. Join the Utopia of a grand, beautiful, healthy, sustained earth. The energy of thought causes all fluctuation be it wanted or unwanted.

We as humans adjust to the unwanted things we have manifested rather than manifesting wanted things.

The shifts in the earth are a natural response toward the prime directive to insure the sustaining of life forever.

I have listened too many people ask this question, “In a “natural” disaster how could I possibly manifest not experiencing this? I am living in the area of its occurrence.”

If you did not think about, fear or believe in the idea that you will be devastated by a “natural” disaster then you would, at the moment it occurred, find yourself on a plane to somewhere else, or be somewhere else already. Everything, every event would line up, around you with your manifestation of what you desire to experience, and a sudden opportunity would present itself placing you elsewhere.

My husband and I did not think about or fear the economical down turn what-so-ever and this time period labeled one of the worst economical experiences, was our grandest, joyous abundant experience thus far. When it was believed that an “economical” disaster would devastate everyone we found ourselves on a plane to somewhere else, a reality of our making or of our manifestation.

Manifest only the reality you wish. Think not of what you do not want.

What shall be your prime directive.

My prime directive is to manifest, in whole, the experience around me that I choose; beautiful, colorful, clean, joyous, adventurous, abundant and with the intention of sustaining this experience, Forever!

Be Well

Love Michelle

P.S. See you on Monday! Going on Holiday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Limitless Thought Manifests a Limitless Life

Good day to all, from my Skycastle in Germany where the day is absolutely gorgeous; the bird’s sing, the sun shines and I love the sound of the village bells ringing in the distance.

We had a stunning afternoon, yesterday, lingering on the hill where an ancient castle sits majestically. I have already forgotten the name of the castle for it was not important. What was important was the warm sun, as we sat with our feet propped on an old stone wall, the tremendous view of the village, vineyards’ and hills as far as one could see. We sat absorbing the sun, the plethora of smiling villager’s, sweet on the spring, milling about and enjoying each other. Once again we enjoyed picking through our thoughts on the universe, life on this planet and the human experience.

It came to mind how often are thought’s, our beliefs are so limited. We had been discussing our desire to live in Greece. Awwww, to dwell in a home of ancient Greek architecture among the tropical foliage overlooking the clear blue green water and feel the warm salty breeze on my skin, it’s pure divinity. I long to trek down the hill climb into a boat and paddle over to the main island, to the village, and make my way through the market street’s shopping for whatever pleases me. I desire to dive into the cool blue water, absorb its therapeutic values and become cleansed once again. Water has long been my therapy. If I could not get to a body of water I filled a tub and lingered until I pruned. I look forward to sitting in my tropical Zen garden and spin a beautiful clay pot, play on my next book, shower out of doors and make love under the tropical stars. What a magnificent experience.

We spoke of our intention to one day dwell in our paradise. We spoke of this intention, with our belief of how long it would take to come to paradise to that one day. I looked at my beloved and I said, “Isn’t it interesting how we have decided, on any one dream, how long it should take. Why do we believe in this limitation? We look at some dream that we desire and, according to our present beliefs, we calculate how long it takes to experience that dream.

We have put limitations on manifestations” Beloved agreed.

We all look at something, a dream or a goal and according to what we believe calculate how long said dream will take to come to fruition. We look at all that’s involved; what it would take to make such a transition. We examine the finances, the opportunities and the work that it would entail and then calculate, often giving rise to doubt in the process, and come to our conclusion as to when the dream will be our experience. In the rise of doubt, because we are sure nothing comes without great dollars, hard work and permission; we see our dream only in the distance. We believe the manifestation will take much time, work and preparation. We believe anything outside of what we have manifested thus far must surely be difficult and take much time. We have manifested a limited belief.

Often people write down a timeline, whether in their minds or on paper, of how long it will take to obtain an experience preferred.

