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Friday, April 9, 2010

Who is in Charge your Body or your Mind

Good Day to all, from my Skycastle, on another beautiful day in Germany. Wish I had gotten outside to enjoy the weather however, I had much play to attend here with my Tremble. That sounded a little funny. What are you playing with Michelle?

Today is a good day, a good day to talk about the consequences of thoughts on the health of our body. The body responds to our thoughts whether it is a purposeful thought or just an unconscious habitual thought. It’s those unconscious thoughts that get us in more trouble than any other thoughts because the unconscious thought is uncontrolled, unmonitored and has long ago been accepted as truth. Sometime back, when you were quit young, you learned a belief, a thought that became part of your beliefs system because others assured you of its validity. Few of us have thought to question these beliefs or thoughts, after all someone you probably trusted imparted this so called wisdom. Upon learning new thought and discovering the truth I had to rescind some of the things I taught my own three children. Literally, I called them up and said, “Remember when I always told you such and such, well I have discovered that I was incorrect and the truth is such and such” I have received mostly sighs of relief and acceptance of the new concept. One of my children said, “Ya know I really always thought so. I was right” I said, “You were right”

As we move through life we learn and grow as we understand more and more. I suspect I shall be rescinding more of my previous teachings, to my children, in the future as I learn and understand more.

Understanding how our thoughts effect or body is important. It isn’t so much that if you think of contracting some specific disease you shall, which does occur because you ponder something such as Cancer with all the fearful horror that is attached to that disease and it may grow in your body. It’s more that if you have rotten thoughts it shall express themselves by way of a rotten body.

Recall a previous article where it states that there are really only two emotions Love and Fear. All the thoughts that are attached to love shall manifest all desirable things including a healthy body. All the thoughts that are attached to fear shall manifest all undesirable things, including an unhealthy body.

Fear has actually caused people to die, in some cases instantly but in most cases over time, having entertained fearful thoughts.

The adrenaline rush you get, when watching a horror movie or having a nightmare, (or a wet dream, wink wink) where none of it is actually happening, is occurring because your mind believes it to be happening. Your mind believes your thoughts, whether real or imagined, and your body responds accordingly. It is why visualization works.

The body is fragile and absorbs the waves from thought. The body is the minion of the mind. Your mind gives your body the signals for everything. It shall do as you command.

However what is in your mind isn’t always a beneficial thing but non-the-less sends a signal to the body and the body obeys.

Over time, thinking and speaking of fearful things degrades your body. Because fearful thought is powerfully corrupt and powerfully corrupts your body.

Equally, over time, thinking and speaking of loving things builds your body into a healthy, strong youthful stature.

Your body responds to your thoughts. Everything you see when you look in the mirror was brought about by thought. The kind of wrinkles you see on your face are from specific kind of thoughts you have had in your mind. Don’t you know when you see the man with deep hard furrowed brow wrinkles, that he has thought many fearful thoughts? Equally, don’t you know when you see the eighty-five year old woman with a soft smooth face that she has thought many loving thoughts?

Let’s look for a moment at the many emotions listed under both Love and Fear

Love/ Joy, Kindness, Compassion, Abundance, Nurturing, Health, Care, Balance, Light

Fear/ Anger, Hate, Irritation, Lack, Neglect, Disease, Disregard, Imbalance, Heavy

These are but a few, but you can refer to them as we move along. If I am focused in Love holding only thoughts in Love then my body shall respond and become healthy, balanced, youthful, light and joyful.

If I am focused in Fear holding only thoughts of Fear then my body shall respond and become diseased, imbalanced, degenerative, heavy, sad and of poor immunity.

All bodily conditions are a result of our beliefs and thoughts.

Don’t be so sure that the overweight person just eats too much. Eating, what we have labeled too much may never cause weight gain if the person doing the eating only held thoughts in love as well as never believed that food causes weight gain. Everything is a result of what we believe.

If you believe completely that the body is the minion of the mind then you may command its obedience. My husband loves this. I have been disgruntled many times watching my husband seemingly demand, sometimes with an insistent pounding, the obedience of his body. Although physically pounding on your body in demand of its obedience isn’t exactly what we are speaking of here, it is however the embracing of the concept, somewhat, that your body is the minion of your mind. And by the way, my husband also talks to his body, sees his body, in his mind, as healthy, light and youthful, and insists on its obedience. He also tells his body, “You will obey me”

And my husband’s body, at an age further up than mine, is healthy, strong, light and oh my God.

Joyful thoughts manifest a joyful body. Abundant thoughts manifest an abundant body. Thoughts in love manifest a youthful, light, balanced and healthy body.

Nothing else is the cause of your body’s condition. Nothing, Nada, Zippo, Zilch, Nought The cause of your body’s condition is the holding of specific kind of thoughts in your mind.

So it’s time to think in Love. Love for yourself, others and your life. Appreciating everything, in every moment, will help you stay in thoughts of love. Wake every morning with thoughts of appreciation, count them through the day and before you go to sleep make a list of what you appreciate.

Appreciate appreciate appreciate, love, love love your body into youth, lightness, balance and health

Be Well

Love Michelle

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  1. Beautifully written. It's something that I've known seemingly forever, but can easily be forgotten in the every day hustle and bustle, worry and fret.