That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 3 of 4 Articles, “Visualizing, Feeling and Believing”

Yesterday we talked about asking about focusing on the desired life experience. For some everything up to this level, believing isn’t very difficult. At least they can accomplish feeling good and they know what they want.

First before we get started on the topic I want to discuss how people learn or integrate information. There are three different types of ways that people learn Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Those who are Visual do quite well visualizing what they desire. If you are not a visual person fret not you can build your visualizing power. Auditory people do well listening to affirmative information to increase their manifesting power and kinesthetic people will do well performing a task, such as building something, to increase their manifesting power. Some people are a little of one and strong in two other’s. If you have trouble with reading to learn then you probably will do well to watch a video. If you have trouble with watching to learn you may do well listening or reading. People who are primarily Kinesthetic (physical) have a little more difficulty letting go of being action oriented allowing the manifesting with thought. Everything that is manifested was already, and mostly, set into motion by thought before the manifestation appeared. This is very troubling for those who are primarily Kinesthetic, for they want to make something happen with physical action, force it if you will.

In manifesting its important, to strengthen your visualizing power.

Your belief’s came about by thinking about something, repeatedly, until it became a belief. So if your belief is that it takes hard work to receive anything then you will only receive if you work hard. Which, if you have watch anyone who works really hard, you will notice that they are tired, not as successful as you might think they would be for all the work and honestly not many of them are really very happy. And for those who are obviously successful financially they have spent too much of their life working and not very much time enjoying. If they had used the Law of Attraction they could have manifested most of what they accomplished first by thought and frankly a lot less work.

Let me explain. Everything is energy, people places and things are all energy. They all have a vibration. Thought is energy and manifests everything. Everything was a thought first before it ever showed up physically. If you focus on something, visualize it and feel it, the something will be activated. Your request has been submitted to the universe to source. And the manifestation of whatever you desire has begun. Continuing with consistency of focusing visualizing and feeling your desire eventually takes form and becomes your reality. Most of the work is done, in your mind with energy, before it ever showed up physically.

That being said, what throws a wrench in the process is disbelief. You make your request to the universe, you start visualizing and feeling but then your disbelief that it will come to you cancels your request.

The first belief that must be addressed before you move forward is the belief that you are not in control. Most believe that something or someone else is in control of their destiny. They believe that some other authority figure is in charge, giving or withholding as seen fit. Sometimes the authority figure is other people but usually the authority figure is God.

For a moment really think about the wisdom of omnipresence. Think about how Source actually is; huge encompassing and vast. Sources wisdom cannot be completely and clearly defined but can be felt. I ask, do you really believe that the Source that is everywhere in everything wise and loving is looking upon each individual on this earth, deciding if each person is good or bad respectively handing out reward or punishment accordingly. Sounds petty and I cannot believe that source is petty. You might want to refer to an early blog, “The only thing really wrong with you, is that you believe something is wrong with you”

The belief that someone else is in charge is not productive and false. You are in charge. Source gave you everything you need to manifest whatever you desire. This is the first belief that must be addressed before you can manifest the life experience you prefer. For if you do not believe that you are the one creating your life experience then it shall be difficult to manifest the life experience you wish.

I have had the pleasure of meeting people, from all over the world, which were experiencing a life they no longer wish to live and change it all; manifested a completely different life. Before the manifestation took form, before they experienced the life they preferred, they put thought energy toward the new life. They thought, focused, visualized and felt about the new life they preferred.

Two women come to mind, other than me, that did just that. The first woman, having realized that she was in charge not some authority figure, Carrie looked at the life she was living and was unhappy with the experience. Carrie decided on what she wanted and began focusing on, visualizing and feeling the life experience she now preferred.

She had been, for over a decade, living in a rundown house in Houston Texas and was suffering from ailments, mostly due to sick house syndrome. She was working a job that was tapping all her energy, brought her unacceptable income, where she was vastly unappreciated, which by the way, fired her after hearing of her new life plan.

Carrie believed that she could manifest the life she preferred. She believed that she was in charge and began using her power of thought to create the life she wanted.

She wanted to leave it all and move to Hawaii. She wanted to sell her house, most of her stuff and quit her job. She manifested a buyer, for all, even her sick house. She manifested a place to live and work in Hawaii within ocean and waterfall view.

She now lives in paradise! This is a far cry from the dirty concrete disenchantment of her former life.

Delana’s Story is much the same except she headed for France. You can read about her journey at

Once you believe that you are the creator, the one who manifests your reality then the sky is the limit. It is then time to focus on changing your beliefs about what you can manifest. We have a lot of limiting beliefs. We believe that we cannot be rich, we believe that we cannot have the lover of our dreams, we believe that we cannot be well again, we believe that we cannot be thin, we believe so much crap.

