That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Discovering Your Tremble part 1 of 4

Discovering Your Tremble, Part One

I trust that you feel the joy of waking to new manifesting opportunities. Today’s article is about finding or rediscovering your “Tremble” What is “Tremble” you might ask.

Tremble is that feeling that shakes your body because you are doing that thing that excites you in such a big way that you tremble. You cannot control this when its occurring, or rather you are not deciding to tremble; it’s your body’s response, the residual effect of having practiced your purpose. When you discover your spirits joyful purpose, your body responds to you having hit upon that which you were meant to do and the excitement is so grand that you tremble. I experience this when I speak, on Law of Attraction, to an audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s an audience of one or hundred’s. Teaching, guiding and assisting other’s to find their tremble, as well as how to use Law of Attraction, brings me such joy that my body can’t help but to tremble in exquisite joy. The moment I see another’s eyes light up in understanding and connecting to all they are I feel an exquisite tremble.

Today we are going to talk about how to discover your tremble. Whether you have never discovered it or it’s just been lying dormant. Really, it’s only been lying dormant. We have all stumbled or touched upon our tremble. We have all experience that tremble, even if it was only for a fleeting moment, giving us a clue in the direction we should head. Most of the time we just hadn’t identified our tremble at the moment we felt the reaction. Often, you just touched on a little of your tremble and you did not realize that it was just a clue as to the direction you should head. And for those who realized it, on a conscious level, you may have been too afraid to follow through.

I had experienced my tremble many times, knew basically what I was meant to do, but, in the past, was too frightened to follow through. I had been consoling many people, friends, family and sometimes strangers for years, and knew that I had a born talent to do so. However, to entertain doing this on a professional level frightened me to no end. I believed that I needed a degree in the field; I believed I needed someone else to give me authorization or permission and I thought maybe I wasn’t smart enough. I wondered who would listen to me. Who was I to be directing others?

I am here to say, “You do not need anyone else to tell you what you are capable of, have talent for, or are intelligence enough to do.”

When you discover your “Tremble” all else will fall into place. Because it is what you were meant to do. And when you are doing what you were meant to do you can’t help but too succeed.

Sometime back I remember going in circles trying to control my thoughts, trying to figure out what it is I should be doing. I wasn’t experiencing any great joy in any of my endeavors’ and was beginning to believe something was wrong with me.
I knew I had many talents; I was an artist, I was a writer, I was an art teacher, I was an Interior Designer and I was great mother. I had enjoyed all of them. I had had many different kinds of jobs in my life; Teacher, Telemarketing Manager, Waitress, Assistant Youth Education Director, Switchboard Operator, Maid, Stage Manager, Artist for Ads, Clown (in my own birthday party business) Muralist, Interior Designer (Degreed), Rental Equipment Dishwasher, Secretary, House Construction Forman, Medical Assistant (Degreed), Dental Assistant, McDonald’s Server, Public School Substitute Teacher, Retail Saleswoman, Nanny, Customer Service Representative and Private Art School Assistant Director. I think that’s the complete list, could be another couple in there. I had done many jobs in my life. Most were dealing with speaking to or teaching people.

In my early education, before I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, I struggled with math. In grade school, because my family moved around so much, I had not learned to read very well or tell time. So at age nine, I taught myself how to read. In private places, like at night under a blanket with a flashlight, I practiced and practiced until I could read well. Then I started writing, without another’s instruction, poems, stories and songs.

I went back to school and got my G.E.D when I was about twenty-four and started college with a degree major; Psychology. That major changed over and over many times. I dropped out of college after only a few semesters. I returned to college a few years later and earned a Medical Assistant Certificate; which was at the influence of another, I didn't really want to be a Medical Assistant. However, the training came in handy when I saved my sons life, when he was three.

Then a few years later I returned to college, back to the Psychology Major, and then switched to an English Major. Dropped out again because my children were young and needed my attention. Ten years later I wrote and published a book, returned to college and earned a B.A. degree in Interior Design.

So as I struggled, with trying to decide what to do with my life, having the sudden opportunity of time to rediscover myself, I began many endeavors’. I would begin with some excitement but that excitement soon fizzled into a depressive pile of dust in the corner. I drove my husband insane. One day he would come home and I would be happy and hot on the trail of some project and the next day he would discover me in a self-deprecating clump of depression on the sofa. I was driving myself insane. As I looked at everything I had done, all the jobs and education, nothing seemed to go with anything else. It seemed I hadn’t arranged my education and employment in a defined focus and eventual outcome of a Career. I was getting depressed feeling that I had wasted my time and wondered what I would do now. Nothing, I had done before, appealed to me any longer. Nothing I tried held my attention or enthusiasm for very long but I kept trying. I kept trying harder and harder. I stuck with some thing’s I didn’t really have enthusiasm for. I just sucked it up and kept going only to crash and burn once again and believing that there was something terribly wrong with me.

I had studied Law of Attraction and Manifesting long enough to know that I needed to change my thoughts to change my experience. So I worked hard on changing my thoughts. Trouble is Law of Attraction doesn’t work when you force, try and take action constantly. I realized that I was so determined and so resistant that nothing was changing. And frankly I was exhausted from trying so hard. Remembering that Law of Attraction says that whatever you think attracts more of that which you think about. I had been scolding myself for not being able to become all that I wanted and for not being able to find my tremble.

Then one day I decided that I was going to give myself a break. Stop trying to figure out what I should do with my life, stop trying to change every thought and stop tearing myself apart in the process. I decided to just exist for awhile. I didn’t decide how long just that I would stop trying. I just trusted Law of Attraction, I knew that you ask for what you want (in this case I asked to know what I want) trust that it will come and go about your business of life with excited expectation.
I had done the asking, for way too long, and now I went about my life. I cooked/baked, cleaned, painted, read, walked, journaled, and played. I just didn’t think about what I wanted. I was so relaxed and it was nice. There was a mild undertone of; I don’t really care right now. And that was ok.

After a few weeks, one night, my husband and I were watching a video, “Beyond the Secret” If you don’t know, “The Secret” is basically The Law of Attraction. There was this delightful motivational speaker appearing on the movie, Les Brown. He said, among other things, some ones opinion of you does not have to become your reality and from Oliver Windal Holmes, “Once a person’s mind is expanded with an idea or concept it can never be satisfied to going back to where it was” My mind had been expanded with an idea and concept and I was trying to ignore this.

As I listened to Les Brown’s words, a tear came down my face and I trembled. My husband, sitting next to me, inspected my tears. "What is it my love?"
I looked at him in joy and said, "I know what I'm supposed to do and I can do this"
I knew that my life time of counseling other's, my ability to touch other's in my speaking and my understanding of Law of Attraction was to be put to use.
"I am an Inspirational Motivational Speaker and Teacher"
I have begun and I have not looked back since.

I had re-discovered my Tremble.

All the experiences and education thus far had come together to create what I am today and what I am doing today.

What idea or concept, has expanded your mind and is dissatisfied with going back to where it was? That is probably, “Your Tremble”

Look for part 2 of discovering your tremble tomorrow.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Matter of Opinion

A Good morning, to you all, from my little room at the top of my castle. The sky is of a drab gray, but the birds still sing. Today I will be writing on a subject that I’ve struggled with myself and I know you do as well, at least at some point in your life, worrying about others,

Opinion: Noun, a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

Addressing something I said last post as well as a number of others, the most damaging dogma in most religions is, “You are not worthy, you do not deserve for you are a sinner” This fits quite nicely with the theme of today.

Stop listening and believing other people’s opinions! Listening and entertaining other people’s opinions on whom you are, what you should do and how you should behave elicits their manifestations for your life instead of yours. The only one that will be happy with that life will be other people. And if you are listening to more than one person you will go insane trying to please everyone, meanwhile you will experience great unhappiness.

Why, like the religious message, do we conduct our life according to other people’s opinion?

The only opinion that matters is yours. My husband always says; “attend to only this, as he makes a circle with his arms around his body, your space. This is your only concern or business.” What other people are doing or saying isn’t any of your business. If everyone was attending to their own experience what a magnificent experience all would have.


Opinion is just a thought someone has based on a belief THEY hold, which creates matter, manifests. Matter, the physical stuff, is manifested out of thought.

So whose thoughts do you want to manifest? How many peoples’ lives are you trying to live? I lived numerous peoples’ lives for many years, was never really happy and ultimately neither where they for very long; namely because I could only please one person at a time and usually that person wasn’t me.

Caring about what others think is very detrimental to your happiness. And if you continue to care about what everyone thinks you will continue to be unhappy.

Who are these people anyway? Do they really know what’s in your mind body and soul? Do they really know what is best for you or what will make you happy? I think not!

I made a decision some time back to be who I wanted to be and go where I wanted to go. It can be a little sticky when you first take that leap and decide to leave other peoples opinion out of your equation and live your life the way you desire. I picked up roots, from the core family, and moved to Germany and ohh the wailing that went on. I had left them to take care of themselves, live the life they chose and seek my joy. They pretended to be supportive but now and then it slipped out that they believed me to be selfish. I didn’t stay with the tribe, do as the tribe did, please the tribe and suffer as the tribe did. I had defected. Many of them, because they were unhappy with their lives, tried to blame me for their misery. If I had stayed I would have made them happier. I doubt it, as I’ve never really seen any of them in any continuous joyous state anyhow. For many years, in the past, I could go from a joyous state, hear someone’s negative idea of me, and find myself in a state of hateful self-criticism. With one opinion, someone else’s belief I manifested misery. It wasn’t even my opinion, my thought that launched the manifestation, but I ran with it as if God had wagged a finger at me in displeasure.

