That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changing Beliefs part 1 of 2

The subconscious mind was trained by you, but not by the you in the way that you might think. You're subconscious was trained by the use of the word “you” by those who told you who “you” were.

Our bodies' house three entities, the mind the subconscious mind and your Source energy or spirit if you will. There are three of you. And if you doubt this think about those moments that you have argued with you. Your mind might think something like, “I'm beautiful” Your body might feel good for a fleeting moment which is your spirit agreeing with your thought. But then immediately right behind that something in you rebuttals with something like, “You are ugly” which is your subconscious spouting off its embedded negative vernacular language form childhood;' it has been referred to as our subconscious beliefs.

We are dealing with three people, which at first might feel a little overwhelming. After all isn't just your mind enough to deal with sometimes. Well you don't have to concern yourself with spirit. Spirit will always be on your side. Your spirit is a barometer that lets you know whether what is in mind and subconscious mind is true or in agreement with who you really are; Source. Your body will feel good when what you are thinking is true to who you really are and will feel bad when you are not.

So you might think then that you must attend only to the thoughts of your mind. Billions of dollars and hours have been spent trying to change our belief about ourselves. We read books, us affirmations, vision boards, chants and videos. We go to seminars, and workshops, psychologists and support groups. We might have some progress, however, not enough progress to affirm that we indeed are solidly changing our beliefs. Why, after we have tried so many things to change our beliefs, does it seem like we are hitting a brick wall every time.

You feel like there is something holding you back, pushing against all your determination to change. Something stands within you like a mountain to high and long to get around. It's an invisible mountain that blocks you from any significant cellular shift in belief.

You can feel the hold, you know it's there; yet you cannot identify the block. Yo affirm over and over the new desired belief so why is it not working? It's not working because you are addressing the wrong entity within you, the mind. The mind is just a processor of information. But a processor must get its data from something or someone else. That someone else is your subconscious mind. The trouble with this is that the data bank, your subconscious mind, was programmed by others as you grew up, who had corrupted data banks of their own. And the way they transferred the corrupted information was by us the word “YOU” when you were exploring who YOU were. “You are stupid/smart, you are ugly/pretty, you are fat/thin, you are....or you will never be successful if you don't..... you are not capable or it's very hard for you to....and so on”

We first become convinced that we need others to tell us who we are and that the “who” that they told us we were, was truth. And in the absence of those who use to tell you who you are instead is the subconscious, which had recorded and stored those negative affirmations about who you are and what you can actually do.

So when your mind makes a statement that is in opposition to the subconscious belief about who you are it argues with you, with your mind. This is the block. Like a linebacker, the subconscious charges at the opposing team and block's the infiltration. Thoughts in you mind, or who you really are, what spirit knows to be truth is viewed, if in opposition, by subconscious as an infiltration into enemy camp.

And at this moment one of those beliefs, the main beliefs that puts a halt to changing all other beliefs, that is stored in your subconscious is saying, “Then there is nothing I can do, this seems rather permanent”

Had the adults in our lives just have shut up and let us explore ourselves we would come up with our own beautiful and divine definition of self; without doubt, a far better view of self and certainly a much or unlimited idea of the possibilities in life. It's an insidious indoctrination but it need not be permanent. The belief that anything is permanent, within us, is the first untrue indoctrinated belief stored in our subconscious and the close second is the beliefs that beliefs are extremely difficult to change.

And it is here that we must begin to penetrate before we can even have any effect on any other belief we want to change. Because if you believe that no one ever changes and that changing beliefs are very difficult, how then can you change your negative beliefs about anything.

You are already starting out with this core belief that you have a huge job ahead of you that is believed to be essentially, futile. When you were very young you had first been told over and over, until you were convinced, that the person/adult that was feeding you this information was the authority. So this is the first brainwashing, if you will, that occurred. You believed everything that was coming out of the adults mouth. Well in believing that this adult has the truth or is the authority, you must believe whatever comes from them thereafter. What comes thereafter is the “you” statements that brainwashed you into believing who and what you were along with what was possible to accomplish. So first you became convinced that THEY were the authority, then you became convinced that what they told you about who you were was true, because after all, if they are without doubt the authority then what they say must be true. Along with telling you who you are they told you without doubt what was possible in this life. And one of these beliefs is that; beliefs are permanent or at best extremely difficult to change, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, or no one ever changes really.

You are already set up to fail at any attempt to change a belief. Because if your subconscious solidly believes that you cannot change your beliefs, then working on any other belief, in an attempt to change is next to impossible. And our society keeps you stuck in the perpetual cycle of; here is what you should be do and have, but comes in, subliminally, right behind it and tells us it's impossible to become and have. You insert and idea, a belief you prefer to be part of your life and work really hard; you write affirmations, you recite them, you post them around your home, you make positive declarative statements to your friends and family and you might even watch affirmation videos. However, if you do not believe that it is possible to change a belief, then you might as well save yourself the trouble of trying to instill the new belief. It's futile. So we must change that belief, the one that says you cannot change a belief, first.

To begin changing the beliefs that are in your subconscious you must sneak in the back door of the camp a sort of Operations Mission. You sneak up on your subconscious. Using the word 'you' instead of 'I'. You are beautiful, you are smart and successful. Basically you are using the subconscious against itself, like stealing the enemy's secrets or weapons and using them against them.

Try this affirmation, say, “I am beautiful/attractive” then wait. Subconscious will often come in and rebuttal with an opposite/negative belief. Now say, “You are beautiful. Subconscious rebuttals, but not quickly, because you have confused subconscious. It wonders what is going on because saying YOU is its job. Now say this over and over, “I am beautiful, you are beautiful, I am beautiful, you are beautiful” Do this for a minute. Notice that subconscious does not interfere; it can't because your mind is playing both your mind and subconscious mind. Subconscious has been thwarted, it doesn't know what to do, and it has no job. It has temporarily lost its “YOU” job and is idle.

Subliminal messages work the same way. They should begin with the word YOU rather than I. So the mind is essentially taking the 'you' statement as direction from the subconscious, because it is using the language of the subconscious.

It's important to realize that part of the trouble we have in changing our beliefs is that we believe that it is difficult to change a belief.

So we start there. Its time to realize that it is only your belief, that it is difficult to change a belief, which makes it difficult to change any belief. It is rather simple but may seem confusing. Simply put, its easy to change a belief as long as you believe that it is easy. Once you believe this it will become very easy to make any changes about any beliefs.

Be Well

Love Michelle

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  1. Dear Michelle,

    Very powerful! Thank you.

    I will be doing this from now on.