That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Limitless Thought Manifests a Limitless Life

Good day to all, from my Skycastle in Germany where the day is absolutely gorgeous; the bird’s sing, the sun shines and I love the sound of the village bells ringing in the distance.

We had a stunning afternoon, yesterday, lingering on the hill where an ancient castle sits majestically. I have already forgotten the name of the castle for it was not important. What was important was the warm sun, as we sat with our feet propped on an old stone wall, the tremendous view of the village, vineyards’ and hills as far as one could see. We sat absorbing the sun, the plethora of smiling villager’s, sweet on the spring, milling about and enjoying each other. Once again we enjoyed picking through our thoughts on the universe, life on this planet and the human experience.

It came to mind how often are thought’s, our beliefs are so limited. We had been discussing our desire to live in Greece. Awwww, to dwell in a home of ancient Greek architecture among the tropical foliage overlooking the clear blue green water and feel the warm salty breeze on my skin, it’s pure divinity. I long to trek down the hill climb into a boat and paddle over to the main island, to the village, and make my way through the market street’s shopping for whatever pleases me. I desire to dive into the cool blue water, absorb its therapeutic values and become cleansed once again. Water has long been my therapy. If I could not get to a body of water I filled a tub and lingered until I pruned. I look forward to sitting in my tropical Zen garden and spin a beautiful clay pot, play on my next book, shower out of doors and make love under the tropical stars. What a magnificent experience.

We spoke of our intention to one day dwell in our paradise. We spoke of this intention, with our belief of how long it would take to come to paradise to that one day. I looked at my beloved and I said, “Isn’t it interesting how we have decided, on any one dream, how long it should take. Why do we believe in this limitation? We look at some dream that we desire and, according to our present beliefs, we calculate how long it takes to experience that dream.

We have put limitations on manifestations” Beloved agreed.

We all look at something, a dream or a goal and according to what we believe calculate how long said dream will take to come to fruition. We look at all that’s involved; what it would take to make such a transition. We examine the finances, the opportunities and the work that it would entail and then calculate, often giving rise to doubt in the process, and come to our conclusion as to when the dream will be our experience. In the rise of doubt, because we are sure nothing comes without great dollars, hard work and permission; we see our dream only in the distance. We believe the manifestation will take much time, work and preparation. We believe anything outside of what we have manifested thus far must surely be difficult and take much time. We have manifested a limited belief.

Often people write down a timeline, whether in their minds or on paper, of how long it will take to obtain an experience preferred.

Desire---------details--------calculated time of arrival (usually many years)

Why not

Desire---------details---------any moment now. (Possibly next week)

There have been times in my life that I desired a change of some sort; to move, to divorce, to move on. Once I made the decision without pondering the possible difficulty, like a bullet I shot into the preferred experience. Once I made a decision, to move on from a marriage in a split second, and the next day having secured a U-Haul, a gang of family members’ and a box of heavy duty garbage bags, we in three hours packed all my stuff into bags, loaded them onto the U-Haul and I was on the road, with my children, to Austin. One day, one decision and my life experience was what I preferred. And oh what a ride I had.

It’s about the moment of decision. Deciding there is no limitation to what one can do or what the possibilities are.

Before we landed in Heilbronn Germany my Greek dream was just beginning. Knowing that our immediate future was Heilbronn I dreamed of the house that would be like Greek architecture. In my limited beliefs I had dreamed of having at least a white house with arches, a huge terrace, close to water and mountains, and a spacious open feel. I limited my dream quite a bit, settled for what I believed was possible, at this moment, and received exactly what I had dreamed.

In Heilbronn, surrounded by hills, we moved into a house about one mile from the river, it was large, white, had a huge terrace overlooking beautiful foliage; and as for the arches the house had one small arch over the bathroom door; one arch signifying my ability to manifest, signifying to me that I could have manifested something more to my preferred experience. Non-the-less, I had manifested. Had my vision been grander, more detailed and less limited I would have had many arches, lived on the river drawing my manifestation of my Greek dream closer.