Why do other people’s opinions matter to us so much, because we think if we gain others acceptance we have been given the authorization to continue with that which they approve. We are caught up in believing that we are not the authority. So in order to go forward we must get authorization, validation that what we are thinking, doing or being is right.

We are caught up in believing in right and wrong, good and bad and usually according to someone else, which changes with each person that opens their mouth.

If you really feel like you need to analyze this then do so. Think of someone or more than one and notice their lives. Do they have a grand, joyous and abundant life? Are they successful in all parts of their lives? If not, then why would their opinion or ideas of how you should live your life matter? Until the last few years I knew no one who had a life that I desired. I knew no one, personally, who lived a life of joy and abundance. So why should we let anyone’s idea for our life matter.

You are the only one whose opinion matters.

Some might say, “Well doesn’t my spouses opinion matter? Shouldn’t I consider them?”
Why? Do they not love you already? If the answer is no, then get the hell out of there now! A spouse’s opinion may be considered in as far as it has to do with shared concerns. But on a personal concern their opinion does not matter.

I used to walk lightly as to not disturb someone else, in my own home.
I used to say what others wanted to hear, so they would be happy
I used to be what others wanted so they would love me

I used to care what others thought of me.

I no longer walk quietly, speak untruths, and perform for others and they all still love me. They whine sometimes, but I turn it around with one simples statement, “I am Happy” What more can be said. The usual response is, “I’m glad you are happy” Some say, “I wish I was happy” Then I direct them to my blog, hee hee.

How many people do you think have dropped out of my life with the action of this blog? How many new people do you think are now my proponents? It is gradually balancing out even.

This is your life to live the way you desire.

I am not a sheep, I am not a chameleon and I am not a clone.
I am unique. You are unique.
You are the authority figure for your life, no one else. Your gift, to yourself, and to the world is your uniqueness.

I want to know the people in this world who have gone their own unique direction not the people whom resemble most others.

I am reminded of a response from my grandmother when someone told her I was in Singapore (some years back) she said, “What is she doing in Singapore?” She was utterly baffled, confused and dismayed. She just could not understand why I would ever be there. Equally she has wondered this every time I traveled to another country.

I am off to Croatia in two weeks. Why? Because I want too. I desire all the experiences I can possibly have. I want all the joy possible. I want to understand as much of my world as I can in every life time. Every time I experience another culture I learn something that ultimately clears up something I did not understand prior, sometimes I find that I previously thought I understood something, realized I had not, but now do. And the most important aspect, I am living a life of joy.

Ultimately I am an example, I hope, for others to live a life of joy.

Those who are most remembered and are most inspiring are those who risked thinking differently. And we admire them.

Be admirable! Be Happy!

Be Well
Love Michelle

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Answer to every question is, “Focus on that Which you Want”

Hello, from another grand morning in Germany. It is raining however the birds continue to sing and the air is fresh. I am feeling good for I continue to focus on that which I want.

I wanted to first describe myself prior to discovering that I manifest my experience. I have never really been what you would call a religious person, not in the common secular sense. True I have explored many religions in my spiritual journey; never absolutely disqualifying any particular philosophy, remembering that there is a little truth in all. There is truth and untruth in most reports of ideals.

The doctors speak of the truth that the human body often experiences degeneration and illness. The doctors also speak the untruth that the human body cannot stop degeneration and heal illness with anything other than modern medicine. Furthermore that there are some illness that have no cure.

The minister speaks the truth that God exists and loves us. The minister also speaks the untruth that God is separate from us and condemns us for our sins.

Humanity speaks the truth that they can have and be anything they want. Humanity also speaks the untruth that they are not the ones manifesting that which they want, only God does this after evaluating whether we deserve what we want.

So in my religious research I sought the truths within the various religions. I knew that there were some truths from the beginning. I knew that there had to be some truth for I felt the presence of Source in my soul. I was never so arrogant to think that we just appeared without some great Omnipresence participation. We, humans, are too amazing, our bodies intrinsically designed and functioning with such precision that only a great Omnipresence could have created such a machine.

However, I was continually disillusioned and disappointed to find so much restriction and judgment within the walls of what is suppose to be a sacred, safe and loving house. It’s also such a limited belief, “The House of God” As if God could be housed. Boxed up like a shipment.

I entered the church of the Nazarene and found much love and a collection of people who were quit committed to the politics of their church. I was a teenager then and I did love attending the beautiful construction atop a hill, in the country of Illinois, where in the Fall the surrounding foliage was adorned in brilliant gold’s, red’s and orange’s. Actually my attraction to this church had more to do with the beautiful sacred spirit of nature than anything else. I sat in the church gazing out the window at the trees and hillside, the voice at the altar a distant drone, while I worshiped nature. I do not remember any message from this church, save the politics. There was probably not a fair assessment of this religion. But I never really felt compelled to return, as an adult, for further research.

As an adult I entered another church, Mormon, once by the insistence of a distraught husband who was sure that the church would keep our marriage together and later once again to please a prospective lover. The first time I attended, not of my choosing I found one pleasing element; the women’s group. It was a tight nit supportive group and it’s where I first realized the powerful and beautiful kinship with women. However, this was where the beauty seized for me. We were only to wear dresses or skirts, pants not allowed at church. I love my jeans. It seemed so ridiculous. The men were in charge and it became highly obvious when my husband became an elder in the church, insisted I be baptized and literally dragged me into the water and did so, himself. I did not feel cleansed and renewed I felt drowned like a rat. Keep in mind I was only 20, had only been away from my childhood home a few years and he was a strong and willful man. Needless to say after this baptism and numerous Sunday’s of being drug out of bed, by my husband, by my feet to attend church I was disgruntled to say the least. I soon discovered that my husband was being counseled on how to mold me into the proper subservient wife I should become. Eventually I left my husband, he soon returned to his old ways of drugging and negative view of life.

The second time I entered the Mormon Church was to please a prospective lover; who soon, after being discovered to have coupled with me, received threats to excommunicate me from the church and he to be reprimanded, left me in the dust. Needless to say I was crushed and finally dismayed when a male member of the church, whom I never even met and whom was given my address, by the church, unauthorized by me, banged at my door to court me. Because I was a Mormon Woman without a husband, who had lost her way, and the Church had sent a pitiful needy sheep to lure me back to a virtuous Mormon standing. I was dumbfounded, dismayed and obviously angry. I sent a letter to the President of the LDS Church threatening charges, recieved a formal apology and I never heard from them again. Anyhow, I did not find my answer’s there.

Finally I entered the Catholic Church upon seeking answers and well honestly to gain acceptance in my new marriage and family; where I found much love and support from the members and acceptance from my new mother-in-law. Additionally I found that I was a sinner, undeserving of the love of God offered there, and that even thou I was an undeserving sinner, who may practice iniquities I could repent and be forgiven in confession. Forgiveness is never necessary my friends, redirection to a better growth spurring decision is all that is needed. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is only a decision to be made as to whether this you think of doing will grow you in Love or in Fear; if you make the decision of Love, then all else will fall into a beautiful place.

So, I eventually landed, for some time, in the Unity Church. This was a fine place where all are accepted regardless of their race, creed, color or sex. There was no crucifixion upon the walls of the church, there was no need for a confessional, there was no fire and brimstone and anyone could wear pants or a dress if he wishes. I met so many wonderful and loving people there. I taught Sunday school, sang in the choir joyously and found many of the answers I was seeking. There was joy, acceptance, divinity and laughter at Unity Church. There were a few things, such as social politics, that I wasn’t very happy with but all in all it was a jumping off point for my understanding of the true nature of God, right thinking and something called the beatitudes. My children also have very fond memories of attending Unity.

I left Unity, when the politics got out of hand and became too uncomfortable. My spiritual path was moving on and upward.

Along with trying to find my answers in religion I sought answers to my problems in books. Every time I felt the rise of discontent, depression and fear I ran to the book store. Well first I would wonder the city, looking for my answers ending up in the retail stores deciding to purchase something that would make me feel good. And for a while it worked, so I continued to shop when I felt bad or lost. Eventually shopping no longer did the trick. I would wonder from Mall to Mall, but now realizing the purchase no longer satisfied me, I resolved to search the bookstores for the answers. Oh I had a collection of self-help books lining my shelves. Most had only been cracked with maybe a chapter or two read before I closed it convinced, “That Book” did not have my answers. However, after many years, of two chapters read from each book, I had collected enough answers to begin formulating my accession of life. I had put my understanding of life into a nice little box and conducted my life according to its contents. And my way worked, for awhile. I realized, now of course, that some of my understanding and accession was correct was truth, but rather limited and narrow.

One day I, after noticing that a very close family member was following my lead and for the most part doing well with my way, became alarmed because I realized she was living my answers; not hers.

Anyway, I continued to research, contemplate, analyze and pick apart the world the universe and my box of accessions. I wrote in my journal day after day, month after month and year after year. One day, after 20 years of journaling, I read an old journal from years earlier and I was sickened. Whine whine whine, lament lament lament the journal was filled with fear, judgment, guilt and reproach after reproach. I was disgusted with myself. It was a good awareness after all I had come far enough in my understanding that I was able to see my old narrow understanding clearly.

Soon after this I had experienced a life altering event. My daughter, Kesha a sailor at the time, was wounded almost killed in the terrorist bombing attack on the ship the USS Cole, in the port of Yemen, Aiden. Everything changed. My life became more precious and I was no longer satisfied with the life I had accepted. I divorced, gave up my house, sold all my things, became homeless for a short while in the process, meanwhile wrote a book about our experience with the bombing and finally landed in the arms of a magnificent, loving high energy entity called, Jerome.

