That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 2 of 4 Articles. “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing, asking for what you desire.”

Yesterday I posted the first article in a series, “The Path to Manifesting” of four, “Feeling Good is the Most Important Element” Before we step into the next article “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” asking for what you desire, I want to address one more issue in accomplishing feeling good. Before I do I want to remind everyone that there are only two root emotion’s Love and Fear, all other emotions stem from one of these.

Climbing up to feeling good can be an arduous journey. Sometimes it feels impossible especially if you are starting at depression. You first response, to any well meaning friend that say’s just cheer up, is well basically, “Piss Off” It is very understandable especially when joy seems so very far away and happy people are in your face. Essentially it’s impossible to go straight from depression to joy; you have to work your way up to Joy/Love. Take a look at the feelings chart above, locate where you are and this is where you will begin going from the group of feelings in Fear to the group of feelings in Love. Whatever feeling you are experiencing, chose the next feeling up and focus on thoughts that will illicit that feeling. So if you’re feeling Disgruntled chose Cynicism and think cynical thoughts. Once you have achieved Cynicism, usually for a few days sometimes longer, then chose the next feeling, Apathy and repeat the same pattern. Making the jump from Depression/Fear to Joy/Love is too much of a gap.

That being said let’s move on to our next topic, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing, asking for what you desire.”

When you have accomplished the emotions in the Love Group it is time to move onto focusing on your desires. Focusing on your desires begins the manifestation of them. However, it is often difficult to focus on the reality you prefer when your apparent reality is in your face. The bills are piling up, the dog is vomiting, your boss is on your case, your spouse is ill or out of a job, your children need this and that, you have more bills than income and you literally want to just run away. It seem impossible to focus on what you might feel like is some fantasy that will never be granted anyhow so why bother. What you must understand is that the reality you are living was created or manifested, by a focus, a worry contemplation (Still a fantasy) you had in the past.

Everything you are living today was thought of in the past until it became your reality; whether it was launched from familial beliefs or soon after with your own observations that started you worrying. You came to believe that your reality is deadlocked, unchangeable, something you had no control over and your destiny. This is untrue reality is chosen, designed, manifested, by you; by your beliefs!

So how do you change your reality? How do you manifest what you desire? First you must change your thoughts to match what you desire. The thought energy of depression/Fear does not match the thought energy of Joy/Love.

First you must decide on what you want. Its best, if you are new at this, to choose one thing. You can eventually be focus on whole life experience, but let’s take it down to one thing first. Abraham says, “It is no harder to manifest a button than a castle” This is so true. We have it in our belief system that it is very hard to manifest a castle but you “might” be able to manifest a button. Source makes no distinction between button or castle, it’s all just energy.

So why not choose a castle?

Once you have decided on what you want to manifest it’s time to compile the thoughts that match that choice. I like to use the example of abundance because it seems to be the biggest issue most people have. They say they want more money but follow that thought or statement with, but… But it’s impossible, but I don’t deserve, but how? But I’ve never…etc. The but cancel’s the request. So don’t but yourself back to poverty.

Compile the thoughts that match having all the money you desire. “I am abundant, I have always been abundant, I enjoy abundance, I deserve abundance, and abundance is good” You can add more words to these simple statements. Search online for abundant affirmation to assist you.

The emotions around abundance are important. If you say, “I am abundant” accompanied with the emotion of lack then you are not utilizing the manifesting potential to its fullest.

Many think that saying something like, “I wish I had more money” is a manifesting thought but it still denotes lack and desperation. This will activate more lack. Because whatever you think about is activation. Desperation only brings more desperation.

I am reminded of the desperation act many practice. The act of being on bended knee, folded hands, tear in eye, begging God for something they do not have that has evaded them for so many years. Praying in desperation to be awarded their desire all the while believing they are not worthy and will not receive that which the pray for. I am not, I repeat not dising prayer. Prayer is very powerful if used in a positive light; appreciation and love.

So once you have decided on what you want you must focus on positive thoughts. I am abundant; “I appreciate…I love…I have…I am…” Focus on the abundance you are experiencing (sometimes you have to dig) and ignore, as much as possible, the lack of abundance. I know I know that last part, ignore the lack, seems almost impossible.

This is the way to go about ignoring lack.
Address those bills, which you are able to, as quickly as possible and then move on. Don’t allow yourself to lament. Immediately focus on what you appreciate, do have and love. If the thought of something unpaid or lack enters your mind inform yourself that you have always done ok. You have never become a bag lady/man. Somehow it always works out and remember; in the vastness of the universe your unpaid bill is a tiny speck of concern, it doesn’t really matter as much as you have made it matter.
Then quickly refocus on what you have, appreciate and love. Do this every time.

You must realize you will not die or cease to exist if you do not have a phone, electricity, house, computer/internet, cable etc. No one, friend, family or organization will let you go hungry, cloth less, or homeless. The bottom line is that if you do manifest any one of the scenarios, there is assistance. The homeless people you see on the street manifested their situation as well as have to availability to change it all. I have been poor, homeless and hungry; I changed it all and I didn’t die, I was renewed.

So back to ignoring lack; if you pay attention to lack you manifest lack, you keep it active.

Do not discuss your lack, such as your negative bank account. Look for the positive around you and discuss that.

Sew the hole in your shirt and quickly move on to appreciation that you have thread and needle.
Be creative with the tools you have, making a meal out of little supplies, and then quickly move into appreciation of your talent to do so. Then move onto other more positive abundant thoughts.

If you are having difficulties identifying something you appreciate go for a walk and notice all the things in your world, all the nature that you appreciate, that exists.

Notice and appreciate talents, skills, past accomplishments, the love you do have in your life, even if it’s a pet. Appreciate appreciate appreciate

Quickly every time, address what needs to be addressed and move on. Do not allow yourself to lament in the lack. Move on to the thoughts that manifest abundance.

Focusing on abundance does not mean focusing and saying the same thought over and over. It’s about building on the last thought of abundance until you are thinking a variety of abundant thoughts and the energy of abundance will be activated.

Use the tools discussed in the previous blog and focus on having. Chase one desire, chase one rabbit and you will catch that rabbit. Dispersed attention is weak. Focused attention is powerful.

See yourself, in your mind, with all the abundance you desire. Notice how good it feels to spend freely. Notice how good it feels to move through your dream home. Notice how good it feels to have the freedom to do as you please. Having money is about having freedom.
How does that freedom feel? Call up that feeling and bask in the feeling. The emotions are very important. Feeling all the joy of the freedom manifest’s your desires quicker.

Visualize my friends; in meditation, in writing, and with video’s. Some people find it very powerful to write the story of the reality you prefer. Write out the story of your life.
Watch only positive, joyful, comical material on TV, go to comical performances, spend time with joyful successful people, and collect photos on the internet of things that make you feel good.

Stop paying attention to the negative cynical headlines, news and TV programs for there is nothing there for you that will manifest your desires.

I do not watch the news, I do not read the internet headlines, I do not discuss anything that I do not desire for my life.

One last note; saying things like, “I don’t want to be poor” “I don’t want to be abandoned” “I don’t want to be ill” Actives those things and manifests the things you do not want, because you are thinking about them.

Like attract like. You get what you think about. Ask for what you desire and it will be yours.

Chose what you will think about and you chose what you will experience.

Be Well
Love Michelle

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