This brings to mind the new Health Bill, recently signed. I do not know anymore than that, because I do not read the headlines, like I stated in yesterday’s blog. The details are not important. What is important is that the reason that so many are concerned over health insurance is that they believe in illness. In worrying over having in insurance we are saying that we have a belief that some day we will suffer, with tubes in our nose in a hospital bed. Not a good manifestation for sure.
Your time would be better spent in focusing on manifesting wellness. All is manifested through feeling good (very important to the process) focusing on that which we desire, visualizing that which we desire, believing that we will receive and allowing it to come to us.

I am reminded of the phenomenon of the placebo effect. When someone is ill, wholly believes the pill given them will cure their illness, the pill cures their illness. It’s about belief. If you are caught up in the whole thing of who really is in charge then set this aside, for a while, and just realize not matter whether you can find proof that you are the one in charge or not belief (whether it be in God or your own power) is the powerful force. Take the idea of Law of Attraction/manifesting as a placebo for a while and take note of what happens. Another word for belief might be faith. Faith is the power.

Changing your beliefs is often difficult for many people. How then, you might ask, can I change a belief that seems so ingrained?

Let’s just break it down, with one example, and pick it apart.

Let’s say that you have a belief that goes something like this, “I cannot be rich, no one in my family has ever been rich, and there are only a chosen few that are rich”

These beliefs are quit engrained in most people. Those rich people on TV or movies seem so illusive to us, chosen and unlike us in anyway. They seem almost untouchable, separate and like a rare breed that feels like they are from another planet. Initially these people inspire us. We decide we want to be like our chosen role model but as quickly as we were inspired we are disappointed by our negative beliefs.

The only difference between us and these successful people is what is believed. They believe that they are successful and can have everything the desire. That’s it!

So it’s time to change your beliefs. Use all the tools describe in the first article of this series and begin changing your beliefs. Primarily use visualization.

Visualization or dreaming if you will is the tool that will change your beliefs. When you can visualize, in a virtual sense, you can change your beliefs. Think about a night dream that you have had, that seemed so real, in the past that it made you question its reality. It made you cry, it made you smile it made you think it was really happening. This is what you need to do with visualization. See and feel it as so real that you believe it is real and soon it will be your reality. This brings to mind the “Wet Dream” You are dreaming. You are not doing anything physical to bring yourself to ecstasy. It’s all in your thoughts in the dream yet the orgasm is manifested. You visualized it, felt it and it was manifested. Hee hee, yippee!

The visualization videos that offer’s can assist you greatly in manifesting the reality you prefer. Seeing yourself actually being doing and having what you desire will penetrate your spirit in a way that will become a body memory.
The body memory of lack is holding out within you. You have so many memories of lack that you have difficulty feeling abundance.

I plan to write an article after this series called, “The Answer to Every Question is Focus on that which you want” It means that every time you are distressed over a reality the answer is, turn to the thought of what you want. Example; Your problems might be, “I just don’t have enough money to pay all of my bills” Answer; Focus on a thought of abundance. “I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I do” Answer; Focus on a thought of thinness. “I just can’t seem to get a job I enjoy” Answer; Focus on a thought of having the job you enjoy. The point; every time you are wandering off into thoughts of lack and wonder what the answer is, the answer is, every time, focus on abundance. Look for the article “The Answer to Every Question is Focus on that which you want”

One of the most helpful ways, in the beginning for me, to change my beliefs was that I watched videos or listened to audios on Law of Attraction. Over and over and over I listened and watched. This is how our present beliefs came about in the first place they were stated to us over and over and over until they became our foundation.

My practice soon began changing my beliefs I notice that when I watched something on TV, that was stating some of my old beliefs, I found myself saying, “Wait a minute, that’s not right, true or real” I knew then that my belief’s were changing.
In the same way we were conditioned as a child to believe something, we can condition ourselves to believe in something better. We can condition ourselves to believe in the amazing power of manifestation that we own.

If a child is told over and over and over that he/she shall never be any worth to the world that child will certainly be no worth. Until that child grows up and decides that is no longer his/her truth. When that grown child discovers that he/she can change their taught beliefs suddenly the world is their oyster, the sky is the limited and they have incredible worth.

I am Source energy in a beautiful body and I can manifest the reality I chose because Source gave me Free Will to create the joyful and abundant world I desire, so that I may be all that Source intended.

Be Well
Love Michelle

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