That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resistances, Focus and Practice

Good Fantastic Morning to all, from my sunshiny skycastle, on what will prove to be a most glorious day.

Yesterday, around the hills of vineyards, I went bicycle riding for the first time since the snow has passed. What a resplendent experience as I raced down the hills feeling the utmost joy as if I were a child once again. I had forgotten how amazing it feels to pedal through the wind and, feeling that I would take flight any moment, be kissed by the warm sun. I asked myself why I am so resistant to climb onto the saddle of my trusted steel horse and fly through the village when it feels like freedom; when it assures me of my youth so often forgotten.

I am resistant because I forget, in my daily musts, that the world is my playground. I am resistant because going downhill is easy but always requires the uphill trudge and when you haven’t been climbing hills your thighs burn. I found myself, on the uphill, wishing that I could only ever fly downhill.

The experience reminded me how often we think we need to work so very hard. Our resistance to anything easy is powerful. We are so certain that if something is easy, not wrought from the sweat of our brow, then it must not be right or of value.
If we believe that we must work hard to have anything, of value, that we want then so shall it be. What we believe we must receive. So opposing to the belief that we can manifest anything we want by focusing on that which we want.
Remember though that all matter was first and mostly thought before it ever took form. The basketball player can become triumphant in his game, without so much practice, if the player visualizes, consistently, the successful action of a making a basket; interesting, success without so much hard work. More athletes’ practice visualization than you know. The mother who is able lift the car off of her child, when no amount of hard physical training could ever prepare her body to do so, because her desire for what she wanted was so powerful.

But then there is the stroke patient who may believe in full recovery after being told, by the “professionals” that act of walking shall never return. The patient, visualizing themselves walking, remembering themselves walking and feeling it occur in their mind, along with actual easy small steps increasing a little every day, once again walks. However, if this patient was resistant, believing the “professionals” assessment and believing that it’s just too hard or just simply believing it will take very very hard work then walking shall never occur or occur only after extreme hard work. Everything occurs from our believed thoughts.

Resistance: the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding, the opposition offered by one thing, force, etc., to another.

So I then returned to thought of my resistance to venturing out on my bicycle. I think of the act of resistance in order to propel myself forward on a bike. It is a different subject in the sense that resistance is what makes the bike wheels turn. However, if I were of the belief that riding a bicycle in any way is easy. If I had rode my bike, over time (like the stroke patient) on a flat surface, where there is little resistance, all the while visualizing myself easily flying through the air, peddling easily be it uphill or down, one day it would be so.

It wouldn’t be hard work, I wouldn’t be resistant and I would fly like a youthful eagle through the hills of the vineyards.

I wouldn’t have had to give up anything, only ad something, ad visualizing myself riding a bike with ease and then I am inspired to easy little steps every day.

We are so sure that it takes hard physical forceful acts to accomplish anything. Why, because we are assured that this is the only way, by others who have only practiced this way. How painful it is to hear this, see others work so hard to acquire anything and believe that the road ahead is long and hard. How very disappointing to think that life has to be hard.

Millionaires don’t do something different, they think something different. They believe something different. They believe they will be rich. They see themselves, in their minds; visualize themselves being rich and successful. With powerful thoughtful visioning they felt themselves being doing and having that which they want. They disregarded the naysayers and forged a new right idea about who they were. They disregarded the idea that it takes hard painstaking work and perfect knowledge of the chosen career. They adopted a belief that I they are literally what they think, “right thinking” or “pure thought”

The purity of thought is thinking purely of your desires; visualizing often yourself as you desire to be. Pure thought is thinking only of the good desires or controlling your thoughts to be only of that which you desire to be your experience.

We are often lazy in our thinking. We let our minds wander about, fixing on nothing significant to our benefit or we wander into tragic scenarios of our demise and failure.

To manifest the life experience you wish for yourself you must focus on, think purely of and visualize yourself in the life experience you prefer. When what you call a problem arises, address what you can within the problem quickly, then quickly forget about it and move quickly into thinking only of that which you desire.

Give no attention to that which you do not desire.

Give no attention to the headlines of tragedy/fear for you only give it more power and bring it into your experience, into your thoughts, pushing your desires aside replacing them with fear and tragic manifestations.

Give no attention to programs that firmly state your position as a peasant

Peasant: a coarse, unsophisticated, boorish, uneducated person of little financial means.

Site, for a moment, how many programs in their portrayal of life, are focused on, talking of, engaging in unimportant and immature dialogue. They portray life, with people paying attention or arguing over unimportant details, keeping you focused in these things, in fears and hold you in the mediocre life of the masses.

The masses sit in front of their TV either only dreaming of something grand (without believing they could become) or receiving confirmation of their lot in life; which you know is undesirable, unacceptable and mediocre at best. But the constant viewing of this reality assures you of the same reality.

I do not watch, any longer, these programs. I do not watch the news, I do not read the headlines (unless it is of joyful manifestation) I just don’t engage in the things I desire not. I chose programs, videos or reading material that only perpetuates my desire to do, have and be what I desire to be. I chose to give my attention to things that elevate me to grand things and elevate me to high manifestations of my desires.