Jerome taught me, and continues to teach me, to explore and seek great adventure. He made me question my virtuous ways, that I was sure would bring me happiness. He made me question all that I believed. He made me realize the whole of my world, the possibilities and brought me great globetrotting adventures and stretched my box out piercing holes in its structure, which today is an almost disintegrated box.

I can see that I have been a seeker of truth and one who seeks to change that which I do not like or want. This was the beginning of my direction shift. But I still kept looking for the answers to my problems, to the spinning worries of the future in my head; in books, in the media and in other people’s opinions. I could not control my thoughts of worry, no answer seemed to fix my problems, no answer seemed to appease me for very long before I returned to my lamenting thoughts and disenchantment. Until…

Until all my study on the Law of Attraction came together. Everything I learned from many different sources on the Law of Attraction stated one continuing theme.
Every question, that anyone asked, had the same answer. “Focus on that which you want”
Student; I don’t have enough money to pay all of my bills and just don’t know what to do. It seems that no matter which way I turn or what I do it doesn’t change.
Teacher; Focus on what you want. You want more money focus on the thought, feeling it already present, that you are abundant.

Student; I am worried about my son’s depression and drug use and I fear where he is headed.

Teacher; Focus on what you want. See him as whole, healthy and happy.

Student; I am lonely and wish I could find the lover of my dreams but he just doesn’t show up.

Teacher; Focus on what you want, not what you don’t have. See yourself with the lover of your dreams feeling happy and loved.

So, noticing this theme in my studies, I began, every time my mind was swimming with fear and worry, shifting to focusing on what I want. When I felt worried and felt the rising in my stomach, of fear and then the urgency to look for an answer to make me feel better, I stopped and thought of the things I wanted. I focused on something I wanted. Every time for months, I shifted as quickly as I could out of that urgency to seek an old ineffective answer to thinking of that which I wanted.

Behold, it worked. Time after time it worked until at first I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it and then finally bypassing the initial worrying and rising in the morning with only thoughts of what I wanted. True the old worrying ways slip in from time to time, but I know what to do. I know how to feel better and I manifest that which I focus on. I worry so much less today. It is a grand feeling. I trust in the process, focusing on what I want, changing my beliefs eventually. I manifest my experience.

Remember an earlier post, about ignoring a continuing belief. Attending to that bill quickly and then immediately moving onto focusing on what you want. Remember that. It is part of, “The answer to every question, is focus on that which you want”

Be joyous, be lighthearted and Manifest

Be Well
Love Michelle

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 4 of 4 Articles, “Allowing the Good to Come to You”

The beauty of this early cool spring morning, as I sit at my desk looking out the window, is both comforting in its consistency and delightful in its welcome. I love the early Spring morning, much like Mondays, for it always brings to mind the opportunity of a brand new start. I am feeling appreciation this morning; appreciation of everything on this earth and in my spirit.

Today is the last day in the series of, The Path to Manifesting, “Allowing the Good to Come to You” The statement may seem a little presupposed, allowing the Good to come to you. However, it is amazing how often many people ask for what they desire, appear to believe what they ask for will be received, but do not allow the good that they have requested to come to them. There is an automatic defense or wall that goes up when the good begins to seep into their existence. The reasons are many; primarily they do not believe they deserve the good. Sometimes they believe they have tricked the God’s into offering the good and any moment, especially if the except the good offering, Source will have discovered the oversight, that they are bad and undeserving person, and will withdraw the offering or worse will punish them for having been so presumptuous in their belief they will receive. Often people feel suspicious when good is suddenly coming to them or they think that the good will soon be taken away. Sometimes they simply believe it to be a fluke.

The core belief that we do not deserve is damaging beyond belief, it will hinder your life at every turn. Like the person who finally receives the lover of their dreams but soon rejects the lover for having failed to see them as the undeserving looser they believe themselves to be. I remember, before I started to embrace my worth, asking in bewilderment, my husband why he loved me. When he could not put his love to words I became irritated and suspicious of his presence. I told him, a few days later, “I need to know why you love me, so that I may see the same in myself and love myself as deeply and beautifully as you do.” Of course my man, at that moment not knowing what to say to appease me just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. A few moments later he spoke a satisfying list of the reasons he loved me. I was stunned and content with his answers however, I still did not love me as he loved me, yet.

I thought a lot about my husband’s reasons for loving me. One of the reasons played on my mind a lot; because you accept people, seeing the good in them like you see the good in me, without judgment. Now I am paraphrasing for my husband is not that eloquent with words. But in his constant attempt to be eloquent he is adorable to me. I found myself desiring to love and accept myself, without judgment, as I apparently do others. I have, and sometimes still, been rather hard on myself. My effort towards perfection, calculated by my surroundings, has been exhausting, arduous, most often disappointing.

It has become apparent to me that the ability of allowing the good to come to, you must love yourself first. The statement, “You need to love yourself” so often seems like such a cliché. A syrupy new agey term, like, “Get in touch with your inner child” that seems nice but you wonder what it really means. Furthermore, it might to some, feel self-centered and evasive. However, sense of self is very important. Loving yourself unconditionally, as you might love other’s, recognizing your worth, power and Divinity provides a gift to yourself and this world that elevates and informs the universe that you deserve and the good comes to you.

When you love yourself and feel deserving of all the good that is available to you then the good is allowed.

So now you might ask, “How do I come to loving myself?” It certainly may seem subjective however, it is not. All are loved by Source, you are Source in a physical suit. You are of Source, an entity that created this world, along with many other entities. When you know Source/God then you know yourself. You are Source, Source is you. Source loves unconditionally. Really hear that statement, take it into your spirit. Source loves unconditionally. Source does not love you if…. Source doesn't punish you for being not… Source experiences and learns through your experience on this earth period. If what you are doing or experiencing is of no value, Source simply waits for the valued experience. Source does not punish for what we might deem as worthless. Source only sees the good in you, accepts and love you unconditionally. Then why do you not do the same for yourself.

Becoming aware of your worth, your gifts and appreciating all that you are is the key. There is no value or place for your guilt, fear and self-disdain. Like my husband who only sees the beauty that “I am” you must begin to realize your beauty, your worth and your divinity. Oh it is so easy to see these elements, in other’s especially your child or the lover that looks adoringly at you. It is because they look for these elements and they see them in you. Because your beauty, worth and divinity are present and powerful.

Realizing your divinity starts with appreciating who you are. You may appreciate your physical beauty and the clothes that adorn it; you may appreciate what you do. However, true beauty is revealed, in your appearance from the inner glow of loving and embracing your divinity. When you realize your divinity, in its encompassing love, it shows on your body. The person who appears, according to social standards, to be ugly becomes beautiful regardless. This inner beauty wrought from loving yourself, accepting your divinity, is seen by others in an outward glow that is undeniable. If you feel lovable you are lovable to others. If you feel sexy you are sexy to others. If you feel successful you are successful to others. If you feel worthy you are worthy to others.

If you feel worthy, good will come to you. I can’t say it enough; the most damaging message, from most religions, is that you are not worthy, you do not deserve for you are a sinner. For if you feel you are innately a sinner, and do not feel worthy or deserving you shall never receive the good you desire. It is an impossible event because you do not accept or allow good when you don’t believe you deserve. Invariably you will reject the good, disallow the good and deny its motive. It is why you reject the lover, drawn to you by your thoughts, that tries to tell you of your worth. It is why you sometimes draw a lover to you that treat you as you treat yourself, worthless.

It is time to embrace your worth, embrace your divinity. Step away from the self-pity, self-deprecation, and self-hate for it serves you not. It is not an honorable or virtuous assessment or illustration of self. To see yourself as virtuous by not acknowledging yourself as worthy, of all the good available, is saying to Source, yourself and to the world that you are one that has been chosen to, or singled out, as one who has been forgotten, discarded and abandoned. That cannot be. Furthermore, in this unworthy self-evaluation or illustration you become what you feared, isolated, condemned and criticized, if only in your own mind. And it draws to you, repeatedly, the same result over and over and over again.

If I am sure I will be rejected and eventually abandon, I shall not allow you to love me or myself to love you. Therefore I deem myself as a target for rejection and abandonment and draw unto me those who will do just that, if only in my mind. I will be suspicious of your motives, I will be paranoid of the agenda I am sure you have designed and therefore I can validate, in my mind, that you will reject me, abandon me, when you have drawn your purpose from me. And then I will be alone, receive no love and feel my worthlessness. So I shall not allow you to love me or me to love you for I am now sure you will hurt my heart.

Many people repeat this scenario this cycle throughout their life. It is sad and unnecessary. It happens because you feel that you are unworthy, undeserving and without divinity. Who says that you are unworthy and without divinity; certainly not Source. Why would you believe this wrong self-assessment? Why do you hurt yourself so deeply? Beloved; cease the terrible wounding of yourself and love the most important person in your life, you.

Know that you are divinity in form. You are beautiful, lovable, deserving, worthy and divine. Allowing yourself to embrace all of that you are will draw all the good to you, show outwardly and bring a loving gift to world around you. Embracing your divinity will teach those around you to do the same. How beautiful powerful and loving it shall be when the child gazing up at you sees his/her own divinity in your eyes and knows deeply their own divinity. This is so amazingly empowering.

How beautiful powerful and loving it shall be when the lover gazing into your eyes see his/her own divinity in your eyes and knows deeply their own divinity.

