That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unwanted job, relationship or living situation

Good day to all from my Skycastle, in the clouds, in Germany. I trust that you are doing well and manifesting your preferred life experience. Today we are going to focus on manifesting a desired experience.

We can feel as though we are trapped in a job, relationship, or living situation. We struggle with thoughts of not wanting the experience, lamenting over our situation and siting the job/boss/ colleagues, the partner or the living situation for feeling trapped. We give others the power over our experience convinced that we have no other alternative. If you are focused on getting more of what you do not want you will get more or manifest more of what you do not want.

We seek out the things wrong with the person, job or living situation; make our chalk board marks against them all, in order to make our case to prove that the person, job or living situation is bad, wrong or unacceptable.

We build cases against the unwanted experience in order to validate why we must leave the experience and why we want something different. This is to prove that we are right in wanting to leave the unwanted experience so that we don’t have to take the responsibility for the dissolving of the situation; often manifesting being fired, left or kicked out of our living situation. When really, the fact is, that your desire not to be in the situation is all that is important and is enough reason for leaving. We look for reasons, in the person, job or situation, which are unacceptable to validate our desire to leave because we don’t believe that just our desire not to be there is acceptable. However, it’s not only acceptable it is the only thing that is important.

I was in a relationship once where I came to a point of realizing that I wasn’t experiencing the committed, loving and affectionate partnership I desired. First I tried to make my partner, by criticizing and manipulating, become what I desired. Then, meeting with his resistance, I began to make note of his lack, make my chalk board marks against him to build my case and validate my reasons for my eventual departure. I had believed that my desire for a more preferred relationship experience was not a good enough reason to leave. I didn’t believe I had the right to leave just because I desired to. I felt I had to build my case to validate leaving, so no one would blame me for not trying. They would blame him; I would be validated and released from all responsibility. When in fact, had I just manifested the preferred relationship experience in the first place none of this would be in play. Equally, had I visualize my relationship the way I preferred it to be, he may have just lined up with my desire and all would have fallen into place. I built my case, validated my departure and moved onto a few more like relationship before I realized what I was doing and finally manifested the desired relationship.

In our focus on what is unwanted in a job, relationship or living situation we are manifesting more of the unwanted. We think that calling attention to what is unwanted will either insure that it helps us in our case against the unwanted situation or that it will propel change. We point at the boss and say, “See how badly the boss treats the employees” We point at the partner and say, “See how badly my partner behaves towards me” We point at the living situation and say, “See how bad this living condition is” We do this because we think that calling attention to the unwanted will be what encourages it to change and to build our case against them to validate our desire for better or wanted experience.

Certainly, a better way to go about it all is to first intend to feel good no matter what is going on and second focus on that which you want. Find things or thoughts, every day, that make you feel good. Focus on what you want. If you are working a job that you don’t like, is unacceptable in its ethics, functions and income then visualize the situation the way you desire. Visualize the employer treating you well, valuing you and behaving ethically in all areas including compensating you well for your worth and skills to the company. Visualize yourself as an asset to the company, the employer pleased with you, your colleagues and you working well together and receiving compensation accordingly. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is the job you will remain in or not the desired employment situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted employment experience the wanted employment experience will be drawn to you. If the present job cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired employment.

If you are in a relationship that you are unhappy with, is lacking commitment, love and affection then visualize the relationship as loving, committed, affectionate and strong. Visualize the relationship the way you desire it to be; see you and your partner behaving, towards each other, in a way that is romantic, loving, affectionate, committed playful and sexually satisfying. See your partner valuing you the way you desire, see your partner cherishing and adoring you the way you desire. See yourself experiencing the relationship that you desire. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is relationship will remain or not the desired relationship situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted relationship experience the wanted relationship experience will be drawn to you. If the present partner cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired partner.

If you are in an unacceptable living situation, whether it be along with others or in quarters where you are unhappy then visualize the living situation the way you desire it to be. See yourself living happily, comfortably, cohesively and abundantly. Visualize your living situation they way you prefer. Then say, “Everything I want is on its way” Because you see whether this is living situation will remain or not the desired living situation will be attracted to you because you have visualized it. In this visualization of a wanted living experience the wanted living experience will be drawn to you. If the present living situation cannot line up with your desire then you will be presented with an opportunity for a desired living situation. .

