That you are here is indication there is something for you to create, be and do. With every new idea your life becomes a canvass to be filled. There is nothing to complete because life is always in motion, life is always evolving and you are always growing. Nothing you have done so far was the end only the first in the series of steps waiting for more to be added to form that which you will become. Worry not that all the education, jobs, activities, or creations do not seem to go together for they will all mesh together as the collective ingredients in what you will create, be and do in the future.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Path to Manifesting

“Feeling Good is the most Important Element” 1 of 4 Articles

In the next four days we will be exploring the path to manifesting the life experience you desire. First, “Feeling Good is the most Important Element” Second, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” Third, “Visualizing, Feeling and Believing” And Forth, “Allowing the Good to Come to You”

Feeling Good is the most Important Element

It’s vital, before you can move forward into manifesting the life experience you prefer, to feel good; why because you cannot manifest desirable experience from a place of depression. In a state of lower emotional vibration you shall only manifest what you do not want. If you are feeling despair, you will only manifest more despair, because you are entertaining thoughts of things not wanted. Further up you might be feeling worried and if you are feeling worried you will only manifest your worries. So it is vital that you pay close attention to how you are feeling.

If you are feeling appreciation, joy and love then you will manifest more of this because like attracts like. Feeling joy attracts more joy. This may feel a little obscure, because it doesn’t seem very specific. However what is occurring is that the more joy you feel, more things that bring YOU joy will come into your life. So if I am feeling joy then I will attract things, according to what makes me feel joyful, into my life. Every feeling has its own frequency and like frequencies attract like frequencies, like a magnet.

So you must get to a place of feeling good. I realize that it is highly difficult to stay in the good feelings, but as you practice getting there you will be able to shift to feeling good quicker each time.

There are many paths to get to the good feelings; meditation, music, affirmation’s, exercise, spending time in nature, journaling about what you appreciate, only speaking positive words and focusing on the thoughts and memories that make you feel good.

MEDITATION is a very useful avenue to feeling good. First and foremost it empties your mind of the chatter, the negative self talk, and the worries giving you a fresh start or clean canvass in which to work. Along with empting you mind, in meditation, you can then decide on a mantra to meditate on, such as love. If you remember, in a past blog, I wrote that there are really only two states of emotion, Love and Fear.

You may decide on meditating on compassion, this is great, because love is compassion’s root emotion. In meditation you can begin changing how you feel. You can begin feeling good.

Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to meditate because you can meditate in lieu of many things that are less than beneficial such as TV watching, computer games and of course the many hours, that you are unaware of, that you spend in worrying. Nothing changes until something changes. It’s a choice.

MUSIC is another great tool in getting to the better feelings. It’s important, for the most part, to avoid music with words as the words can redirect you thought’s. The words can illicit unwanted emotions. However there are songs that can be helpful; if the words are of a completely positive message. As I have been searching music for my videos I realized just how few songs are of a positive message. For some people Gospel type music is something that makes them feel good, just beware of any religious message that may illicit feelings of unworthiness or sinfulness. These can be harmful to your intention to feel good. I have found songs that state my goodness only are best. Initially I would suggest sticking with only instrumental music that has a sunshiny feeling. Instrumental music can have a low droning sad feeling to them. Notes, like words, also illicit feelings. So pay attention to how the music makes you feel.

AFFIRMATIONS are a great tool to help you shift your thoughts to desired thoughts. If you discover that you are consistently thinking something particular such as, “I am a failure” then an affirmation that says, “I am successful, I have always been successful, or success always finds me” might be the affirmations for you. I found it very helpful to write out affirmations and tape them around the house where I go mostly such as at the entrance to the staircase. Right now I have the affirmation, “My Body is Healthy” on the banister going upstairs. Other prime places might be on the mirror next to your reflection, on the upper kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, anywhere you frequent.

Along with affirmations taped around the house, that is useful, is inspiring photos. Such as, if you desire to be thinner, your face on a thin body (or an old photo where you are thin) I want to address something here, that some people believe, that chaps my hide; the belief that taping photos of fat people on your refrigerator will detour you from overeating thus making you lose weight. Please hear this I say. Photos of fat people on your refrigerator will not, I repeat will not detour or discourage overeating and weight loss. It is a negative message, which is depressing and not motivating. Photos of thin people, more powerfully you in a thin state, will motivate much much more. Your desire to look the way you want will be supported.

Anyway back to affirmations. There are a plethora of affirmation websites if you need some direction. Any negative statement you make to yourself can be turned around as a positive statement. Start creating your list of positive affirmations that you will repeat each morning at lunch and at bedtime; which can also be meditated upon.

EXERCISE is powerful and effective in ridding your body of stress, tension, and toxins. Of course exercise raises your endorphins which make you feel good. Exercise gets your blood circulating feeding your mind and also, just makes you feel better about yourself.
Your choice can be as simple as stretching, such as Yoga positions, or as intense as running. If you haven’t exercised in some time it would be best to begin with stretching and walking.