When you appreciate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE including YOURSELF you allow the good to come to you. When you love yourself you allow the good to come to you. When you embrace your divinity in all its glorious elements you allow the good to come to you.

Loving yourself will allow all the good to come to you, that you have requested, and joy will be yours.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 3 of 4 Articles, “Visualizing, Feeling and Believing”

Yesterday we talked about asking about focusing on the desired life experience. For some everything up to this level, believing isn’t very difficult. At least they can accomplish feeling good and they know what they want.

First before we get started on the topic I want to discuss how people learn or integrate information. There are three different types of ways that people learn Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Those who are Visual do quite well visualizing what they desire. If you are not a visual person fret not you can build your visualizing power. Auditory people do well listening to affirmative information to increase their manifesting power and kinesthetic people will do well performing a task, such as building something, to increase their manifesting power. Some people are a little of one and strong in two other’s. If you have trouble with reading to learn then you probably will do well to watch a video. If you have trouble with watching to learn you may do well listening or reading. People who are primarily Kinesthetic (physical) have a little more difficulty letting go of being action oriented allowing the manifesting with thought. Everything that is manifested was already, and mostly, set into motion by thought before the manifestation appeared. This is very troubling for those who are primarily Kinesthetic, for they want to make something happen with physical action, force it if you will.

In manifesting its important, to strengthen your visualizing power.

Your belief’s came about by thinking about something, repeatedly, until it became a belief. So if your belief is that it takes hard work to receive anything then you will only receive if you work hard. Which, if you have watch anyone who works really hard, you will notice that they are tired, not as successful as you might think they would be for all the work and honestly not many of them are really very happy. And for those who are obviously successful financially they have spent too much of their life working and not very much time enjoying. If they had used the Law of Attraction they could have manifested most of what they accomplished first by thought and frankly a lot less work.

Let me explain. Everything is energy, people places and things are all energy. They all have a vibration. Thought is energy and manifests everything. Everything was a thought first before it ever showed up physically. If you focus on something, visualize it and feel it, the something will be activated. Your request has been submitted to the universe to source. And the manifestation of whatever you desire has begun. Continuing with consistency of focusing visualizing and feeling your desire eventually takes form and becomes your reality. Most of the work is done, in your mind with energy, before it ever showed up physically.

That being said, what throws a wrench in the process is disbelief. You make your request to the universe, you start visualizing and feeling but then your disbelief that it will come to you cancels your request.

The first belief that must be addressed before you move forward is the belief that you are not in control. Most believe that something or someone else is in control of their destiny. They believe that some other authority figure is in charge, giving or withholding as seen fit. Sometimes the authority figure is other people but usually the authority figure is God.

For a moment really think about the wisdom of omnipresence. Think about how Source actually is; huge encompassing and vast. Sources wisdom cannot be completely and clearly defined but can be felt. I ask, do you really believe that the Source that is everywhere in everything wise and loving is looking upon each individual on this earth, deciding if each person is good or bad respectively handing out reward or punishment accordingly. Sounds petty and I cannot believe that source is petty. You might want to refer to an early blog, “The only thing really wrong with you, is that you believe something is wrong with you”

The belief that someone else is in charge is not productive and false. You are in charge. Source gave you everything you need to manifest whatever you desire. This is the first belief that must be addressed before you can manifest the life experience you prefer. For if you do not believe that you are the one creating your life experience then it shall be difficult to manifest the life experience you wish.

I have had the pleasure of meeting people, from all over the world, which were experiencing a life they no longer wish to live and change it all; manifested a completely different life. Before the manifestation took form, before they experienced the life they preferred, they put thought energy toward the new life. They thought, focused, visualized and felt about the new life they preferred.

Two women come to mind, other than me, that did just that. The first woman, having realized that she was in charge not some authority figure, Carrie looked at the life she was living and was unhappy with the experience. Carrie decided on what she wanted and began focusing on, visualizing and feeling the life experience she now preferred.

She had been, for over a decade, living in a rundown house in Houston Texas and was suffering from ailments, mostly due to sick house syndrome. She was working a job that was tapping all her energy, brought her unacceptable income, where she was vastly unappreciated, which by the way, fired her after hearing of her new life plan.

Carrie believed that she could manifest the life she preferred. She believed that she was in charge and began using her power of thought to create the life she wanted.

She wanted to leave it all and move to Hawaii. She wanted to sell her house, most of her stuff and quit her job. She manifested a buyer, for all, even her sick house. She manifested a place to live and work in Hawaii within ocean and waterfall view.

She now lives in paradise! This is a far cry from the dirty concrete disenchantment of her former life.

Delana’s Story is much the same except she headed for France. You can read about her journey at

Once you believe that you are the creator, the one who manifests your reality then the sky is the limit. It is then time to focus on changing your beliefs about what you can manifest. We have a lot of limiting beliefs. We believe that we cannot be rich, we believe that we cannot have the lover of our dreams, we believe that we cannot be well again, we believe that we cannot be thin, we believe so much crap.

This brings to mind the new Health Bill, recently signed. I do not know anymore than that, because I do not read the headlines, like I stated in yesterday’s blog. The details are not important. What is important is that the reason that so many are concerned over health insurance is that they believe in illness. In worrying over having in insurance we are saying that we have a belief that some day we will suffer, with tubes in our nose in a hospital bed. Not a good manifestation for sure.
Your time would be better spent in focusing on manifesting wellness. All is manifested through feeling good (very important to the process) focusing on that which we desire, visualizing that which we desire, believing that we will receive and allowing it to come to us.

I am reminded of the phenomenon of the placebo effect. When someone is ill, wholly believes the pill given them will cure their illness, the pill cures their illness. It’s about belief. If you are caught up in the whole thing of who really is in charge then set this aside, for a while, and just realize not matter whether you can find proof that you are the one in charge or not belief (whether it be in God or your own power) is the powerful force. Take the idea of Law of Attraction/manifesting as a placebo for a while and take note of what happens. Another word for belief might be faith. Faith is the power.

Changing your beliefs is often difficult for many people. How then, you might ask, can I change a belief that seems so ingrained?

Let’s just break it down, with one example, and pick it apart.

Let’s say that you have a belief that goes something like this, “I cannot be rich, no one in my family has ever been rich, and there are only a chosen few that are rich”

These beliefs are quit engrained in most people. Those rich people on TV or movies seem so illusive to us, chosen and unlike us in anyway. They seem almost untouchable, separate and like a rare breed that feels like they are from another planet. Initially these people inspire us. We decide we want to be like our chosen role model but as quickly as we were inspired we are disappointed by our negative beliefs.

The only difference between us and these successful people is what is believed. They believe that they are successful and can have everything the desire. That’s it!

So it’s time to change your beliefs. Use all the tools describe in the first article of this series and begin changing your beliefs. Primarily use visualization.

Visualization or dreaming if you will is the tool that will change your beliefs. When you can visualize, in a virtual sense, you can change your beliefs. Think about a night dream that you have had, that seemed so real, in the past that it made you question its reality. It made you cry, it made you smile it made you think it was really happening. This is what you need to do with visualization. See and feel it as so real that you believe it is real and soon it will be your reality. This brings to mind the “Wet Dream” You are dreaming. You are not doing anything physical to bring yourself to ecstasy. It’s all in your thoughts in the dream yet the orgasm is manifested. You visualized it, felt it and it was manifested. Hee hee, yippee!

The visualization videos that offer’s can assist you greatly in manifesting the reality you prefer. Seeing yourself actually being doing and having what you desire will penetrate your spirit in a way that will become a body memory.
The body memory of lack is holding out within you. You have so many memories of lack that you have difficulty feeling abundance.

I plan to write an article after this series called, “The Answer to Every Question is Focus on that which you want” It means that every time you are distressed over a reality the answer is, turn to the thought of what you want. Example; Your problems might be, “I just don’t have enough money to pay all of my bills” Answer; Focus on a thought of abundance. “I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I do” Answer; Focus on a thought of thinness. “I just can’t seem to get a job I enjoy” Answer; Focus on a thought of having the job you enjoy. The point; every time you are wandering off into thoughts of lack and wonder what the answer is, the answer is, every time, focus on abundance. Look for the article “The Answer to Every Question is Focus on that which you want”

One of the most helpful ways, in the beginning for me, to change my beliefs was that I watched videos or listened to audios on Law of Attraction. Over and over and over I listened and watched. This is how our present beliefs came about in the first place they were stated to us over and over and over until they became our foundation.

My practice soon began changing my beliefs I notice that when I watched something on TV, that was stating some of my old beliefs, I found myself saying, “Wait a minute, that’s not right, true or real” I knew then that my belief’s were changing.
In the same way we were conditioned as a child to believe something, we can condition ourselves to believe in something better. We can condition ourselves to believe in the amazing power of manifestation that we own.

If a child is told over and over and over that he/she shall never be any worth to the world that child will certainly be no worth. Until that child grows up and decides that is no longer his/her truth. When that grown child discovers that he/she can change their taught beliefs suddenly the world is their oyster, the sky is the limited and they have incredible worth.

I am Source energy in a beautiful body and I can manifest the reality I chose because Source gave me Free Will to create the joyful and abundant world I desire, so that I may be all that Source intended.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 2 of 4 Articles. “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing, asking for what you desire.”

Yesterday I posted the first article in a series, “The Path to Manifesting” of four, “Feeling Good is the Most Important Element” Before we step into the next article “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” asking for what you desire, I want to address one more issue in accomplishing feeling good. Before I do I want to remind everyone that there are only two root emotion’s Love and Fear, all other emotions stem from one of these.