Desire---------details--------calculated time of arrival (usually many years)

Why not

Desire---------details---------any moment now. (Possibly next week)

There have been times in my life that I desired a change of some sort; to move, to divorce, to move on. Once I made the decision without pondering the possible difficulty, like a bullet I shot into the preferred experience. Once I made a decision, to move on from a marriage in a split second, and the next day having secured a U-Haul, a gang of family members’ and a box of heavy duty garbage bags, we in three hours packed all my stuff into bags, loaded them onto the U-Haul and I was on the road, with my children, to Austin. One day, one decision and my life experience was what I preferred. And oh what a ride I had.

It’s about the moment of decision. Deciding there is no limitation to what one can do or what the possibilities are.

Before we landed in Heilbronn Germany my Greek dream was just beginning. Knowing that our immediate future was Heilbronn I dreamed of the house that would be like Greek architecture. In my limited beliefs I had dreamed of having at least a white house with arches, a huge terrace, close to water and mountains, and a spacious open feel. I limited my dream quite a bit, settled for what I believed was possible, at this moment, and received exactly what I had dreamed.

In Heilbronn, surrounded by hills, we moved into a house about one mile from the river, it was large, white, had a huge terrace overlooking beautiful foliage; and as for the arches the house had one small arch over the bathroom door; one arch signifying my ability to manifest, signifying to me that I could have manifested something more to my preferred experience. Non-the-less, I had manifested. Had my vision been grander, more detailed and less limited I would have had many arches, lived on the river drawing my manifestation of my Greek dream closer.

We manifest only that which we believe is possible. Our beliefs are often very limited. We are sure there is some sort of limitation on how much money we can acquire, how many or what kinds of opportunities are available to “us” and how long any one dream will take to come into our experience. When all we really have to do is, want. We only have to desire, in full techno color detail, believing in its quick unhindered arrival, and it shall be manifested.

It is our belief in limitation that limits our possibilities. If you believe wholly that you will receive, dreaming in wild freedom, instantly the desired experience, the experience shall be yours now!

We believe that it takes time for our dreams to manifest, money to accomplish them and much preparation before. And it takes none of these.

If you stopped believing that it takes these things to come to the preferred life experience it would no longer be. Everything is mostly and primarily manifested with thought first then all else falls into alignment into the manifestation.

My husband and I, about three years ago, decided we wanted to live in Europe, soon, for a couple of years. We did not have the funds to do so, we did not specify where in Europe only that it should be soon and for a couple of years. One year later, without the funds to do so, he suddenly was given the opportunity by way of his employment and was sent to Germany; duration 18 months for sure, possibly five years. It has been an amazing experience. What a manifestation! Geez, what if we had said we wanted to live in Greece, entailing the unlimited details of our desired experience there and for an unlimited time? Uhm.

Upon the closing of our conversation in the garden’s of the castle we made a decision to manifest our preferred Greek experience immediately.

With utterly wild imagination detailing our vision of our preferred experience we have begun. We will collect photos of Greece, of the house we want, on the island we want, with the exact surroundings we desire and every detail, including the scent of the flowers, of the experience we desire in Greece. Together and separately we will visualize our desire. We will, having already begun, talk of it often discussing every detail, as if it is our experience now.

We shall never speak of the funds it should take, the specific opportunity that it should need, nor shall we believe in time. For we know that all it really takes is thought, visualization and emotionalization and it will manifest whenever we choose it to be so. We have done it before and we will do it again, and again and again.

When we live a life without limits we will have an unlimited life.

I shall keep you updated on our Greek manifestation.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Think I’m a Bear!

Good day to all from my Skycastle in Germany where the sun is already peeking out and I look forward to teaching my Friday art class. It’s a delightful class of German teenager’s who speak quite a bit of English and we have such a grand time creating art an trying to understand each other. Last class they taught me how to, with German etiquette, request that the class quiet down. “Fuel element quiet, bitte!” What a giggle we had over my pronunciation.