Exercise opens your body; it gets you in touch with your whole self. We can cut ourselves off from our bodies, especially if we do not like how it looks or we are trying to ignore how we feel. We can stay in our heads for a very long time. Now that would be fine if what was going around in our heads was of the utmost positive nature. You can manifest the physical body you want through thought. Yikes! You might think that sounds a little heavy and improbable. But it’s true. We will discuss that at later date.
I talk of exercise at this point as a tool, not to lose weight, but to increase endorphins, open your body up and just feel better. Sometimes when I am going in circles, can’t focus and I just don’t know what to do with myself, I exercise. This gets me back on track.

SPENDING TIME IN NATURE connects you with creation, with God and helps you appreciate. In nature your body feels more comfortable; it feels more connected to all that is. We are all one, connected intrinsically to nature. When you sit by a body of water or in the midst of the trees you realize just how constant and enduring creation abounds. The sun will always come as well as the moon. The ocean flows no matter your condition. The sky is always above the wind always around the corner and the trees ready to sway in synchronicity. In addition the sun has important vitamins. The oxygen is richer in the woods and the salty sea brings renewal.
And lastly everything, the world of troubles, falls away and you become re-centered. It is a form of meditation

JOURNALING ON APPRECIATION is highly effective. Writing down, each day everything you appreciate about the life you are living increases the attraction of more things that you appreciate. Some people can get to deep into journaling at least they journal about all that they do not like or want. They put pen to paper complaining of all their woes, how stuck they are, or who is pissing them off. I have been guilty of this. I have journaled for 30 years. I have a box of filled journals. At the moment I wrote in them, prior to about eight years ago, I wrote of my woes ever whining and complaining which kept those woes activated attracting more of the same woes. Now this kind of writing can be beneficial to a certain extent. It can be helpful in identifying where you are thinking negative and such. But do not spend too much time in this. Identify and move on. It would behoove you to write about what you want, instead of what you have and don’t want anymore.

Writing about what you appreciate will encourage more appreciation and attract more of what you want. I ended my rampage of woes, in my journals, about eight years ago, when I made my list, in my journal, of the qualities I wanted in a mate; ultimately manifesting the man I now love and ride joyously through life with.

Start your day, every day, with a list of what you appreciate.

ONLY SPEAK POSITIVE WORDS when you open your mouth. It is so easy to respond, when asked how you are, with, “Not so good, awful, or terrible” or go on a rampage of how terrible our life has become, making the asker regret the question and possible never ask again. Although you are speaking, aloud, to someone more importantly you are speaking to yourself, affirming your view; affirming your view of yourself, your life and your feelings. This is damaging and will only manifest more of the same.
When someone asks you how you are doing, affirm how you want to be doing by saying, “its getter better, I’m doing great, I am growing into magnificence”

I know I know you are saying to yourself, isn’t that just lying. Why should I say I’m great if my life sucks? Screw them; I’m going to be honest. It’s not about them, the asker. It’s about you about the messages you are sending yourself. It’s about attracting what you want by stating it as if it already exists until it exists. It’s also about belief.
Say it until you believe it. As Abraham says, “A belief is just a thought you think over and over” So change the thoughts you think over and over and you will change the belief. Your beliefs can be changed by stating. I am…are the most powerful words you can speak.

FOCUS ON THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD and you will feel good. Every time you find yourself wandering off into some tragic scenario or masturbating some awful past event shift your thoughts to those that make you feel good or to a good memory. Don’t scold yourself for wandering into the depths of despair, notice and then gently shift to a thought that feels good. This will increase your attraction of more good thoughts. Remember like attracts like. Everything I stated above this topic will help you focus on thoughts that feel good.

Ok so now you have your bank of ideas and method’s use these tools to bring energy up to feeling good. Practice these methods’s until you find yourself able to shift to feeling good quickly and easily. It takes time and practice. After all it took time and practice to accomplish feeling bad quickly and easily. Be patient with yourself and know that you can make this shift. Once you have made this shift you will be ready to move onto learning more refined and controlled focus to manifest everything you desire.

Manifesting isn’t about getting everything you want, it’s about learning how, with source energy, to manifest everything you want, thus getting everything you want.

Tomorrow’s article, Part 2, “Chasing One Rabbit, Focusing” asking for what you desire.

P.S. Examine the diagram at the beginning. Your point of attraction is the moment you make a decision about what you will think, therefore what you will attract. What you choose to think about, depending on the thought, will take you up to thoughts and manifestations that will feel better or down to thoughts and manifestations that feel worse.

Be Well
Love Michelle


  1. Michelle,
    This is one where you hit the nail on the head. I love the way you give us ways to deal with our lives and show a way to cope. I have the hardest time of NOT reading the headlines. But I will try not looking and focus on the other things. Happy thoughts.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Many people find themselves compelled to read the latest headlines for many reasons; mostly fear. They fear that if they don't get the heads up on some catastrophe that it shall certainly seep into their experience. Paying attention to undesired things brings those undesired things into our lives and manifests the undesirable. Focusing only on that which you desire manifests the reality you desire.
    The headlines, or the reality experienced by other's, need not be your experience.
    And truly reading/watching the headlines of catastrophe ads to the catastrophe making it bigger and most importantly grows your fear into undesirable reality.
    Focus only on what you wish your experience to be.

    Be Well
    Love Michelle