Climbing up to feeling good can be an arduous journey. Sometimes it feels impossible especially if you are starting at depression. You first response, to any well meaning friend that say’s just cheer up, is well basically, “Piss Off” It is very understandable especially when joy seems so very far away and happy people are in your face. Essentially it’s impossible to go straight from depression to joy; you have to work your way up to Joy/Love. Take a look at the feelings chart above, locate where you are and this is where you will begin going from the group of feelings in Fear to the group of feelings in Love. Whatever feeling you are experiencing, chose the next feeling up and focus on thoughts that will illicit that feeling. So if you’re feeling Disgruntled chose Cynicism and think cynical thoughts. Once you have achieved Cynicism, usually for a few days sometimes longer, then chose the next feeling, Apathy and repeat the same pattern. Making the jump from Depression/Fear to Joy/Love is too much of a gap.

That being said let’s move on to our next topic, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing, asking for what you desire.”

When you have accomplished the emotions in the Love Group it is time to move onto focusing on your desires. Focusing on your desires begins the manifestation of them. However, it is often difficult to focus on the reality you prefer when your apparent reality is in your face. The bills are piling up, the dog is vomiting, your boss is on your case, your spouse is ill or out of a job, your children need this and that, you have more bills than income and you literally want to just run away. It seem impossible to focus on what you might feel like is some fantasy that will never be granted anyhow so why bother. What you must understand is that the reality you are living was created or manifested, by a focus, a worry contemplation (Still a fantasy) you had in the past.

Everything you are living today was thought of in the past until it became your reality; whether it was launched from familial beliefs or soon after with your own observations that started you worrying. You came to believe that your reality is deadlocked, unchangeable, something you had no control over and your destiny. This is untrue reality is chosen, designed, manifested, by you; by your beliefs!

So how do you change your reality? How do you manifest what you desire? First you must change your thoughts to match what you desire. The thought energy of depression/Fear does not match the thought energy of Joy/Love.

First you must decide on what you want. Its best, if you are new at this, to choose one thing. You can eventually be focus on whole life experience, but let’s take it down to one thing first. Abraham says, “It is no harder to manifest a button than a castle” This is so true. We have it in our belief system that it is very hard to manifest a castle but you “might” be able to manifest a button. Source makes no distinction between button or castle, it’s all just energy.

So why not choose a castle?

Once you have decided on what you want to manifest it’s time to compile the thoughts that match that choice. I like to use the example of abundance because it seems to be the biggest issue most people have. They say they want more money but follow that thought or statement with, but… But it’s impossible, but I don’t deserve, but how? But I’ve never…etc. The but cancel’s the request. So don’t but yourself back to poverty.

Compile the thoughts that match having all the money you desire. “I am abundant, I have always been abundant, I enjoy abundance, I deserve abundance, and abundance is good” You can add more words to these simple statements. Search online for abundant affirmation to assist you.

The emotions around abundance are important. If you say, “I am abundant” accompanied with the emotion of lack then you are not utilizing the manifesting potential to its fullest.

Many think that saying something like, “I wish I had more money” is a manifesting thought but it still denotes lack and desperation. This will activate more lack. Because whatever you think about is activation. Desperation only brings more desperation.

I am reminded of the desperation act many practice. The act of being on bended knee, folded hands, tear in eye, begging God for something they do not have that has evaded them for so many years. Praying in desperation to be awarded their desire all the while believing they are not worthy and will not receive that which the pray for. I am not, I repeat not dising prayer. Prayer is very powerful if used in a positive light; appreciation and love.

So once you have decided on what you want you must focus on positive thoughts. I am abundant; “I appreciate…I love…I have…I am…” Focus on the abundance you are experiencing (sometimes you have to dig) and ignore, as much as possible, the lack of abundance. I know I know that last part, ignore the lack, seems almost impossible.

This is the way to go about ignoring lack.
Address those bills, which you are able to, as quickly as possible and then move on. Don’t allow yourself to lament. Immediately focus on what you appreciate, do have and love. If the thought of something unpaid or lack enters your mind inform yourself that you have always done ok. You have never become a bag lady/man. Somehow it always works out and remember; in the vastness of the universe your unpaid bill is a tiny speck of concern, it doesn’t really matter as much as you have made it matter.
Then quickly refocus on what you have, appreciate and love. Do this every time.

You must realize you will not die or cease to exist if you do not have a phone, electricity, house, computer/internet, cable etc. No one, friend, family or organization will let you go hungry, cloth less, or homeless. The bottom line is that if you do manifest any one of the scenarios, there is assistance. The homeless people you see on the street manifested their situation as well as have to availability to change it all. I have been poor, homeless and hungry; I changed it all and I didn’t die, I was renewed.

So back to ignoring lack; if you pay attention to lack you manifest lack, you keep it active.

Do not discuss your lack, such as your negative bank account. Look for the positive around you and discuss that.

Sew the hole in your shirt and quickly move on to appreciation that you have thread and needle.
Be creative with the tools you have, making a meal out of little supplies, and then quickly move into appreciation of your talent to do so. Then move onto other more positive abundant thoughts.

If you are having difficulties identifying something you appreciate go for a walk and notice all the things in your world, all the nature that you appreciate, that exists.

Notice and appreciate talents, skills, past accomplishments, the love you do have in your life, even if it’s a pet. Appreciate appreciate appreciate

Quickly every time, address what needs to be addressed and move on. Do not allow yourself to lament in the lack. Move on to the thoughts that manifest abundance.

Focusing on abundance does not mean focusing and saying the same thought over and over. It’s about building on the last thought of abundance until you are thinking a variety of abundant thoughts and the energy of abundance will be activated.

Use the tools discussed in the previous blog and focus on having. Chase one desire, chase one rabbit and you will catch that rabbit. Dispersed attention is weak. Focused attention is powerful.

See yourself, in your mind, with all the abundance you desire. Notice how good it feels to spend freely. Notice how good it feels to move through your dream home. Notice how good it feels to have the freedom to do as you please. Having money is about having freedom.
How does that freedom feel? Call up that feeling and bask in the feeling. The emotions are very important. Feeling all the joy of the freedom manifest’s your desires quicker.

Visualize my friends; in meditation, in writing, and with video’s. Some people find it very powerful to write the story of the reality you prefer. Write out the story of your life.
Watch only positive, joyful, comical material on TV, go to comical performances, spend time with joyful successful people, and collect photos on the internet of things that make you feel good.

Stop paying attention to the negative cynical headlines, news and TV programs for there is nothing there for you that will manifest your desires.

I do not watch the news, I do not read the internet headlines, I do not discuss anything that I do not desire for my life.

One last note; saying things like, “I don’t want to be poor” “I don’t want to be abandoned” “I don’t want to be ill” Actives those things and manifests the things you do not want, because you are thinking about them.

Like attract like. You get what you think about. Ask for what you desire and it will be yours.

Chose what you will think about and you chose what you will experience.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Path to Manifesting

“Feeling Good is the most Important Element” 1 of 4 Articles

In the next four days we will be exploring the path to manifesting the life experience you desire. First, “Feeling Good is the most Important Element” Second, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” Third, “Visualizing, Feeling and Believing” And Forth, “Allowing the Good to Come to You”

Feeling Good is the most Important Element

It’s vital, before you can move forward into manifesting the life experience you prefer, to feel good; why because you cannot manifest desirable experience from a place of depression. In a state of lower emotional vibration you shall only manifest what you do not want. If you are feeling despair, you will only manifest more despair, because you are entertaining thoughts of things not wanted. Further up you might be feeling worried and if you are feeling worried you will only manifest your worries. So it is vital that you pay close attention to how you are feeling.

If you are feeling appreciation, joy and love then you will manifest more of this because like attracts like. Feeling joy attracts more joy. This may feel a little obscure, because it doesn’t seem very specific. However what is occurring is that the more joy you feel, more things that bring YOU joy will come into your life. So if I am feeling joy then I will attract things, according to what makes me feel joyful, into my life. Every feeling has its own frequency and like frequencies attract like frequencies, like a magnet.

So you must get to a place of feeling good. I realize that it is highly difficult to stay in the good feelings, but as you practice getting there you will be able to shift to feeling good quicker each time.

There are many paths to get to the good feelings; meditation, music, affirmation’s, exercise, spending time in nature, journaling about what you appreciate, only speaking positive words and focusing on the thoughts and memories that make you feel good.

MEDITATION is a very useful avenue to feeling good. First and foremost it empties your mind of the chatter, the negative self talk, and the worries giving you a fresh start or clean canvass in which to work. Along with empting you mind, in meditation, you can then decide on a mantra to meditate on, such as love. If you remember, in a past blog, I wrote that there are really only two states of emotion, Love and Fear.

You may decide on meditating on compassion, this is great, because love is compassion’s root emotion. In meditation you can begin changing how you feel. You can begin feeling good.

Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to meditate because you can meditate in lieu of many things that are less than beneficial such as TV watching, computer games and of course the many hours, that you are unaware of, that you spend in worrying. Nothing changes until something changes. It’s a choice.

MUSIC is another great tool in getting to the better feelings. It’s important, for the most part, to avoid music with words as the words can redirect you thought’s. The words can illicit unwanted emotions. However there are songs that can be helpful; if the words are of a completely positive message. As I have been searching music for my videos I realized just how few songs are of a positive message. For some people Gospel type music is something that makes them feel good, just beware of any religious message that may illicit feelings of unworthiness or sinfulness. These can be harmful to your intention to feel good. I have found songs that state my goodness only are best. Initially I would suggest sticking with only instrumental music that has a sunshiny feeling. Instrumental music can have a low droning sad feeling to them. Notes, like words, also illicit feelings. So pay attention to how the music makes you feel.

