That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fear of the Future Manifests a Future of Fear

Good Day, from my Skycastle, on a beautiful grand day in Germany. I know it is spring for I hear the hoot of The Great Gray Owl, which seems to call only in the spring.

Today, having reviewed my blogs for that past few weeks, it occurred to me that fear of the future is the core issue that people struggle with, in their path in manifesting the life they prefer. We want so much and we should. It is the natural order of life; to experience new things that spark new ideas and desires. We are not here to wade in the water, being doing and having the same as everyone else, complacently hoping that something interesting might float our way. Life is ever changing, expanding and culminating into some new manifestation by way of our thoughts.

You have grand ideas, while you are working the mundane survivalist job, which you wish to pursue. The idea engulfs your senses and sparks excitement, it’s probably your Tremble, but as fear of the future sneaks in sideways you talk yourselves out of doing what you really want to do. The wild fire of your creation sweeps through you with a wonderful anticipation of what could be, then your belief in your present reality, so secure and familiar, snuffs the embers into a depressing ash. Why because you fear that you will lose what you have. You fear that if you give up the security of what you believe is reality that you will suffer greatly. You’re not always clear in exactly what way you will suffer; sometimes just the idea of possible suffering is enough to dig your feet into your present reality.

It is said that our greatest fear is death and I disagree. I believe our greatest fear is that we might suffer or the suffering death will cause others. We believe that we will, one day, die. I think we fear the suffering that will prelude death. We consistently are concerned over the future that might entail suffering. We fear starvation, homelessness and loneliness. Fear of the future is fear of suffering.
It is said that we have three main fears that keep us from being, having and doing that which we truly desire.

Fear of the future
Fear of rejection
Fear of failure

Granted we fear all of these things however, it all really comes down to fear of the future. Because if you are rejected you might fear you have no value therefore you will suffer, you fear the outcome; future. If you fail, you might fear the loss of dignity, necessities and respect, therefore you will suffer, you fear the outcome; future. And the reason you have fear of the future is because you fear the assured suffering. But you will not suffer if you believe you will thrive.
So when you get down to it we fear suffering. We are sure that taking the risk of doing something different and grander might bring suffering. We might suffer someone discrediting us, we might suffer the embarrassment of being laughed at, we might suffer another’s wrath and we might fail; ultimately sealing, in our mind, our belief that following our Tremble could only bring suffering.

The ironic thing is that we are suffering because we are not living our Tremble, not taking the risk to do what we desire so much to do, and believing in ourselves. We believe in limitation, our reality and our powerlessness. Many people have become like a fish without fins, bobbing to and fro at the mercy of the current; recovering as much as possible during calm seas only to be swept into the next wave of their believed reality. Many have allowed everything and everybody else to direct their journey; sadly it’s too often the same journey over and over again. The journey is directed by the “What if’s” concerns. A constant warning of the perils ahead that will surely cause you suffering.

You are told of the perils of non-conformity; criticism, failure, rejection and ultimately, suffering. You are told by those, mostly, who have never attempted non-conformity or those who attempted and had not the fortitude to push just a little further into success. They call it evidence when it’s just their belief and their manifestation. So who are they, that you allow their mediocre direct you?
You say you believe the perils are real because they are. But really the perils are real because you believe they are. You are only seeing the evidence of someone’s manifestation.

Truth is only truth because you believe it to be truth. Focusing and paying attention to what you call truth or reality only embeds that reality in your life.
Reality is not fixed it is moveable and changeable.
You can manifest the reality that you prefer. You have only to focus on how you want your reality to be. Every reality that you are told is truth was manifested by the teller or the teller before that teller and back into the past of tellers.
Interesting, the word teller, it means storyteller. It’s time to tell your story of how you want your reality to be until it is becomes your reality.
Write your story the way you want it to be. It’s your life, your story. Stop telling the old story of how it’s been and is and stop telling the story (reality) of others.