We manifest only that which we believe is possible. Our beliefs are often very limited. We are sure there is some sort of limitation on how much money we can acquire, how many or what kinds of opportunities are available to “us” and how long any one dream will take to come into our experience. When all we really have to do is, want. We only have to desire, in full techno color detail, believing in its quick unhindered arrival, and it shall be manifested.

It is our belief in limitation that limits our possibilities. If you believe wholly that you will receive, dreaming in wild freedom, instantly the desired experience, the experience shall be yours now!

We believe that it takes time for our dreams to manifest, money to accomplish them and much preparation before. And it takes none of these.

If you stopped believing that it takes these things to come to the preferred life experience it would no longer be. Everything is mostly and primarily manifested with thought first then all else falls into alignment into the manifestation.

My husband and I, about three years ago, decided we wanted to live in Europe, soon, for a couple of years. We did not have the funds to do so, we did not specify where in Europe only that it should be soon and for a couple of years. One year later, without the funds to do so, he suddenly was given the opportunity by way of his employment and was sent to Germany; duration 18 months for sure, possibly five years. It has been an amazing experience. What a manifestation! Geez, what if we had said we wanted to live in Greece, entailing the unlimited details of our desired experience there and for an unlimited time? Uhm.

Upon the closing of our conversation in the garden’s of the castle we made a decision to manifest our preferred Greek experience immediately.

With utterly wild imagination detailing our vision of our preferred experience we have begun. We will collect photos of Greece, of the house we want, on the island we want, with the exact surroundings we desire and every detail, including the scent of the flowers, of the experience we desire in Greece. Together and separately we will visualize our desire. We will, having already begun, talk of it often discussing every detail, as if it is our experience now.

We shall never speak of the funds it should take, the specific opportunity that it should need, nor shall we believe in time. For we know that all it really takes is thought, visualization and emotionalization and it will manifest whenever we choose it to be so. We have done it before and we will do it again, and again and again.

When we live a life without limits we will have an unlimited life.

I shall keep you updated on our Greek manifestation.

Be Well

Love Michelle


  1. Ah, the azure blue of the Aegean. And the softness of that water on my skin! One of my favorite memories. If others can help manifest, I am working with you on this, Michelle. It will be yours, I'm sure of it.

  2. Ahhh, you have been there. Got any pic's to help me visualize? Other's may indeed help manifest. It's called co-creating so I welcome your energy towards our inevitable destination.
    Yes, yes, yes, join us in manifesting our dream.
    Thanks Delana
    Be Well
    Love Michelle

  3. I do understand 'limitations'.
    I am so analytical or maybe living in fear, that I'm sure the Universe cannot manifest anything I want, unless of course I'm helping or that I'm in charge.
    It is the act of taking a risk in visiualization, or in life.
    I wonder can I let go of controlling my dreams and visions. I have in the past, but it's not working so well now.

  4. Being an analytical person myself I understand. We are analytical because we want to control, we want to control because we are afraid that something will come into our experience that we do not want. The Universe doesn't manifest for you, you are, with thought,radiating a frequency and then like frequencies from the Universe are drawn to you. If you believe it takes much work to acquire anything then you will attract opportunity that takes much work. Still acquiring but with way more work than needed.

    It's better and easier, rather than letting go of anything, to replace it with something else. Like the thought you commit to not thinking that returns yet again. Stop trying to get it right or control instead embrace a dream, think about having what you want with all the pleasing emotions as if you were already experiencing the reality; as in a fantasy.
    Stop saying, "Who am I to have" Better, "Of course I will have" There is no one more special than JoAnna that deserves and is powerfully unlimited. We all have the ability to manifest the reality we want. Every time you feel that rise of resistance in your stomach, that propensity to control reach for the dream and hold it in your mind and have fun. Play with the details and enjoy your imagination.
    You are Source energy in physical form and you are unlimited and can manifest anything.
    Be Well
    Love Michelle