AFFIRMATIONS are a great tool to help you shift your thoughts to desired thoughts. If you discover that you are consistently thinking something particular such as, “I am a failure” then an affirmation that says, “I am successful, I have always been successful, or success always finds me” might be the affirmations for you. I found it very helpful to write out affirmations and tape them around the house where I go mostly such as at the entrance to the staircase. Right now I have the affirmation, “My Body is Healthy” on the banister going upstairs. Other prime places might be on the mirror next to your reflection, on the upper kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, anywhere you frequent.

Along with affirmations taped around the house, that is useful, is inspiring photos. Such as, if you desire to be thinner, your face on a thin body (or an old photo where you are thin) I want to address something here, that some people believe, that chaps my hide; the belief that taping photos of fat people on your refrigerator will detour you from overeating thus making you lose weight. Please hear this I say. Photos of fat people on your refrigerator will not, I repeat will not detour or discourage overeating and weight loss. It is a negative message, which is depressing and not motivating. Photos of thin people, more powerfully you in a thin state, will motivate much much more. Your desire to look the way you want will be supported.

Anyway back to affirmations. There are a plethora of affirmation websites if you need some direction. Any negative statement you make to yourself can be turned around as a positive statement. Start creating your list of positive affirmations that you will repeat each morning at lunch and at bedtime; which can also be meditated upon.

EXERCISE is powerful and effective in ridding your body of stress, tension, and toxins. Of course exercise raises your endorphins which make you feel good. Exercise gets your blood circulating feeding your mind and also, just makes you feel better about yourself.
Your choice can be as simple as stretching, such as Yoga positions, or as intense as running. If you haven’t exercised in some time it would be best to begin with stretching and walking.

Exercise opens your body; it gets you in touch with your whole self. We can cut ourselves off from our bodies, especially if we do not like how it looks or we are trying to ignore how we feel. We can stay in our heads for a very long time. Now that would be fine if what was going around in our heads was of the utmost positive nature. You can manifest the physical body you want through thought. Yikes! You might think that sounds a little heavy and improbable. But it’s true. We will discuss that at later date.
I talk of exercise at this point as a tool, not to lose weight, but to increase endorphins, open your body up and just feel better. Sometimes when I am going in circles, can’t focus and I just don’t know what to do with myself, I exercise. This gets me back on track.

SPENDING TIME IN NATURE connects you with creation, with God and helps you appreciate. In nature your body feels more comfortable; it feels more connected to all that is. We are all one, connected intrinsically to nature. When you sit by a body of water or in the midst of the trees you realize just how constant and enduring creation abounds. The sun will always come as well as the moon. The ocean flows no matter your condition. The sky is always above the wind always around the corner and the trees ready to sway in synchronicity. In addition the sun has important vitamins. The oxygen is richer in the woods and the salty sea brings renewal.
And lastly everything, the world of troubles, falls away and you become re-centered. It is a form of meditation

JOURNALING ON APPRECIATION is highly effective. Writing down, each day everything you appreciate about the life you are living increases the attraction of more things that you appreciate. Some people can get to deep into journaling at least they journal about all that they do not like or want. They put pen to paper complaining of all their woes, how stuck they are, or who is pissing them off. I have been guilty of this. I have journaled for 30 years. I have a box of filled journals. At the moment I wrote in them, prior to about eight years ago, I wrote of my woes ever whining and complaining which kept those woes activated attracting more of the same woes. Now this kind of writing can be beneficial to a certain extent. It can be helpful in identifying where you are thinking negative and such. But do not spend too much time in this. Identify and move on. It would behoove you to write about what you want, instead of what you have and don’t want anymore.

Writing about what you appreciate will encourage more appreciation and attract more of what you want. I ended my rampage of woes, in my journals, about eight years ago, when I made my list, in my journal, of the qualities I wanted in a mate; ultimately manifesting the man I now love and ride joyously through life with.

Start your day, every day, with a list of what you appreciate.

ONLY SPEAK POSITIVE WORDS when you open your mouth. It is so easy to respond, when asked how you are, with, “Not so good, awful, or terrible” or go on a rampage of how terrible our life has become, making the asker regret the question and possible never ask again. Although you are speaking, aloud, to someone more importantly you are speaking to yourself, affirming your view; affirming your view of yourself, your life and your feelings. This is damaging and will only manifest more of the same.
When someone asks you how you are doing, affirm how you want to be doing by saying, “its getter better, I’m doing great, I am growing into magnificence”

I know I know you are saying to yourself, isn’t that just lying. Why should I say I’m great if my life sucks? Screw them; I’m going to be honest. It’s not about them, the asker. It’s about you about the messages you are sending yourself. It’s about attracting what you want by stating it as if it already exists until it exists. It’s also about belief.
Say it until you believe it. As Abraham says, “A belief is just a thought you think over and over” So change the thoughts you think over and over and you will change the belief. Your beliefs can be changed by stating. I am…are the most powerful words you can speak.

FOCUS ON THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD and you will feel good. Every time you find yourself wandering off into some tragic scenario or masturbating some awful past event shift your thoughts to those that make you feel good or to a good memory. Don’t scold yourself for wandering into the depths of despair, notice and then gently shift to a thought that feels good. This will increase your attraction of more good thoughts. Remember like attracts like. Everything I stated above this topic will help you focus on thoughts that feel good.

Ok so now you have your bank of ideas and method’s use these tools to bring energy up to feeling good. Practice these methods’s until you find yourself able to shift to feeling good quickly and easily. It takes time and practice. After all it took time and practice to accomplish feeling bad quickly and easily. Be patient with yourself and know that you can make this shift. Once you have made this shift you will be ready to move onto learning more refined and controlled focus to manifest everything you desire.

Manifesting isn’t about getting everything you want, it’s about learning how, with source energy, to manifest everything you want, thus getting everything you want.

Tomorrow’s article, Part 2, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” asking for what you desire.

P.S. Examine the diagram at the beginning. Your point of attraction is the moment you make a decision about what you will think, therefore what you will attract. What you choose to think about, depending on the thought, will take you up to thoughts and manifestations that will feel better or down to thoughts and manifestations that feel worse.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Monday, March 22, 2010

Manifesting Your Experience

I am very excited that my website,, will soon be launched. will offer personalized visualization videos. These videos are not the common generic videos that are very limited in their content. The common visualization videos, you can watch on youtube, are not personal; they show a variety of people and circumstances that have you visualizing in a very broad sense. visualizing videos are much more personalized. You decide on the content, what you want to manifest. Your face is digitally placed in the events, on the body you wish to have and doing the things you want to do. Example; If you want to manifest more abundance, in your video, your face will be digitally placed in a photo where you are holding large amount of money, spending the money and experiencing all that comes with having great abundance. Along with these photos are inspirational photos, affirmations and your choice of inspiring music.

When you see yourself in the situation/reality you prefer your visualization ability increases. When you see yourself actually having whatever it is you want you are able to bring the wonderful emotions to the surface, that are connected with having.

The difficulty most people have with visualizing is that they just can’t see themselves, in their mind, having, being or doing what they want. Furthermore they have even more difficulty bringing up the good feeling emotions attached to having, mostly, because they haven’t experienced the having.

It is of the utmost importance, if you want to manifest the reality you prefer, to visualize yourself in that reality and even more important are the emotion’s around that reality. If you visualize yourself experiencing the reality you prefer but negative emotions accompany the visualization, such as I want, but… then what you are visualizing cannot be. Your visualization must be accompanied with the positive emotions of already having the reality you prefer.

In your personalized uvisualeyes video, you will see and feel the reality you prefer.
It is absolutely amazing how you will feel when you watch your video. You will feel like you are actually experiencing what you want, you will feel the impact on a visceral level. You will find yourself seeing the images, from your video, when you are falling asleep. If you hear the music, from your video, the images from the video will pop into your mind.

The point, you will finally be able to see, in your mind, what your preferred experience looks like in full detail. You will be able to feel exactly what it feels like to have the experience you prefer.

The photo’s will inspire, motivate and lift you to great manifestations. You will not know how very powerful these videos can be until you see your video. You will absolutely soar into the heights of positive emotion and visualization.

On the website there will be a library of photos. The library will include many people many situations’, careers, and experiences, along with beautiful photo’s of nature and other subjects. There will also be a library of affirmations and quote’s to choose from. In addition there will be a library of music to choose from or you may send uvisualeyes the piece of music you prefer from your own collection.
And most important you send uvisualeyes photo’s of yourself. We will need shot’s of you from the front, ¾ view and side view. They must be mostly smiling, but it would be good, if you want to manifest peace, for us to have a shot of you with closed eyes with a peaceful smile.

Once you have made all the decision’s for your video uvisualeyes produces your personalized video, in whatever format you need. Then your video will be downloaded on a file host website where you can download it to your computer. It’s that simple.

Whatever it is you want to manifest uvisualeyes can produce the video you need to do just that.

What do you want?
Better Health/weight loss
Love, a partner
A baby
A specific Career
Travel and fun

Whatever it is that you want as your reality, uvisualeyes can produce a personalized video for you that will help you manifest that reality.

Keep visiting my blog for updates on the launching of

Be Well
Love Michelle

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Wanted: Your Photographs, of Joyous People, Places and Things, to be used in my Inspirational Visualization Video's. You will receive a free Video for 15 photo's.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you Lazy or?