It’s time to seize the recollection and the speaking of the past; for if you do not it shall be yours until, you seize. It’s time to speak, think and write only of the reality you wish to live.

Fears can be ignited by many things such as the tragic headlines, TV programs that entertain fear, articles warning you of the many perils around you and assure you of their existence and their results of suffering if you don’t head warning. And finally all of those fearful conforming people that want you to listen to their tale of suffering and how you will probably suffer as well. STOP listening to these fearful naysayers, reality assurers and reporters of doom.
When fear is spark, by listening to these reports, more fearful thoughts are added until you are paralyzed, growing the fears bigger or take pointless action that create more of the same.

It’s time to indulge in your whimsical joyous and abundant story of the reality you wish. The future is grand if you believe it to be, if you anticipate its glorious arrival and think only of how grand it feels. Write the dream life story with you as its main character. See yourself in your mind living the life that you desire, feel yourself your body in its absolute grandeur and ecstasy creating and living in pure joy.

It’s all easier if you stay in the now, appreciating everything and every moment that is occurring today. Taste the food with pure delight; noticing the texture, the consistency and enjoy the aroma. Look at the sunset/sunrise and appreciate the vibrant colors. Look at your lover, child or friend remembering all the wonders of them and why they gave you such pleasure in the first place and appreciate.
Stay in the now of life by paying attention to how their skin feels how things look and smell around you.

Practiced appreciation brings more to appreciate and keeps you from pondering the future. When you are in full appreciation you can write the life story that you prefer to experience because you know what you appreciate and that will foster a life you appreciate and will love to live, without fear.

Be Well
Love Michelle


  1. Like Wow Michelle,
    This is so good! It shows how many people are sheep following other sheep because misery loves company. And the acceptance things. Cool. You can write a whole chapter on this subject alone.
    Stay True,

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    People are sheep because they believe in other authority instead of self-authority. We often believe that someone else has the "right" answer's for us, therefore we follow them. The only reason we should ever follow anyone is that they can teach you how to find your own answer's.
    Thanks for your comment
    Be Well
    Love Michelle

  3. This comment was actually submitted by JoAnnab, (for some reason it wouldn't post in the normal way)

    Dear Michelle
    Oh my! This certainly hit home. The fear of the unknown. What will happen to my control if I just let go, for a moment.

    I am sitting on the edge of not knowing what I am going to do, but in my reality I know exactly what it is. I just don't have a safety net and that is what I yearn for.

  4. Dear JoAnna,

    Your safety net is believing in your truth and in the natural order of the Universe. When you believe in who you are, your talent/your Tremble and you believe that what you ask for shall be yours (when you think of little else)and focus on your Tremble it shall be yours.

    Visualize yourself, daily, in your Tremble and do a little bit every day towards its formation.

    I begin my work, here, every day at 7:30 a.m. However, I need to meditate before I get started so I decided to get up earlier in order that I can do this.

    We can rework our schedule to fit in what is needed to practice our Tremble. You don't have to give up anything you only have to ad and eventually, little by little, your Tremble gets bigger and your present way of making a living gets smaller and falls away and finally your Tremble takes its place.

    I spent time writing my book in every free hour I had. At coffee shops, while enjoying my cappuccino. I wrote on my lunch hour and instead of watching TV. I carried a small notebook with me everywhere so I could jot down ideas when they came to me. And at one point I had to write at coffee shops because I was, temporarily, homeless. Little by little, word by word, page by page my book came to it's fruition.

    Take heart JoAnna, your Tremble can be nurtured, molded and grown. Visualize, visualize, visualize. And it will be yours.
    Only you can say who you are.
    I am... are the most important words ever.
    Be Well
    Love Michelle

  5. Dear Michelle,

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging remarks. I needed to hear exactly what you said.

    I know, I will, regardless of fears, continue forward. There is no other direction but forward since I will not fall backward. (I've fallen backward in the past)