That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

God's Gift of Thought

Thought is a gift? Um, I wonder how many people might question this. After all don’t your thoughts drive you insane sometimes? Often you might even wish you could stop thinking or at least hit the pause button. Where’s the remote? Where’s the pause or rewind at least? We do have a pause choice, its called meditation. I know I know you are searching your remote for a button called meditation, it’s not there. I also want a button, on the mind remote, like that reset button on the computer where you can reset it to an earlier time. Just pick a date, in the past, before everything seemed to go wrong. Perhaps before you spouted off words, to someone you really care about, that were not so nice. Or more importantly, before you went off on a self-deprecating rant that spun you down into the depths of your choice of hell.

Meditation is the pause button for your mind. In meditation we can pause the thoughts which swim around from thing to thing and re-center. We can even reprogram our minds in meditation by meditating on love. After you have meditated on love for several months a chemical change occurs in your brain. The synaptic fire changes in your brain. Let me explain. Example; every time you think about love you feel pain. Why, because many times in the past when you loved, you were betrayed, hurt or abandoned. Love and pain have been linked. So every time you think about love you feel pain. The opposite can occur as well. Meditation on love can change the misfire.

Another, more in line with what we are talking about, thought ingraining or thought habit. If every day, you have the habit of getting angry, brought about by a consistent thought of events that made you angry, you become addicted to the emotion of anger. Something I want to re-iterate here before we go further. There are only two root emotions, everything else stems from them, Love and Fear. So obviously anger stems from fear. So if you have moved into the habit of anger and in turn become addicted to the emotion of anger, you know from the basis of addiction, you must continually experience anger to feed the addiction. How do you feed the anger, you bring up angry thoughts. And oh, you are so good at that. You can call up past events, have arguments in your mind and stir that pot until you are angry all over again. It’s called resentment. An unfortunately, in this kind of thought habit, you can cause illness in your body. All emotions that stem from fear, when practiced consistently, such as anger, guilt, sorrow etc, cause disease, dis ease.

So back to how we can change how our brain is wired, meditation. Meditate on love every day for as long as it takes and your brain will rewire itself. You will change your thought process. And yes you can become addicted to, like you did with anger, love. It is a much better feeling to be addicted to. And in turn you will stop your connection of love and pain as well. And begin to think and feel love and joy.

Ok, now that I’ve set the foundation we will get back to the gift of thought. Looking back at what I just talked about you may be thinking, even more, that thought isn’t much of a gift. But I want you to think about the incredible thought power you have. I mean if you can manifest a major disease in your body, imagine the more wanted and joyful things you could manifest. More importantly why don’t we manifest the grandness? Because we don’t believe we are the one that is creating everything that happens in our lives. We blame everything and everyone else, God, bad luck, the economy, that annoying person at work, our parents or family and because we are so full of imagination and creativity we could even blame our dog, poor Spot. So it becomes easy to avoid responsibility if we believe something, other than our thoughts, is responsible for our diseased life.

Yesterday I talked a little about God’s gift of, “Free Will” Awe, Free Will; it starts with such an attractive word Free. We love anything Free. However, humans often do not value anything free. We value getting something for nothing, but we do not value the thing. Why? Because we think we don’t deserve anything that is free. We believe that we only deserve something if we have worked hard to earn said thing. Also, when we get something free (a gift) we feel like we have gotten over on someone. Like they don’t know they offered the gift freely. We also believe there is always a loop hole. Free must mean there is a hidden agenda in the giver.

Free Will is given as a gift, from God, which does not have a hidden agenda.
The major, most important element, in Free Will is thought. We are given the gift of thought. Why is it a gift? Because with thought we can manifest or create anything we desire. This is the gift. Everything that has ever been was manifested through thought.

I exist because I think I exist. Woo, that’s just too heavy first thing in the morning, well anytime of the day really. Ok, so let’s take it down a few notches. If you continually tell yourself I am ugly, fat, stupid and a failure, you become these things. Ask anyone who is successful, happy, and healthy and financially set what they think about and they will say, “I say to myself, I am successful, happy, healthy and rich” And if you doubt this ease drop in on people talking about their lives. Avoid the use of detective equipment; you might end up in jail. Seriously though listen to what is being said. I have sat quietly listening, in the presence of unsuccessful, poor and unhappy people, and heard their words of discontent. I am broke, fat, tired, and unhappy and I just can’t seem to get anywhere. They tell themselves, to make themselves feel better, I must not be meant to have anything, I just have the worst luck in the world and secretly they believe that God doesn’t find them worthy; when all along it is simply their habit of thought that creates their reality.