Last night my husband and I had such an amazing evening, as usual I made the welcome home meal, however I made it all a little more special. Instead of eating at our little bistro table I set the dining table with candles, wine and proper meal tools. We opted out of routine and had a beautiful conversation on the “The Phenomenon of Attraction” and its explanation of who God is and before we knew it, it was 11:00, an hour after our bedtime. I learned so much more about my husband, even after eight years of wedded bliss I am still learning more. I have a very different view of who God is and most of it I cannot really explain how I know. I go into meditation, contemplate/envision how infinite the universe is and things come to me. I plan to write an article, probably a series, on my explanation or understanding of the almighty. One of the topics we discussed was on the light and the dark, which by the way is most often thought of as good and bad, right and wrong, but this is not how it is.

It’s the Yin and the Yang; it is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn; neither being better, right or good or worse, wrong or evil. In our conversation I suddenly told Jerome, “I think I’m a bear” He giggled and waited for the clarity, he knew was on its way, and just said, “Oh yea”

I then talked about how, all winter, I hunker down and hibernate. I hold up in my Skycastle, waiting, in the dark staying warm, for the storm to pass. I eat more (gaining a few pounds against the cold), I am less active and I see fewer people. I go inside and it’s the time of the ebb. Life is ebb and flow, light and dark, winter and summer, the Yin and Yang. I noticed that, like so many times I had once again labeled my dark, winter, my ebb as bad or more accurately; unproductive. I spoke of, to Jerome, that I felt like I had wasted much time this winter. I was just a bear.

Later upon analyzing my dark time I realized the natural complimentary polar of life. You must experience the Yin the dark time. The dark time is the time for the practice of introspection to look inside and examine one’s self. It is the time of rest, the ebb, Yin or dark, which one must experience in order that they meet the Yang or flow, the light with more clarity.

The time of ebb is no less important than the time of flow. Ebb is a productive time of introspection, rest and re-centering. It is a time of putting to rest the former or no longer valid ideas. It is a time for reconsidering your life and what is to be discarded for more understanding. Ebb is the time of withdrawal in order that you might reassess, with new information, your position and knowledge. Every day we reform our understanding and come to new conclusion or new truth. Yesterday’s truth was truth for yesterday. Today’s truth is now truth today; and it shall forever be so.

In the dark, winter, we withdraw and contemplate analyze and dream; and sometimes grieve. The dark times in our life are very important. It’s important not to discount our dark time for it is the time of much needed withdrawal from the active world.

In the dark we grieve a loss, we go inside for our understanding, our final analyses and then we emerge into the light, the spring, with a greater understanding, renewed, reborn, and re-centered and clarity is once again ours.

Aw, the light, the Yang, the flow, and the clarity what a marvelous and divine feeling. Certainly the light would not feel so good had we not experienced the dark. The light is our gift for having been in the dark.

In this cold and dark winter I waited for the light to come with much urgent anticipation and resistance and distaste for the dark. And I should not have. My dark time gave me time for contemplation, without outside influence, that brought me to clearer self understanding. I also forget just how productive I had actually been, in the dark, and my husband reminds me. In my hibernation, I had painted just about every wall in my house, painted or created several pieces of art for the walls, realized my Tremble and launched my uvisualeyes business in which I produced eight video’s (in the interim learned the computer programs photoshop and sony vegas) unfortunately learned about computer viruses, yuk, journaled and read a lot and came to a new understanding of self. Phew, that was a lot. Doesn’t sound like I rested much, I think it was the actions of being stir crazy in the dark confines of my cave. Non-the-less, I contemplated a lot. I contemplate a lot anyway.

Now I have emerged into the light into the flow. Spring is here and my body tingles with excitement and I open like a rose. My petals are new, supple, colorful, and brilliant. My arms wide open, extended to the sky, to the promise of a new day. I am, once again, blooming. My hibernation over, the dark passed into light and in the brilliance of the sunrise, I rejoice. I am flowing, my body is moving and I feel the stimulation/energy of the renewal of all life.

