That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Happy

In light of my upcoming radio show with my guest host, New York Times Bestseller Author, Marci Shimoff, where she will be sharing, “The best kept secret about Love” from her new book, Love for No Reason that just came out; I've been thinking a lot about Love and Happiness. Marci also wrote the bestseller, Happy for No Reason. I've been thinking about my state of mind while I've been waiting for the announcement for the winner's of The Movers & Shakers competition. I've been starkly calm and happy. I know that it could go either way, however, I feel great. Why because I know that we don't get happy when the right job comes, the right lover, or the right circumstances. Happiness comes from the inside and then all those wonderful things we want come to us because we are happy; not to make us happy.

Of course I'm excited about the possibilities, I mean who wouldn't want to win a book deal, radio spot or online seminar opportunity. ME! And everyone else who applied. How very exciting to think of the possibilities, to entertain the many scenarios of success. I am excited! I am excited for more than the Movers & Shakers opportunity, I'm excited for having participated and

I'm excited for the many many opportunities in the world; the unlimitedness of life.
I've decided to be happy no matter what. I've decided that I've waited long enough to be happy and that I could potentially wait my whole life and find myself frowning in my coffin. That just isn't acceptable. I want to be happy so I've decided to be. I am happy that the life work I have chosen is one where I can participate in guiding others to be present, in the Now and be happy without mitigating circumstances. I love that my service on this earth is to help people be more happy.

It looks like my husband and I will be moving to Paris soon! What an exciting and grand opportunity this is. Not only will I be living in the most romantic city in the world I will be so much closer to my new UK friends and this is so wonderful. Today even though I am wrapping up my life in Germany where I've enjoyed many wonderful experiences, letting go of a beautiful house I've designed myself that I've adored, giving away or selling many of my possessions, leaving lovely friends behind and amidst it all conducting my coaching and speaking work as usual or at least the best I can, while my husband is working in Paris I am HAPPY. I feel an inexplicable joy! It all makes me want to capitalize everything. I'm sure you are saying, “what is she talking about?” Well when I was young, before I really understood English grammar well, I capitalized every word that was important to ME. I believed or understood that you capitalize important things. I'm too embarrassed to tell you just how long this went on. Let's just say school was out for more than just the summer. But now I love this because I know that I was just accentuating what was really important to me, what made me happy and that’s OK. I love the little girl in me that wants to capitalize the beauty in her life. Life is Limitless, and the Opportunities Abound and I am Happy
no matter the outside circumstances.

Capitalize what's Important to YOU!

Be Well
Love Michelle

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