Oh I know that ask, “Shouldn’t I know what’s going on in the world?” No. Why? What is the point? Giving your attention to another’s manifestation only grows that manifestation. Like a war, the more who join the bigger it gets, the more powerfully it grows and the more validated it becomes. If you speak of the report of a victim you might think you must pay attention, give compassion and help. After all shouldn’t we offer compassion or assistance to those oh so unfortunate victims.

Yikes, be careful here in your assumption. A victim is a victim because of their thoughts that manifested such a position. They spent time fearing being victimized. They spent time believing they are less than what they really are. They were weak of mind of thought allowing fear to manifest an undesirable situation. They feared they would become victimized and the perpetrator, who gave thought to harm, smelled them coming. They were drawn together in a combustion. The victim attracted the perpetrator and the perpetrator attracted the victim; perfect synchronicity.

Giving your attention to, your energy of compassion only supports the victim to remain a victim. A strong person cannot help a weak person. A weak person must become strong on their own because in your assistance to a weak person you handicap them. You assure them they cannot do this on their own therefore they can never become strong. Although the perpetrator is of wrong thinking, granted, much more distain should be placed on the victim, for if there was not a victim there cannot be a perpetrator. The perpetrator would flail about the world finding no one person to harm; no victim to be drawn to.

Living your own life strong, joyful, abundant, divine and focused in your own business is an example. You only teach by example. My children do as I did not as I told them to do.

Pay attention to your thoughts and shift them, if they are not of purity, to that which is purity. I know you say, “Freaking hell, do you know how hard that is?” Oh I know, I have been in practice with this for some time. They say that idle hands are the devils workshop, maybe, but I say that idle thoughts are the devils workshop. That is if you believe in the devil, which I do not.

Every time you find yourself thinking of that which you do not desire, notice it and then remember what you desire. Trek through your mind and find the pure thought and dwell in this thought. More like thoughts will follow, if you stay focused there long enough and those pure thoughts will expand. It is practice. The more you do it the quicker and easier you will go to pure thought of what you desire.

When you have a Tremble, you quickly turn to the thoughts that will manifest your Tremble. When I find myself indulging in impure thought, allowing my mind to wander through muck and fear, which by the way paralyzes you, I notice without self-criticism, remind myself of my Tremble and its parts and quickly collect the pure thoughts that will manifest my Tremble. Sometimes I review a video on Law of Attraction, sometimes I review my uvisualeyes personal video with me having being and doing my Tremble, sometimes get to this blog and sometimes I do all of them; which refocuses me in my Tremble. And sometimes when I’m really having trouble focusing on that which I desire I have to do something physical before I can return to right thinking such as a run on the treadmill or housework which clears my mind, kind of like rebooting. I also meditate to clear my mind and reboot.

Nothing changes until something changes. I know it sounds kind of like a cliché and oh so simply stupid but non-the-less, like many clichés, it’s true.

Begin, if only for a half hour a day, to focus on only pure thought your Tremble. Here’s a thought, take that half hour out of your TV time (or whatever you do that is equally unbeneficial)

Little by little, practice by practice and step by step you will grow pure thought bigger than impure thought until impure thought falls away into the distant past.

It is possible. Believe me there was a day that I produced nothing but impure thought that manifested crap I did not desire. I went from project to project never finishing the last before going onto the next. My mind wandered from great idea to great idea fixing on nothing long enough to manifest anything great. I did, in the past, dwell in, fondled, and masturbated thoughts of fear, failure and self-hate.

Yikes, don’t want to do that anymore.

I thank you all for reading my articles for it perpetuates my focus in my Tremble.

Be Well
Love Michelle


  1. Michelle, I was ready to just say thank you until I got to the part about victims.Are you speaking specifically of people who are victims of their own thoughts or victims of tragedy, disaster, rape or other horrible things. I'm not sure if I can accept that they are weak of mind or allowed these things to happen. Isn't it our human spirit that directs us to "help" them?

    I always told my kids...when you're depressed or feeling overwhelmed by life...go lend a hand. It does wonders. Because it's not always about "me".

    Can you explain what you mean more thoroughly to me?

  2. Delana, I understand your concern over the concept that the victim manifests their experience. I had responded to your comment directly because of it's length, as an email, but evidently it did not reach you. I am new at the blogging venue. If you are comfortable with me addressing your question in a daily article then I will do so. I think that it would be very helpful to many people.

    It is apparent, and divinely commendable, that you are a deeply caring and compassionate woman. These qualities drew me to you right away. Your concerns and questions, over the concepts in the article, are so important. What grand and truly deep thoughts you have. Thank you for seeking understanding.
    Be Well
    Love Michelle

  3. Go ahead Michelle. That would make a good article and I'm anxious to read it. I don't know that I'm any more compassionate than the next guy...but I do want to make this life matter.

  4. Delana, I appreciate your eagerness. I shall wait for inspiration on the topic as it always produces better results. I shall entitle it, "Do we Manifest, ALL, of our Experiences?"
    Be Well
    Love Michelle