I am a river now; flowing, creating, expanding, emerging, evolving, beaming and blooming. I have many plans for the warm seasons. I shall be more than I have been before. I am more confident, clear and open to the opportunities sure to come my way.

I go out to meet the expanding world, the light and the beauty. I feel the joy of absorbing the resplendent life renewed.

My playground, is once again, lit by the radiance of a new day, and I shall fly, on my bike, through the warm air.

I thank the dark and embrace the light.

I’m glad I was a bear.

Enjoy, embrace and celebrate the light.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Never keep your “Fat Pants”, save for a, “Rainy Day”, buy “Health Insurance”check the box, on a form, “Single”

Never keep your “Fat Pants”, worry about saving for a, “Rainy Day”, intentionally buy, “Health Insurance” and if at all possible don’t ever check the box, on a form, “Single” Inform the Universe that you expect to succeed.

Good day to all, from my Skycastle in Germany where the morning has begun with the promise of sunshine and bliss.

The title of today’s article may seem a little puzzling and at best, according to popular belief, unsound advice, but hang in there for clarity.

Today what we are talking about is not setting ourselves up for failure or attracting failure. In our habit of action and thought, every day, we may do things that seem logical, sound and responsible. However, often those things we do, that are considered responsible or logical are really opening our self to the event you are trying to avoid in the first place.

Never keep your “Fat Pants”: Keeping your fat pants, just in case you gain those few extra pounds back, sets you up to gain them back. Keeping them, just in case, tells the Universe that you are expecting to gain weight, you believe you will fail in remaining thin and therefore the former body condition is manifested.

Don’t expect weight gain expect to remain, or accomplish, your idea weight and it shall be. Besides, if need be, you can always buy stretch pants; they are cheap.

Never worry about saving for a “Rainy Day”: In our panic, or fear of survival, that we will be caught in a financial bind, some day, we save for that dooms day. Saving for the Rainy Day insures that Rainy Day will arrive. It tells the Universe that you are expecting to experience a desperate moment of a financial bind; you believe you will fail in remaining abundant and therefore the former lack of finances will be manifested.

So you might ask, “Shouldn’t I save money?” Yes, it is a beneficial thing to save money. However, the question is why you are saving money. Are you doing it with the panicked idea that you will suffer later if you don’t? Better reasons might be to save for something specifically desired, save money with the emotion that you enjoy having a private little stash (no not pot) that you can dip into whenever you like for a desired luxurious indulgent or get away; expectation of the desired instead of the undesired.

Never intentionally buy, “Health Insurance”: When I say intentionally I mean that in most cases of employment, at least in Europe, you have no choice on the matter. A monthly Health insurance payment is automatically deducted; from you pay check without choice, before you ever see the check.

So if you have the choice, buying health insurance, in fear of survival, insures that you will become ill. It tells the Universe that you expect, one day, that you will be hooked up to wires and tubes in a hospital bed, which you believe that inevitably your health will fail and it will be manifested. In buying health insurance you are assuring failure of health. Remember the effects of thought on your body article.

This is a scary one I know. Just believe in your health, the natural function and the forever-ness of your body. I don’t believe in ageing. By all scientific studies, a reason for our ageing has never been found; they just can’t explain this occurrence. Therefore it’s just accepted as part of being human. The reason you age is because you believe you will.

You celebrate birthdays marking the passing of time, acknowledging growing ever closer to the end. I avoid using the word that states your decline. That three letter word preceding the years you have been on this earth. I made a decision, not too long ago, that I shall never again celebrate a birthday and if I do I am going to celebrate it with becoming three years younger. I have stop telling people my age, asking other’s of theirs and watching, reading or viewing media that is focused in the declination of the body.

See your body as healthy, strong, and young always and it shall be.

I use the example, Never keep your “Fat Pants”, Never worry about saving for a “Rainy Day” and Never intentionally buy, “Health Insurance”: as a catalyst, to talk about, the habit of expecting to fail, although you may want to heed the advice non-the-less.

