That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Juicy Joy!!!

Dear Friends,

In this very moment, what do you WANT? What deeply-buried longing are you hesitant to confess, even to yourself?

According to my brilliant author friend Lisa McCourt, your desires are the truest indicator of who you authentically ARE . . . and ignoring or denying those desires is denying YOU.

This masterful authenticity-teacher has sold over 5.5 million books about unconditional love and taught her radical get-real secrets to tens of thousands of joy-seekers.

I’m thrilled to let you know that today Hay House releases her powerfully effective, streamlined guide to easily creating the life of your dreams: Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self.

Not only will you have access to over $10,000 in prizes and incredible bonus gifts (including one from me!) when you buy Juicy Joy today, but you can also join Lisa’s newly launched (and metaphorically-named!) ClubNaked – the online hotspot for courageous men and women who embrace bare authenticity as the direct route to a rich, abundant, vitally passionate, and juicy-joyful life!

CLICK HERE to see what Alan Cohen, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford, Regena Thomashauer, and other luminaries are saying about Juicy Joy. No matter where you are in your journey, this groundbreaking, soul-nurturing guide will joyfully skyrocket you to the next evolution of your glorious, gutsy self!


Michelle Craft

P.S. This is a limited-time offer with incredibly juicy gifts and prizes that won’t last, so go right now to

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