Working too arduously to achieve wanted experience and taking life to seriously do not let in the natural resources that are there for you. We feel trapped because we believe in limitation. We believe that there is no other job, partner or living situation available out there for us. We think that if we give up what we have, as unacceptable as it might be, that we will suffer and be without. The opportunities for employment, partners and living situations are unlimited. There are billions and billions and billions of jobs/opportunities/options, possible partners and living situations.

The best way to go about it all is to first intend to feel good no matter what is going on; feeling good needs to be the primary goal. Find ways to feel a little better every day. Look for the wanted or positive aspects in your work relationship or living situation rather than looking for what is unwanted. It is most important to feel good and to feel good you must look for something that feels good. When you feel good all the wanted or desirable experience will be drawn to you.

The undesirable situation that you are living is causing you to know what you don’t want and sparking ideas of what you would prefer and a knowing of what you want. Take that preference, build it, visualize it until it is attracted to you and you have manifested the desired experience. Disallow thinking of tragic scenarios, of lack, of struggle and suffering. Thinking on lack, struggle and suffering is a focus that manifests more of the same and is born of fear and limited beliefs.

Think on abundance, freedom, pleasure and the infinite possibilities.

There is no need to validate what you desire. The fact that you desire it is enough. Sometimes, because we don’t have the courage to leave the unwanted situation the unwanted situation leaves us. You may want so badly to be released from the situation that you will be terminated, left or kicked out. Which is certainly one way to propel yourself out of unwanted experience. However, you will feel much more powerful and in control of your life experience if you make the choice of what you desire and manifest that. You are not trapped for being trapped means you have no choice and this is not so. There are unlimited choices in our world; draw them to you, attract them.

Focus on feeling good and what you want. Focus on thoughts that make you feel good. Note things in your work environment, relationship and living situation that you appreciate. In this you will emanate energy of wanted things that make you feel good and thus draw or attract more of wanted experience. Remember like attracts like. If you are thinking about wanted experience that is what is attracted and more of wanted experience is manifested. It is not possible to draw what you desire by thinking on or focusing on the undesirable; these energies do not match and are not aligned with each other. Thinking about what you do not want will only bring more of what you do not want.

First focus on feeling good and then focus on what you want; then what makes you feel good and what you want will be drawn to you. And as this occurs consistently the energy of feeling good and the focus on the desired will collect, building into a spiraling frenzy, until it is manifested into desired experience.

Your thoughts and beliefs are what manifest the life experience you are living. So pay attention to what you are thinking and believing. If what you are thinking or believing is of limited ideas then your life experience will be limited.

Think and believe without limits. The possibilities of joyful and abundant employment, relationship and living experience are infinite and unlimited.

Be Well

Love Michelle


  1. Dear Michelle,

    All I can say is Wow!

    Thank you. I am in this position and you have given me some real good ideas on how to change what I am thinking and changing my thoughts to what I want.

    I think I've done this with every job I've had and each job has ended with or without my being in control of quitting. And I'm at it again.

    I will change this. Thank you.

  2. You are very welcome JoAnna. Hope you listen to me in 20 minutes on Blogtalkradio Search uvisualeyes and listen.

  3. Great radio show today Michelle. thanks for your words of wisdom.

  4. Great radio show today Michelle. You have such wisdom to share. Thanks for the advice.

  5. You are sweet, thank you for all your support.

  6. Dear Michelle,

    I almost forgot to tell you that I did listen to you on the radio, except for some reason at about 20 to 25 minutes into listening to you it clicked off. I don't know how much I missed, but I couldn't get it to go back on. Is this 30 minutes or 60 minutes?

    What I did hear was wonderful. Thank you.

  7. Hi JoAnna,Thanks for listening in. I took a call at about the 20 minute mark and for my own record I'm interested to know, did you hear the callers question and me answering?
    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, tune in next Tuesday for part three.

    Be Well