We do so many things, without knowing of their consequences, why because we don’t know that they have consequences and have come to believe in, like the Scouts of America, “Always be prepared” Now I’m not saying that you should never be prepared. Laying down a path to insure an anxiety free smooth sailing experience saves time and stress. I always prepare for an out of town/or country thoroughly. Traveling in itself requires preparation of arrangements, routes and needs along the way. Because you must have a reservation to fly, know where you are driving (if you have a destination in mind) and I haven’t seen a plane, train or automobile, yet, that has installed a medicine cabinet, vending machine or clothes closet; save a semi-truck.

What I’m saying here is that always being prepared, be it for thicker thighs, financial need, or failing health, or anything that you prepare for in fear that you will experience suffering in some way, insures that you will inevitably fail and need the backup, the safety net, and the insurance. Preparing for the “Just in Case” attracts or manifests the Case, the failure.

Expect to succeed, to be well, strong, light, and abundant and you will manifest these desirable conditions.

Now for the last one, the really fun one, if at all possible don’t ever check the box, on a form, “Single” If there is a box labeled “other” check that one. If there isn’t make your own box. I said, if at all possible because in some cases, not many, they must know you relationship status in order to submit the form. But I still question this rule. (Please Note; this only applies to those who desire to be in a relationship)

Can you guess why I say never check the box labeled, “Single”?

Yep because if you announce that you are single you are announcing, focusing on and accepting the unwanted condition of being single. You are confirming your status, which in turn brings it to your thoughts, and of course insures the continued single experience, manifesting more single life experience. If you desire a relationship, love, you must think differently. I say make up your own box, label it “Available” uh, well that might get you into trouble or could possibly be fun. Maybe a box labeled, “Expecting Mr/Ms Right”

The point is to put out there, announce, and affirm the possibilities and expectation of what you desire. Besides, why is your relationship status, contingent upon anything? Somehow it’s become important when is not.

In closing, I say it’s important to live without placing limits, and setting yourself up for failure. Become aware of those unconscious habitual thoughts and actions, and ask yourself whether these ideas or beliefs are beneficial and manifest what you desire; if they do not then discard them. What do you do to prepare for failure?

Replace thoughts of failure with thoughts of success, abundance, health and love.

The ramifications of thought are awesome and give you all that you desire.

Anytime you do anything, out of fear of survival, you just survive.

You want to Thrive in luscious abundance so think only of thriving.

Be Well

Love Michelle

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Unrestrained Life Journey is a Journey of Joy

What does Joy mean? Joy means experiencing an unrestrained journey, void of hindrance and the freedom to create without retribution. It is liberty without terror or regret. Joy is being utterly aware that you are manifesting your life based on your specifications. It is the exalted voyage of personal permission to be who you are. This is joy.

An unrestrained journey is a journey where you have placed no limits. Joy is a life journey full of the unending possibilities, experiences and choices. Anytime you live life with the belief that there are limits or lack, you experience a life of limit and lack. In my contemplation on these concepts I realized that any rules or laws used to live by indicates limit.

Law: the principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision. A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, (as in religion) agreement, or authority It is basically limitation.

As I thought about the limitation of law, I realized that the word Law, in Law of Attraction denotes limitation in its description. This does not invalidate the premises of The Law of Attraction for it is the way the universe works; like attracts like. However, I have decided to rename the concept as “The phenomenon of Attraction” The only so called law that exists is the assurance that you have free will. And both words free and will denotes no restriction and law obviously insists on restriction. And restriction is not freedom, therefore is not joy.

Some call The phenomenon of Attraction a miracle but it cannot be labeled a miracle when it’s how we get everything; desired and undesired. If The phenomenon of Attraction is, and it is, then it cannot be deemed as a miracle, it just is. Miracle by definition is a supernatural occurrence and by that definition our Source given natural ability to manifest cannot be defined as a miracle.