Recently I read in an online social network something said about someone, I know well, that this person was the laziest person ever. I pondered this for about a week thinking about this person and wondering why this person seemed lazy to others. I know for a fact that this person is innately, creative, intuitive, inventive and highly intelligent. So knowing this I began to think about the various people, that I’ve known, that were labeled lazy. I thought about how, from time to time, I had thought of myself as lazy as well as some other people. I thought about how, when I was thought of as lazy, my mind was rather busy. My mind was as busy as ants building a nest and so, before I became more self-aware, I was rather puzzled at this assumption. If they only knew of the wild wondrous things, that were coming into alignment, in my mind.

I remembered something; quit often, my step-father use to tell me. “Get your head out of the clouds!” Although a little disconcerting, being the artist that I am, when he said this I began to ponder the clouds. Certainly this was not the direction that he intended to give. What he was saying, as I have learned after growing up, was that I was flighty and a dreamer. He also used to tell me that I needed to study harder for having a career as an Artist was not a, “Real Job”

As well as drawing and painting, all my life since childhood, I have been writing; eventually culminating into a book I wrote and published a few years back. My step-father never even read anything I wrote. At least I don’t think he did before he died not too long ago, alone, without ever having had a joyful career and never attaining any real happiness in his life.

There is something to be said for action, true; but only joyful inspired action. Uninspired Action is just, well, work. I didn’t say fearful motivated action. Being motivated, out of fear of survival, to action is the worst kind of action. For you take jobs you hate, just for the money, that you encourage your children not to do as well. We always want our children to have a better life than we did; unless you have manifested a life of joyful inspiration and if you have I say, “Brava”

There is much more to be said for dreaming the life you want into fruition. In the dreaming you collect, from experience in this vast banquet of life, together all that you desire. You imagine, design, create, feel, and visualize. For if you have not dreamed first, how do you know what you want. This is the one thing I’ve heard most, from discussion’s on manifesting; “I don’t know what I want” Because they have not allowed themselves to dream; mostly because they have been let down, in the past, when they desired something. To avoid the pain of disappointment they lowered their standards, just accepted a life of mediocrity and have long forgotten what they really desire. But the let down did not happen because you are unlucky, undeserving or a bad person; you did not get what you desired because you doubted its arrival. You requested your riches, (love, joy, money and health) from Source, and Source went to work saying, “Will do” cueing up all the elements to bring you your desires. But wait, you then rescinded your requests. You said, “I want love, but I’m unlovable.” You said, “I want things of comfort, but I can’t afford them” You said, “I want, I want, I want, but….” Source listens to everything you say, and believes. Source listened to your requests and went to work on them and then Source listened to your butt’s and cancelled your order.

Everything you are living now was yielded from a dream you had in the past, from your thoughts, and from your belief in the receiving of those requests. If you doubt this, think back to what you pondered and visualized a number of years back and see how closely they match what you are living today; both the undesirable and desirable. Through your dreams you invoke your desires.

So back to the idea of the day; are you Lazy?
I don’t think you are lazy, I think you are uninspired. For you can only be motivated by inspiration. You can only be inspired when you have dreamed big, when you have visualized in Technicolor. The real dilemma is that you are not physically lazy, your thoughts are lazy. For if you controlled your thought’s, guided them into magnificent creations you would become inspired thus be motivated into joyful action. There is so much less action to take than you ever believed. Everything is thought first. Everything that you ever wanted was built up in currency, from thought, waiting in cue. Waiting for what; waiting for you to allow yourself to receive.

Everything that ever was, was achieved as thought vibration first, mostly, and then inspired easy action followed. Everything and everyone needed for your desire, comes into your life as easily as the mail comes to your home.

So if they call you a dreamer say, “Thank you very much, I am really striving to dream big.” Maybe even ask them what they are dreaming about.

To begin you only have to say, “I want to know what it is I want” then relax with excited expectation. It will come to you and will be inspired.

Think only of having love, joy and abundance, with great positive power that you have it already, emotion. Visualize yourself, with all the joyful emotions that match, already experiencing, already having. It is scientifically proven that your mind does not know the difference between what you are remembering and what you are actually experiencing. So play with your mind. Visualize yourself having and your mind will believe this. When your mind believes you are experiencing that which you desire, like a magnet, all things that match your desire, all like energies, are drawn into your life. And the reality you desire will be yours.

Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, "Be taken up and cast into the sea," and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted him. Therefore I say unto you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted to you." Mark 11:23-24

Be Well
Love Michelle

Realizing and utilizing your thought power, your ability to manifest everything, is the human evolution that is ascending.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Good Day to All,

Today, instead of just word's of inspiration comes a Visual Inspiration.

Be Well
Love Michelle

Thursday, March 11, 2010

God's Gift of Thought

Thought is a gift? Um, I wonder how many people might question this. After all don’t your thoughts drive you insane sometimes? Often you might even wish you could stop thinking or at least hit the pause button. Where’s the remote? Where’s the pause or rewind at least? We do have a pause choice, its called meditation. I know I know you are searching your remote for a button called meditation, it’s not there. I also want a button, on the mind remote, like that reset button on the computer where you can reset it to an earlier time. Just pick a date, in the past, before everything seemed to go wrong. Perhaps before you spouted off words, to someone you really care about, that were not so nice. Or more importantly, before you went off on a self-deprecating rant that spun you down into the depths of your choice of hell.

Meditation is the pause button for your mind. In meditation we can pause the thoughts which swim around from thing to thing and re-center. We can even reprogram our minds in meditation by meditating on love. After you have meditated on love for several months a chemical change occurs in your brain. The synaptic fire changes in your brain. Let me explain. Example; every time you think about love you feel pain. Why, because many times in the past when you loved, you were betrayed, hurt or abandoned. Love and pain have been linked. So every time you think about love you feel pain. The opposite can occur as well. Meditation on love can change the misfire.

Another, more in line with what we are talking about, thought ingraining or thought habit. If every day, you have the habit of getting angry, brought about by a consistent thought of events that made you angry, you become addicted to the emotion of anger. Something I want to re-iterate here before we go further. There are only two root emotions, everything else stems from them, Love and Fear. So obviously anger stems from fear. So if you have moved into the habit of anger and in turn become addicted to the emotion of anger, you know from the basis of addiction, you must continually experience anger to feed the addiction. How do you feed the anger, you bring up angry thoughts. And oh, you are so good at that. You can call up past events, have arguments in your mind and stir that pot until you are angry all over again. It’s called resentment. An unfortunately, in this kind of thought habit, you can cause illness in your body. All emotions that stem from fear, when practiced consistently, such as anger, guilt, sorrow etc, cause disease, dis ease.

So back to how we can change how our brain is wired, meditation. Meditate on love every day for as long as it takes and your brain will rewire itself. You will change your thought process. And yes you can become addicted to, like you did with anger, love. It is a much better feeling to be addicted to. And in turn you will stop your connection of love and pain as well. And begin to think and feel love and joy.

Ok, now that I’ve set the foundation we will get back to the gift of thought. Looking back at what I just talked about you may be thinking, even more, that thought isn’t much of a gift. But I want you to think about the incredible thought power you have. I mean if you can manifest a major disease in your body, imagine the more wanted and joyful things you could manifest. More importantly why don’t we manifest the grandness? Because we don’t believe we are the one that is creating everything that happens in our lives. We blame everything and everyone else, God, bad luck, the economy, that annoying person at work, our parents or family and because we are so full of imagination and creativity we could even blame our dog, poor Spot. So it becomes easy to avoid responsibility if we believe something, other than our thoughts, is responsible for our diseased life.

Yesterday I talked a little about God’s gift of, “Free Will” Awe, Free Will; it starts with such an attractive word Free. We love anything Free. However, humans often do not value anything free. We value getting something for nothing, but we do not value the thing. Why? Because we think we don’t deserve anything that is free. We believe that we only deserve something if we have worked hard to earn said thing. Also, when we get something free (a gift) we feel like we have gotten over on someone. Like they don’t know they offered the gift freely. We also believe there is always a loop hole. Free must mean there is a hidden agenda in the giver.

Free Will is given as a gift, from God, which does not have a hidden agenda.
The major, most important element, in Free Will is thought. We are given the gift of thought. Why is it a gift? Because with thought we can manifest or create anything we desire. This is the gift. Everything that has ever been was manifested through thought.

I exist because I think I exist. Woo, that’s just too heavy first thing in the morning, well anytime of the day really. Ok, so let’s take it down a few notches. If you continually tell yourself I am ugly, fat, stupid and a failure, you become these things. Ask anyone who is successful, happy, and healthy and financially set what they think about and they will say, “I say to myself, I am successful, happy, healthy and rich” And if you doubt this ease drop in on people talking about their lives. Avoid the use of detective equipment; you might end up in jail. Seriously though listen to what is being said. I have sat quietly listening, in the presence of unsuccessful, poor and unhappy people, and heard their words of discontent. I am broke, fat, tired, and unhappy and I just can’t seem to get anywhere. They tell themselves, to make themselves feel better, I must not be meant to have anything, I just have the worst luck in the world and secretly they believe that God doesn’t find them worthy; when all along it is simply their habit of thought that creates their reality.

Responsibility is the key. Taking responsibility for your life and that you manifested this reality is so hard to swallow. But taking responsibility isn’t about blame. When you finally accept that everything you are living was brought about by you, by your thoughts avoid blame. For there is great power in this realization, because if you can see how powerful you are, after all you manifested a mess of undesirable things, then you can see how you can manifest a grand and glorious life.

