That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Path to Manifesting; 4 of 4 Articles, “Allowing the Good to Come to You”

The beauty of this early cool spring morning, as I sit at my desk looking out the window, is both comforting in its consistency and delightful in its welcome. I love the early Spring morning, much like Mondays, for it always brings to mind the opportunity of a brand new start. I am feeling appreciation this morning; appreciation of everything on this earth and in my spirit.

Today is the last day in the series of, The Path to Manifesting, “Allowing the Good to Come to You” The statement may seem a little presupposed, allowing the Good to come to you. However, it is amazing how often many people ask for what they desire, appear to believe what they ask for will be received, but do not allow the good that they have requested to come to them. There is an automatic defense or wall that goes up when the good begins to seep into their existence. The reasons are many; primarily they do not believe they deserve the good. Sometimes they believe they have tricked the God’s into offering the good and any moment, especially if the except the good offering, Source will have discovered the oversight, that they are bad and undeserving person, and will withdraw the offering or worse will punish them for having been so presumptuous in their belief they will receive. Often people feel suspicious when good is suddenly coming to them or they think that the good will soon be taken away. Sometimes they simply believe it to be a fluke.

The core belief that we do not deserve is damaging beyond belief, it will hinder your life at every turn. Like the person who finally receives the lover of their dreams but soon rejects the lover for having failed to see them as the undeserving looser they believe themselves to be. I remember, before I started to embrace my worth, asking in bewilderment, my husband why he loved me. When he could not put his love to words I became irritated and suspicious of his presence. I told him, a few days later, “I need to know why you love me, so that I may see the same in myself and love myself as deeply and beautifully as you do.” Of course my man, at that moment not knowing what to say to appease me just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. A few moments later he spoke a satisfying list of the reasons he loved me. I was stunned and content with his answers however, I still did not love me as he loved me, yet.

I thought a lot about my husband’s reasons for loving me. One of the reasons played on my mind a lot; because you accept people, seeing the good in them like you see the good in me, without judgment. Now I am paraphrasing for my husband is not that eloquent with words. But in his constant attempt to be eloquent he is adorable to me. I found myself desiring to love and accept myself, without judgment, as I apparently do others. I have, and sometimes still, been rather hard on myself. My effort towards perfection, calculated by my surroundings, has been exhausting, arduous, most often disappointing.

It has become apparent to me that the ability of allowing the good to come to, you must love yourself first. The statement, “You need to love yourself” so often seems like such a cliché. A syrupy new agey term, like, “Get in touch with your inner child” that seems nice but you wonder what it really means. Furthermore, it might to some, feel self-centered and evasive. However, sense of self is very important. Loving yourself unconditionally, as you might love other’s, recognizing your worth, power and Divinity provides a gift to yourself and this world that elevates and informs the universe that you deserve and the good comes to you.

When you love yourself and feel deserving of all the good that is available to you then the good is allowed.

So now you might ask, “How do I come to loving myself?” It certainly may seem subjective however, it is not. All are loved by Source, you are Source in a physical suit. You are of Source, an entity that created this world, along with many other entities. When you know Source/God then you know yourself. You are Source, Source is you. Source loves unconditionally. Really hear that statement, take it into your spirit. Source loves unconditionally. Source does not love you if…. Source doesn't punish you for being not… Source experiences and learns through your experience on this earth period. If what you are doing or experiencing is of no value, Source simply waits for the valued experience. Source does not punish for what we might deem as worthless. Source only sees the good in you, accepts and love you unconditionally. Then why do you not do the same for yourself.

Becoming aware of your worth, your gifts and appreciating all that you are is the key. There is no value or place for your guilt, fear and self-disdain. Like my husband who only sees the beauty that “I am” you must begin to realize your beauty, your worth and your divinity. Oh it is so easy to see these elements, in other’s especially your child or the lover that looks adoringly at you. It is because they look for these elements and they see them in you. Because your beauty, worth and divinity are present and powerful.

Realizing your divinity starts with appreciating who you are. You may appreciate your physical beauty and the clothes that adorn it; you may appreciate what you do. However, true beauty is revealed, in your appearance from the inner glow of loving and embracing your divinity. When you realize your divinity, in its encompassing love, it shows on your body. The person who appears, according to social standards, to be ugly becomes beautiful regardless. This inner beauty wrought from loving yourself, accepting your divinity, is seen by others in an outward glow that is undeniable. If you feel lovable you are lovable to others. If you feel sexy you are sexy to others. If you feel successful you are successful to others. If you feel worthy you are worthy to others.

If you feel worthy, good will come to you. I can’t say it enough; the most damaging message, from most religions, is that you are not worthy, you do not deserve for you are a sinner. For if you feel you are innately a sinner, and do not feel worthy or deserving you shall never receive the good you desire. It is an impossible event because you do not accept or allow good when you don’t believe you deserve. Invariably you will reject the good, disallow the good and deny its motive. It is why you reject the lover, drawn to you by your thoughts, that tries to tell you of your worth. It is why you sometimes draw a lover to you that treat you as you treat yourself, worthless.

It is time to embrace your worth, embrace your divinity. Step away from the self-pity, self-deprecation, and self-hate for it serves you not. It is not an honorable or virtuous assessment or illustration of self. To see yourself as virtuous by not acknowledging yourself as worthy, of all the good available, is saying to Source, yourself and to the world that you are one that has been chosen to, or singled out, as one who has been forgotten, discarded and abandoned. That cannot be. Furthermore, in this unworthy self-evaluation or illustration you become what you feared, isolated, condemned and criticized, if only in your own mind. And it draws to you, repeatedly, the same result over and over and over again.

If I am sure I will be rejected and eventually abandon, I shall not allow you to love me or myself to love you. Therefore I deem myself as a target for rejection and abandonment and draw unto me those who will do just that, if only in my mind. I will be suspicious of your motives, I will be paranoid of the agenda I am sure you have designed and therefore I can validate, in my mind, that you will reject me, abandon me, when you have drawn your purpose from me. And then I will be alone, receive no love and feel my worthlessness. So I shall not allow you to love me or me to love you for I am now sure you will hurt my heart.

Many people repeat this scenario this cycle throughout their life. It is sad and unnecessary. It happens because you feel that you are unworthy, undeserving and without divinity. Who says that you are unworthy and without divinity; certainly not Source. Why would you believe this wrong self-assessment? Why do you hurt yourself so deeply? Beloved; cease the terrible wounding of yourself and love the most important person in your life, you.

Know that you are divinity in form. You are beautiful, lovable, deserving, worthy and divine. Allowing yourself to embrace all of that you are will draw all the good to you, show outwardly and bring a loving gift to world around you. Embracing your divinity will teach those around you to do the same. How beautiful powerful and loving it shall be when the child gazing up at you sees his/her own divinity in your eyes and knows deeply their own divinity. This is so amazingly empowering.

How beautiful powerful and loving it shall be when the lover gazing into your eyes see his/her own divinity in your eyes and knows deeply their own divinity.

When you appreciate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE including YOURSELF you allow the good to come to you. When you love yourself you allow the good to come to you. When you embrace your divinity in all its glorious elements you allow the good to come to you.

Loving yourself will allow all the good to come to you, that you have requested, and joy will be yours.

Be Well
Love Michelle

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