Responsibility is the key. Taking responsibility for your life and that you manifested this reality is so hard to swallow. But taking responsibility isn’t about blame. When you finally accept that everything you are living was brought about by you, by your thoughts avoid blame. For there is great power in this realization, because if you can see how powerful you are, after all you manifested a mess of undesirable things, then you can see how you can manifest a grand and glorious life.

You have free will, the free will to think as you choose. So choose to think of only that which you desire and it will be drawn to you like a magnet. Every thought has its own frequency. And like frequencies are drawn to each other. Just like those of like mind are drawn together, because they have a similar frequency. Fear has a frequency, a very low frequency, which draws all frequencies like it. Love has a frequency, a very high frequency, which draws all frequencies like it.

Let’s focus on the love frequency here. Because what you focus on expands.
If I focus on love, have thoughts of love, i.e. compassion, consideration, creativity, giving, understanding etc, then all “like” frequencies will be drawn adding to this mired of thoughts expanding with each thought. Everything you desire and deem as good and positive, possibly great fortune, will be drawn to you. This is where we get hung up. Because although we think that having a lot of money is good, the belief system taught to us, say’s that having a lot of money is actually a bad thing. Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are snobby and money changed them. The meek will inherit the earth and the worst, “I don’t deserve to have lot of money. So these beliefs, about money, cancel’s out the choice we made earlier to manifest great fortune.

God gave us the gift of thought so that we may manifest a life of wondrous and joyful experiences. Changing your beliefs about deserving is vital to receiving. If I pray, to God, to give me what I deserve you are only given that which you have assured God you deserve. We usually resort to begging for the least small thing in return for something. Settling for crumbs, because we don’t believe we deserve. This is the insidious message, in religious dogma, which has harmed us the most. Start telling yourself that you do deserve.

This is usually the point, once a person has decided that their thoughts matter, that one begins to become afraid of their thoughts; scolding themselves for a negative thought; usually driving themselves insane trying to stop thinking negatively. You don’t have to stop thinking anything, you just need to begin to implement better more positive thoughts and eventually most negative thoughts fade away. If you find yourself drifting into scenarios of becoming a bag lady, gently notice this, maybe have a little giggle, and search for a thought that has you flourishing. And just the same way negative thinking permeated and implanted its tentacles into your mind, bit by bit, so shall the positive thinking.

About ten years ago I had a dream, that I later had a giggle over. I was pushing a grocery cart full of junk. In amongst the junk was my youngest, my son, in the dream he was about three years old. I had a tattered blanket tied over the junk filled cart and I was grasping the cart holding it all down and pushing it down the street warning other's to back off. I woke up distressed but then began to laugh over my fear of having nothing. What was I manifesting?

Just eight years ago, I found myself essentially homeless. I had a small storage of things, an old rundown little red Ford Festiva that made me dizzy with gas fumes, no job and no place to live and I showed up and a friend’s house alone, broke and with my two little suitcases. My dear friends offered me a little room. I sat down in my little room and made a list of what I desired. The life I desired, the things I desired and the love I desired. I put the list away and went on about my life. I trusted and left the busi-ness to God.

Today, I live in a beautiful large two family house, in Europe, with a sweet giving and loving husband. I’ve traveled the world and experienced amazing things. Everything I have I manifested. The fuming Festiva long gone, thank goodness. I am successful, happy, flourishing and ready for the next great manifestation.

Make your list, trust, think on these things you want (not dwelling in the lack) read affirmations, meditate and visualize daily. These things, consistently practiced, will manifest the life you want. And soon you will realize the great gift of thought given freely to you by, God, the Universe, Source or whatever you chose to call the omnipresence, for it matters not.

We've all heard the current catch phrase: "What you focus on expands". Now consider: "What you think upon grows" Philippians 4:8

Be Well
Love Michelle

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