You have free will, the free will to think as you choose. So choose to think of only that which you desire and it will be drawn to you like a magnet. Every thought has its own frequency. And like frequencies are drawn to each other. Just like those of like mind are drawn together, because they have a similar frequency. Fear has a frequency, a very low frequency, which draws all frequencies like it. Love has a frequency, a very high frequency, which draws all frequencies like it.

Let’s focus on the love frequency here. Because what you focus on expands.
If I focus on love, have thoughts of love, i.e. compassion, consideration, creativity, giving, understanding etc, then all “like” frequencies will be drawn adding to this mired of thoughts expanding with each thought. Everything you desire and deem as good and positive, possibly great fortune, will be drawn to you. This is where we get hung up. Because although we think that having a lot of money is good, the belief system taught to us, say’s that having a lot of money is actually a bad thing. Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are snobby and money changed them. The meek will inherit the earth and the worst, “I don’t deserve to have lot of money. So these beliefs, about money, cancel’s out the choice we made earlier to manifest great fortune.

God gave us the gift of thought so that we may manifest a life of wondrous and joyful experiences. Changing your beliefs about deserving is vital to receiving. If I pray, to God, to give me what I deserve you are only given that which you have assured God you deserve. We usually resort to begging for the least small thing in return for something. Settling for crumbs, because we don’t believe we deserve. This is the insidious message, in religious dogma, which has harmed us the most. Start telling yourself that you do deserve.

This is usually the point, once a person has decided that their thoughts matter, that one begins to become afraid of their thoughts; scolding themselves for a negative thought; usually driving themselves insane trying to stop thinking negatively. You don’t have to stop thinking anything, you just need to begin to implement better more positive thoughts and eventually most negative thoughts fade away. If you find yourself drifting into scenarios of becoming a bag lady, gently notice this, maybe have a little giggle, and search for a thought that has you flourishing. And just the same way negative thinking permeated and implanted its tentacles into your mind, bit by bit, so shall the positive thinking.

About ten years ago I had a dream, that I later had a giggle over. I was pushing a grocery cart full of junk. In amongst the junk was my youngest, my son, in the dream he was about three years old. I had a tattered blanket tied over the junk filled cart and I was grasping the cart holding it all down and pushing it down the street warning other's to back off. I woke up distressed but then began to laugh over my fear of having nothing. What was I manifesting?

Just eight years ago, I found myself essentially homeless. I had a small storage of things, an old rundown little red Ford Festiva that made me dizzy with gas fumes, no job and no place to live and I showed up and a friend’s house alone, broke and with my two little suitcases. My dear friends offered me a little room. I sat down in my little room and made a list of what I desired. The life I desired, the things I desired and the love I desired. I put the list away and went on about my life. I trusted and left the busi-ness to God.

Today, I live in a beautiful large two family house, in Europe, with a sweet giving and loving husband. I’ve traveled the world and experienced amazing things. Everything I have I manifested. The fuming Festiva long gone, thank goodness. I am successful, happy, flourishing and ready for the next great manifestation.

Make your list, trust, think on these things you want (not dwelling in the lack) read affirmations, meditate and visualize daily. These things, consistently practiced, will manifest the life you want. And soon you will realize the great gift of thought given freely to you by, God, the Universe, Source or whatever you chose to call the omnipresence, for it matters not.

We've all heard the current catch phrase: "What you focus on expands". Now consider: "What you think upon grows" Philippians 4:8

Be Well
Love Michelle

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Law of Attraction, Manifesting the Life you Want

What is occurring outside you did not create what is occurring inside you.
What is occurring inside you created what is occurring outside of you.

You are a continuation of Source. In other words you are another element of God. Compare it with the body and its cells. God/Source is the body and you are one of the vital and numerous cells that make up that body.

You can plug into Source Energy and create as Source does. More accurately you can create or manifest as source does by focusing on that which you want. Source creates by using wavelengths or energy waves. Like energy attract like energy.

You are mostly source energy and your body is merely a host to that energy.

Your thought process has been so embedded within your personality that you find it difficult to change. But that is because you are focused mostly through your personality instead of being focused in your energy. Energy is ever moving and changing. Energy does not die it only changes form. In your present condition your energy is in this physical form. When your body dies your energy just changes form. This is what is meant by the term, you never really die. Only your physical body dies. We can wrap ourselves around the idea that energy can create, expand and manifest. But we have difficulty thinking, in our physical form, we can. So we think we have to die in order to have the power to create as source does. Source creates by collecting like energies, as like energies attract like energies, the collection gets large enough and creation occurs. Kind of like, “The Big Bang” It is, “The Law of Attraction” Using the Law of Attraction you can manifest anything you desire.

You look around with your eyes, calculate what you are observing, put it in a nice little box and label the box with your final conclusions, disregarding the possibilities. You think you know the truths of your reality. You think that reality is unmovable, permanent and your destiny. But is not, the possibilities are endless.

Everything you are thinking has a particular energy, similar to a wavelength a bandwidth if you will. For example if you are thinking a negative thought that may start out as, “I’m afraid to try because I might fail” it will grow larger as you continue to entertain this fear. Then more like thoughts are added until you have a scenario that has you pushing a grocery cart, heaped with junk you have collected for survival, in freezing cold dressed in rags, downtown begging for change. This is not an exaggeration for many of us do this.

The good news is that it works the same with positive thought. The problem is that we are convinced that surely only negative things are in our destiny. Destiny is as static as your present reality. We made a decision, before we were born, to live a certain life; our destiny decision was wide and very general. It was meant to be a template, not the whole document. Let’s say you made a general destiny decision to be a teacher. Teacher is wide and general with much to decide. This is where you manifest the specific elements of being a teacher; what, where and how you will teach.
The kind of teacher you may decide on could range from being a gang leader teaching killing techniques up to an elevated spiritual master, guiding other’s to an elevated state of evolvement.

So are you ready to manifest the reality you want? Let’s get started. First you must decide on the reality you want. Explore, look around you and collect your repertoire of desires. (You already know what you don’t want, so refrain from thinking of these, focusing on what you don’t want only manifests a whole lot more of that which you do not want.)

Once you have your collection of desires begin thinking only of having these things as if you already have them. Your habit will to be to go back to a negative thought but gently bring yourself back to the positive thought. Your mind is convinced of your present reality, the reality that you don’t yet have that you are visualizing.
Call up the feelings that you would be experiencing if you had that which you want. Ahh feel the wonderful freedom of having the money you want. What are you doing? Feel how good it feels to being do what you desire. Feel the glorious emotions that come with having the perfect lover. Oh, it feels so warm and beautiful.

Doing this takes practice and there are many tools available out there that can assist you in implementing this skill such as affirmations that change how you think because you repeat them over and over. Surround yourself with others of like mind. There is a story, I wish I could remember the name and the author, but in essence a woman who was poor and unsuccessful spent time, after buying rich looking clothes later to be returned because she couldn’t afford, dressed to rich perfection and hung out in the places rich people did. She pretended to be one of them, doing what they did and participating as one of them and eventually became as successful as those she had spent time with. The lesson; while pretending that she was already successful and feeling what it felt like became successful. It was sort of a virtual reality experience.

This brings me to another great tool, visualization. In visualizing you can experience the emotions that come with having what you want. Many people struggle with visualizing ever returning to the negative scenarios and messages of a reality we are assured is real.

The science of Quantum Physics documents that the mind does not know the difference between the thoughts of remembering and what is actually occurring in front of them. The mind takes all of it as real information.

This is why visualization works. Visualization enables you to raise your wavelength to match the wavelength of what you want. If you visualize often, allowing yourself to experience the powerful emotions that are linked to that which you want, you will manifest that which you want.

Ok, so how do you learn to visualize? This is the big question. Some people can do this very easily. I think children do this very easily because they have not yet been convinced that this they see is reality. I remember my step-father telling me, often, to get my head out of the clouds. Ahhh, I was out in the universe imagining, creating manifesting, visualizing and playing with the energies.
So let’s play, let’s visualize and fly high with the wonderful emotions that come with receiving everything you ever wanted.

The key, to visualizing, is to see yourself actually doing, having and being that which you want. I know you are wondering how.
Well the answer, my uvisualeyes video. There are many visualizing video’s out there. I too, like many, have watched many of them on youtube. However, I realized that they did not involve me enough, they did not pull me in and bring the high emotions I felt was needed in order to instill a vision.

So I created uvisualeyes videos. These video actually have you doing, having and being what you desire. How you say? I create a personal video for you where I digitally place your face on the bodies doing, having and being what you desire. So if your desire is to fly planes, I digitally place, in a photo, your face on the body of a person flying a plane. If your desire is to have a beautiful thin toned body, I digitally place your head on the body of your desire. Etc.

Once I have created several photos of you doing, having and being what you want I arrange these photo’s in a video, along with the inspirational music of your choice. The music that makes you feel invincible, positive and confident. Within the video are affirmations of your desires. All that, when watched daily, brings you to the heights of emotional visualization. You will finally be able to see yourself, visualize yourself in the reality you want.
Having finally, in watching your video, experienced what it feels like to have and be what you want, you will begin to easily call up the great feeling emotions attached to having and being what you want. Then you will manifest everything you want.

What is occurring outside you did not create what is occurring inside you.
What is occurring inside you created what is occurring outside of you.

Visit my blog often where you will be updated on the grand launching of my website, where you can get your visualizing video,

Be Well
Love Michelle