That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Law of Attraction, Manifesting the Life you Want

What is occurring outside you did not create what is occurring inside you.
What is occurring inside you created what is occurring outside of you.

You are a continuation of Source. In other words you are another element of God. Compare it with the body and its cells. God/Source is the body and you are one of the vital and numerous cells that make up that body.

You can plug into Source Energy and create as Source does. More accurately you can create or manifest as source does by focusing on that which you want. Source creates by using wavelengths or energy waves. Like energy attract like energy.

You are mostly source energy and your body is merely a host to that energy.

Your thought process has been so embedded within your personality that you find it difficult to change. But that is because you are focused mostly through your personality instead of being focused in your energy. Energy is ever moving and changing. Energy does not die it only changes form. In your present condition your energy is in this physical form. When your body dies your energy just changes form. This is what is meant by the term, you never really die. Only your physical body dies. We can wrap ourselves around the idea that energy can create, expand and manifest. But we have difficulty thinking, in our physical form, we can. So we think we have to die in order to have the power to create as source does. Source creates by collecting like energies, as like energies attract like energies, the collection gets large enough and creation occurs. Kind of like, “The Big Bang” It is, “The Law of Attraction” Using the Law of Attraction you can manifest anything you desire.

You look around with your eyes, calculate what you are observing, put it in a nice little box and label the box with your final conclusions, disregarding the possibilities. You think you know the truths of your reality. You think that reality is unmovable, permanent and your destiny. But is not, the possibilities are endless.

Everything you are thinking has a particular energy, similar to a wavelength a bandwidth if you will. For example if you are thinking a negative thought that may start out as, “I’m afraid to try because I might fail” it will grow larger as you continue to entertain this fear. Then more like thoughts are added until you have a scenario that has you pushing a grocery cart, heaped with junk you have collected for survival, in freezing cold dressed in rags, downtown begging for change. This is not an exaggeration for many of us do this.

The good news is that it works the same with positive thought. The problem is that we are convinced that surely only negative things are in our destiny. Destiny is as static as your present reality. We made a decision, before we were born, to live a certain life; our destiny decision was wide and very general. It was meant to be a template, not the whole document. Let’s say you made a general destiny decision to be a teacher. Teacher is wide and general with much to decide. This is where you manifest the specific elements of being a teacher; what, where and how you will teach.
The kind of teacher you may decide on could range from being a gang leader teaching killing techniques up to an elevated spiritual master, guiding other’s to an elevated state of evolvement.

So are you ready to manifest the reality you want? Let’s get started. First you must decide on the reality you want. Explore, look around you and collect your repertoire of desires. (You already know what you don’t want, so refrain from thinking of these, focusing on what you don’t want only manifests a whole lot more of that which you do not want.)

Once you have your collection of desires begin thinking only of having these things as if you already have them. Your habit will to be to go back to a negative thought but gently bring yourself back to the positive thought. Your mind is convinced of your present reality, the reality that you don’t yet have that you are visualizing.
Call up the feelings that you would be experiencing if you had that which you want. Ahh feel the wonderful freedom of having the money you want. What are you doing? Feel how good it feels to being do what you desire. Feel the glorious emotions that come with having the perfect lover. Oh, it feels so warm and beautiful.

Doing this takes practice and there are many tools available out there that can assist you in implementing this skill such as affirmations that change how you think because you repeat them over and over. Surround yourself with others of like mind. There is a story, I wish I could remember the name and the author, but in essence a woman who was poor and unsuccessful spent time, after buying rich looking clothes later to be returned because she couldn’t afford, dressed to rich perfection and hung out in the places rich people did. She pretended to be one of them, doing what they did and participating as one of them and eventually became as successful as those she had spent time with. The lesson; while pretending that she was already successful and feeling what it felt like became successful. It was sort of a virtual reality experience.

This brings me to another great tool, visualization. In visualizing you can experience the emotions that come with having what you want. Many people struggle with visualizing ever returning to the negative scenarios and messages of a reality we are assured is real.

The science of Quantum Physics documents that the mind does not know the difference between the thoughts of remembering and what is actually occurring in front of them. The mind takes all of it as real information.

This is why visualization works. Visualization enables you to raise your wavelength to match the wavelength of what you want. If you visualize often, allowing yourself to experience the powerful emotions that are linked to that which you want, you will manifest that which you want.

Ok, so how do you learn to visualize? This is the big question. Some people can do this very easily. I think children do this very easily because they have not yet been convinced that this they see is reality. I remember my step-father telling me, often, to get my head out of the clouds. Ahhh, I was out in the universe imagining, creating manifesting, visualizing and playing with the energies.
So let’s play, let’s visualize and fly high with the wonderful emotions that come with receiving everything you ever wanted.

The key, to visualizing, is to see yourself actually doing, having and being that which you want. I know you are wondering how.
Well the answer, my uvisualeyes video. There are many visualizing video’s out there. I too, like many, have watched many of them on youtube. However, I realized that they did not involve me enough, they did not pull me in and bring the high emotions I felt was needed in order to instill a vision.

So I created uvisualeyes videos. These video actually have you doing, having and being what you desire. How you say? I create a personal video for you where I digitally place your face on the bodies doing, having and being what you desire. So if your desire is to fly planes, I digitally place, in a photo, your face on the body of a person flying a plane. If your desire is to have a beautiful thin toned body, I digitally place your head on the body of your desire. Etc.

Once I have created several photos of you doing, having and being what you want I arrange these photo’s in a video, along with the inspirational music of your choice. The music that makes you feel invincible, positive and confident. Within the video are affirmations of your desires. All that, when watched daily, brings you to the heights of emotional visualization. You will finally be able to see yourself, visualize yourself in the reality you want.
Having finally, in watching your video, experienced what it feels like to have and be what you want, you will begin to easily call up the great feeling emotions attached to having and being what you want. Then you will manifest everything you want.

What is occurring outside you did not create what is occurring inside you.
What is occurring inside you created what is occurring outside of you.

Visit my blog often where you will be updated on the grand launching of my website, where you can get your visualizing video,

Be Well
Love Michelle

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