Miracle: an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

This cannot be for we possess the ability to do anything, have anything and be anything that we choose. “All known human or natural powers” is the key phrase in this. Because we are not aware or believe that we possess the ability to manifest anything then we access the occurrence, not of our understanding, as a miracle. We ascribe anything outside of our belief or understanding as coming from a supernatural cause.

You might call the phenomenon of levitation a miracle. However, you possess the ability to levitate; when you believe can levitate. You might call the phenomenon of a sudden completer recovery of a so called incurable disease a miracle; yet you possess the ability to cure anything, when you believe you are able. You might call the phenomenon of living past the age of a hundred a miracle; yet you possess the ability to live forever, when you believe in the forever-ness of your body.

Some see a miracle as good luck. There is no luck, only manifestation of the wanted.

Joy is the accepted belief that you are able to manifest everything you desire. Source only wants one thing; for you to be happy and joyous. Source gave you the free will, the ability to manifest happiness and joy; whatever that means for you.

A Tremble is not your destiny it is the tool by which you experience trembling, joy. You will have many Trembles in your life time. When one Tremble becomes boring then you have learned all you may learn from that Tremble and it is time to move onto a new Tremble. A deeper meaning of Tremble: Experiencing a Tremble is experiencing you true self, your complete connection with Source, with you. When you are connected with who you really are, Source, then you Tremble in elated joy. In meditation, remembering my connection/enmeshment with Source and my Source abilities, I tremble with joy.

Joy is loving self completely unconditionally and with unabashed delight. To fall in love with self is the ultimate compliment to Source. You are pronouncing to yourself and Source, to the Universe that you embrace who you really are; joy, love and Source energy in physical form. You are accepting what Source intended, joy. You are accepting the divine fact that you are Source.

The universe does not make judgment on your thoughts, deciding which to pay attention to and grant desire. There is no distinction from the wanted or unwanted there is only response to thought period. When you are thinking and focusing on the unwanted it is attracted. When you are thinking and focusing on the wanted it is attracted. The Universe does not grant according to deserve-ability only on desirability.

Embracing yourself in love and joy embraces Source. Source/Me, Me/Source, they cannot be separated. Separation again denotes limitation. And Source has no limitation, for if Source did, all expansion would seize for that would strip us of our free will. And that cannot be.

You are divine, complete free will, love, pure Source energy. You are able to, with thought, manifest all that you desire.

What will make you feel joy, now? Now is all you really have, it is all there is. Think, Do and be whatever you choose, that will produce joy within you, now. If you do this in all your now’s, then all your now’s will be joyful and your joy will go on forever. And beloved doing what you choose that will produce joy within you shall never result in grave consequences for that is impossible in the experience of joy.

You are here to obtain understanding of who you really are, Source/Joy.

I wrote a love letter to myself last night, in the wee hours of the morning.

My Dearest Beautiful Michelle,

When I wake in the morning to your smiling face it brings me such joy. When I watch you paint or write something divinely unique I am in awe of your creativity.

I feel pure joy when you touch my skin with pleasure. I look forward, every day, to seeing your divine and sublime beauty, to hear you new ideas and know you a little more.

I am absolutely stunned that I get to spend the rest of this lifetime with you and to know that joy is mine for loving you.

Michelle you bring me joy.

You are a divine creature, powerful and majestic.

I am in love with you and shall be always and forever.

Forever yours,


I ask you why this is utterly beautiful and perfectly acceptable when it comes from someone else, a lover who sees us this way, but most often not when it comes from self. Because we believe that it is a self-centered. We give authority on ourselves to others and we do not believe in our divinity. Yet you can believe, sometimes, in others divinity.

Fall in love with yourself for there is no greater love than love of self. When you love yourself then you cannot help but to see love in everything and everybody; you will love without limit or condition.

Believe in your Divinity.

Fall in love with yourself and a world of joy shall be yours.

Be Well

Love Michelle